Chapter 1243

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Caspian had been busy these days.

It was not that he was busy practicing, but that he was doing a lot of information gathering, at least in the eyes of everyone, it was like this.

After Caspian gathered everyone in Heavenly Stars Sect early, he did not give any further instructions.

He began to collect and sort out information.

With the permission of Hadley Forsyth, he would check a large amount of information about the zombie chaos sent from all over the country every day.

This information was not only collected by Heavenly Stars Sect, but also by the Imperial Clan of Earlington of Efrax, as well as the information shared by the other five great Sects.

The information contained all kinds of details, and it was quite fragmented.

Anyone who looked at it for a long time would feel dizzy and exhausted.

However, Caspian had been busy collecting all kinds of information these days.

He even asked Eva Green to use her connections to get some news about Ucror suppressing the zombie chaos. Although Eva Green did not understand why Caspian wanted to do this, she still did as he said.


Days passed one after another.

Five days later, Jessica and Lucy arrived at Heavenly Stars Sect.

The arrival of Lucy made another name appear on Caspian’s list.

It was not that Caspian was at his mercy, but that the current situation of Lucy was worthy of his doing so.

Obviously, a long time ago, during the nation’s official religion election period, Caspian’s whip to Lucy made this ignorant girl know the need to work hard.

Although she was still laughing on the surface, she had put in much more effort behind others’ back than the ordinary disciples of Dark Moon Sect.

In addition, with the support of Jessica whose status was getting higher and higher in the sect, the realm of Lucy kept improving, which reached the requirements of Caspian. However, among these people, the one with the highest realm was still Jessica.

Pure Jade Physique was not joking.

Caspian at the third level of Holy Land Realm looked down on the crowd.

Next was Jessica, who was in Holy Land Realm.

Although the others were still Pulse Control Realm cultivators, as long as they could enter the Heaven’s Edge Sect and take a big step up, it would definitely not be a problem for them to become Holy Land Realm cultivators.

However, after Jessica came, Caspian still did not stop what he was doing.

He even became busier.

Although others wanted to help, he did not agree.

Instead, he asked Eva Green to refine elixirs for everyone to cultivate and wait for his news.

Jessica, on behalf of everyone, asked the purpose of Caspian’s doing so.

Caspian said that he was waiting for news from the Heaven’s Edge Sect. As for more specific things, Caspian did not tell them in detail.

He just let everyone cultivate with peace of mind, because it might be very difficult for them next.

He didn’t explain too much.

Out of trust in him, no one asked more.

This time, Caspian came back with adequate preparation.

Among them, there were many exotic minerals and produce needed to refine elixirs, and even some secret recipes of refining the pills collected by other families.

Caspian handed over all the natural precious materials to Eva Green so that Eva Green could refine as many elixirs as she could.

Although Heavenly Stars Sect cultivators also practiced alchemy, they were not as good as Eva Green from the Green Paradise Sect after all.

Moreover, a Master only needed to be responsible for serving countless disciples in refining elixirs.

It was more than enough time and energy.

Every once in a while, there would be elixirs that came out of the furnace, such as stabilizing one’s mind, strengthening one’s vigor, or condensing one’s spiritual Qi. Although the group of people didn’t understand why Caspian didn’t do anything next, judging from the situation, they knew that he must have made some arrangements, so they calmed down and tried their best to cultivate.


Three months passed in a flash.

It was already February.

During this period of time, everyone wondered why Caspian didn’t take action.

Although everyone was cultivating in Heavenly Stars Sect, they had learned that the situation of the zombie chaos had not only stabilized, but also began to plan to counterattack.

In fact, three months ago, when Caspian just returned to Heavenly Stars Sect, the situation of the zombie chaos was at its worst.

However, the number of zombies resurrected was limited after all.

And one of the important reasons why there was such a big chaos at the beginning was that various countries did not have the experience of this disaster.

By now, as the zombies were constantly killed, the mortal army and cultivator’s experience in dealing with zombies had increased.

The situation that a large number of zombies appeared, causing the destruction of the town had never happened again in the past ten days.

But from a certain point of view, this experience was ultimately exchanged with a large amount of blood, so there was nothing worth celebrating.

However, judging from the overall situation, the zombies were constantly being eliminated.

The various sects also kept sending good news.

But at this time, Caspian kept still.

In fact, in the past three months, he had insisted on doing one thing, which was to gather a lot of messy information every day.

Before this, they had heard he explained his plan of coming back this time.

Naturally, they also knew that the selection of the qualifications for the path of Spirit Severing of the Heaven’s Edge Sect was based on the performance of cultivators with potential in this zombie chaos.

Many sects and cultivators must have heard about the news of the Spirit Severing Path.

To complete the reversal of the situation where a disaster that swept out countless Efraxs and Upper Kingdoms in three months was not something that could completely exclude the fact that the Spirit Severing path would be opened again.

Logically speaking, if to get rid of the zombies and strive for the qualification to enter the Spirit Severing path was compared to a long-distance race, now it should be in the final sprint stage.

Cultivators who were determined to fight with all their strength were now full of hope that they could kill powerful zombies, such as Corpse Generals, to show their great strength.

However, Caspian’s actions were still at the starting point, asking everyone to continue to accumulate strength.

This was a little hard to understand. If it weren’t for their absolute trust in Caspian, they would have gone to ask questions.

However, even so, everyone was confused.

Finally, when they felt that if they didn’t ask clearly, it might affect their mental state of cultivation, Caspian took the initiative to appear in front of them.

Charlotte Sky appeared at the same time as Caspian.

Everyone present knew the identity of Charlotte Sky.

In fact, they had met Charlotte once in the capital of Earlington of Efrax.

“Junior Sister Sky brought me the news I’ve been waiting for,” Caspian looked at the crowd with sparkling eyes, his tone was full of uncontrollable excitement.

“What is it?” Everyone asked curiously.

When they saw Caspian and Charlotte appear together, they had a faint premonition.

If the past three months were compared to the three months when they had been sharpening the knife, now it was finally time to draw the knife out of its sheath!

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