Chapter 1224

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As for the news that Caspian was about to return, the woman and the kylin in Enigma City were temporarily unaware of it.

Another normal day passed.

The former Master Eva Green returned to the practice room and continued to meditate.

Her current life was very regular.

What she had to do every day was nothing more than two things, alchemy and cultivation.

It was natural to say that she was not convinced at first.

After all, she used to be an elder of a sect.

What was she now? A prisoner?

Perhaps it was better than being a prisoner, but in fact, freedom was not up to her to decide.

However, as time passed, Eva Green gradually grew accustomed to this kind of life.

No one else disturbed her.

She focused on refining and cultivating.

Unconsciously, she seemed to have found herself who had just stepped on the Path to Immortality.

In other words, it was called finding the original intention.

Anyway, whether it was this statement or not, Eva Green was still enjoying this kind of life.

With this thought in mind, she even had a faint feeling that she had touched the threshold of breaking the realm.

This discovery made her always feel surprised and happy in the past few days.

Mid level of the second stage of the Heavenly Spirit Realm was her original realm.

Eva Green had stayed in this realm for several decades.

According to her estimation, if she had not had any great opportunities or adventures, she would probably have stopped here for the rest of her life.

As for promotion, she had already calmed down and was not so persistent.

However, she didn’t expect that after she was forced to leave the Green Paradise Sect and calmed down, she would have a chance of promotion because of misfortune.

Every time she thought of this, Eva Green couldn’t help but sigh at how fate played tricks on her. If she was still in the Green Paradise Sect, she would not have any chance to be promoted.

Who would have thought that the most humiliating experience in her life would be able to further improve her path to immortality?

“Are you sighing again?”

Eva Green was deep in thought when she suddenly heard a lazy voice.

She knew who it was without even looking.

The young kylin.

He was also the main culprit that made Eva Green have been caught here.

At that time, she wanted to rob the young kylin and offend that terrifying existence.

However, Eva Green turned around and saw that it was a fat pig that did not look like a kylin.

It had only been a few months since Caspian left, less than half a year.

Perhaps it was because everyone was in charge of it, or maybe there was nothing to worry about.

In short, Handsome completely let itself go.

In other people’s eyes, it was just a fat White pig.

If this pig was lying on its side, others would regard it as a thickwall.

This description sounded a little exaggerated, but this was the truth.

“There’s nothing to sigh about…” Eva Green retracted his expression and glanced at Handsome.

After thinking for a while, she said, “Next, I may go into seclusion for a while.”

“Are you going to be promoted?” Handsome’s eyes lit up and he sat up.

Eva Green could clearly see that the ground under Handsome was shaking twice.

This scene made the corners of Master Eva Green’s eyes twitch.

The fat pig did not even need to show its true form when it encountered an enemy.

It just roared and smashed its body over, it would work.

Its momentum was terrifying, and its body was even more terrifying!

Even cultivator of second stage of the Heavenly Spirit Realm like her, did not dare to guarantee that she would be safe and sound after being smashed by this guy. What made Eva Green even more concerned was the way this fat pig looked at her.

It was a look of looking at food!

What’s more, he thought that you were a good food and knew cooking himself.

His eyes were full of praise!

“I didn’t upgrade for you to eat,” Master Eva Green gritted her teeth and said.

“I know.

I didn’t say I wanted to eat you,” Handsome quickly denied.

“Then what‘s wrong with the saliva you’re drooling now?” Eva Green ruthlessly poked through Handsome.

“D*mn? Did I drool?” Handsome looked surprised.

It lowered its head and saw a large pool of water on the ground under its chin.

Suddenly, it’s eyes widened.

“I just smelled a lot of spiritual Qi, so I drooled?”

“When did you start to drool when you want to eat something?” Eva Green was both angry and amused.

The next moment, Eva Green came to her senses.

“What did you just say? Did you smell spiritual Qi?”

As soon as she finished speaking, a huge pressure suddenly fell from Eva Green’s head.


The roof collapsed directly, and the light outside suddenly rushed in.

Not only the roof, but also the surrounding walls were blown up.

Formation that had been set up around the house exploded directly.

The rolling spiritual Qi rushed around like a tide.

The grass within a radius of a dozen miles fell to one side.

“Who is it?!” Eva Green’s eyes narrowed.

Green light shone from her hands as she looked up into the sky.

Two cultivators were floating in the sky.

However, these two cultivators had their backs to the bright moon, so Eva Green could only see their figures but could not see their faces.

Eva Green’s expression did not look good.

Because she could feel the tremendous pressure from one of cultivators.

One of them was at the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm.

“Eva, you really are here!” said one of them, his voice filled with pleasant surprise.

“Huh?” Eva Green was stunned.

This voice was a little familiar, as if she had heard it somewhere.

But before she could remember who the voice belonged to, Handsome, who was standing aside with an angry face, was suddenly surprised and delighted.

It shouted to the air, “Little fox! Wow! It’s you!”

“Little fox? Then who is it?” Eva Green became more and more confused.

However, no one cared what she was thinking.

The taller man in the air grabbed the other man’s arm and fell from the air.

It was only then that Eva Green realized that these two were not in cahoots.

One of them seemed to have been grabbed by another.

The other person was the one who had just called out Eva Green’s identity.

When she landed on the ground, Eva Green finally saw who the person that had called out her name was.

“Darrel Bane, it’s you!” said Eva Green, her tone not joyful at all, but rather, filled with helplessness.

“It’s me! I’ve been to the Green Paradise Sect before.

I heard that you were caught, so I came to save you! Tell me, who captured you? I want to see who is so bold to touch my woman.

Does he want to be the enemy of Mount Shiny Shade?” Darrel Bane said with a murderous look.

He glanced around and his eyes fell on Handsome.

Suddenly, he reached out and pointed, “Is it this pig demon who caught you?”

Handsome rolled its eyes at Darrel Bane, then looked back at Yvonne Johnson.

“Little fox, have you been held hostage? I want to see who is so bold to touch my friend.

Does he want to be enemies with Caspian?”

As it spoke, Handsome lifted a hoof and pointed it at Darrel Bane.

“Was it this human demon who caught you?”

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