Chapter 1199

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The cold wind howled.

Before the Heartless Sect Master could make a move, he suddenly felt a strong force sweeping through heaven and earth, grabbing him all of a sudden, and then grabbing toward the gate with a fierce aura.


In an instant, the Heartless Sect Master disappeared.

Caspian closed the Gates of Hell, turned around, and looked at the Heartless Sect disciples on the spirit boat indifferently.

The Heartless Sect disciples couldn’t help cheering when they saw the Master of their sect take action.

“No matter how powerful you are, you are just a Holy Land Realm cultivator and absolutely can’t compete with Master of Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators.

Now you should pay a terrible price for your big talk.”

However, in the blink of an eye, they saw their master disappeared without a trace.

Some Heartless Sect disciples’ proud smiles froze on their faces before they even had time to disperse.

After a while, their pride turned into endless fear.

Master disappeared in the blink of an eye!

These Hearfless Sect disciples had no idea what Caspian had just done.

But from the current situation, it was almost impossible for Master to survive.


On the spirit boat, a disciple’s knees went limp and he knelt on the deck in despair.

With one person starting it, the other disciples also knelt down in panic, their faces as pale as paper.

“Are you scared now?” Caspian sneered.

“Please spare us once.

We know we’re wrong.

We won’t do it again…” A disciple boldly begged for mercy.

There were also disciples who had their eyes on Flame Gordon.

After all, the king with the different surname was well-known in Lunia.

Some people kowtowed to Caspian and begged for mercy, while others begged Flame Gordon for mercy.

Seeing this, the corners of Flame Gordon’s eyes twitched.

“Since you recognized me, how dare you shoot the Beast-reining Crossbow at me?”

Obviously, these disciples did not realize that their begging for mercy did not work at all.

Instead, they added fuel to the fire.

In fact, the moment Flame Gordon saw Caspian pull out the Gates of Hell, he made up his mind that he would never intervene in this matter.

It was all up to Caspian.

What a joke!

With the strength that could kill a Master in an instant, it was not up to Flame Gordon to speak Caspian himself could deal with it.

And at this time, Flame Gordon also deeply understood what Caspian meant by killing Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators was the same as killing chickens.

Caspian really wasn’t lying!

One more thing was that since these people had recognized Flame Gordon‘s identity and used the Beast-refining Crossbow unscrupulously, Flame Gordon was completely enraged.

Of course, he would not plead for them.

The Heartless Sect disciples cried and begged loudly.

Soon, Caspian frowned.

“It’s noisy!”

It was too noisy, like a group of male pigs about to be cut off.

“You are telling me how to repay good for evil!” Caspian snorted.


As soon as the Heartless Sect disciples on the spirit boat showed surprise, they saw a blade light falling like snow.

The spirit boat, together with more than a dozen disciples on it, were immediately cut into pieces.

Caspian tore open the Gates of Hell again.

With a rumble, Domain in this area seemed to be pulled by a strong force.

The rolling airflow, the fragments of the spirit boat, and the surging flesh were all sucked into the Gates of Hell in an instant.

When Caspian took back the Gates of Hell, this space became empty and clean.

No one would believe that a spirit boat and more than a dozen cultivators stopped there just a moment ago.

Caspian turned around and squinted at Flame Gordon.

“You saw the Gates of Hell.

Give me an attitude.”

Flame Gordon blinked and smiled.

“Good means.”

“Is that all?”

Caspian frowned slightly and began to think about whether he should wipe Flame Gordon off, but in his heart, he was not very willing.

After all, he did have a good relationship with the Gordon Family, and this time he cooperated well with Flame Gordon.

Caspian did not hate Flame Gordon very much.

With certain strength and understanding of advance and retreat, its was a good choice to make friends with him.

But now the problem was right in front of him.

The Gates of Hell was one of the biggest trump cards of Caspian. He had just faced a Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivator.

Only by doing so could he solve the problem as soon as possible.

There’s no other way even if he had to expose himself in front of Flame Gordon.

Now that Flame Gordon had seen it, he had to give Flame Gordon an explanation.

Caspian was in a dilemma…

At this moment, Flame Gordon said in a very low voice, “Caspian, I feel that your magic seems to have something similar with some secret space method of Lunia’s royal family.

When I go back, I will send someone to give you a share.

I hope it will be helpful to you.”

Caspian looked at Flame Gordon.

Flame Gordon’s lips moved slightly, and his voice sounded again, “This is a secret technique that the royal family does not impart to outsiders.

Don’t let others know…”

Caspian nodded.

Flame Gordon had made his stand.

It had to be said that Flame Gordon was very good at dealing with matters.

On the one hand, he showed his kindness to Caspian, on the other hand, he also made Caspian appreciate his kindness.

In fact, after seeing the Gates of Hell, Flame Gordon was more determined to befriend Caspian. He now believed that Caspian must have received some great Legacy.

He was very sure that the inheritance of Caspian came from the Dog God Mountain.

To be able to obtain a great Legacy from that mysterious place, Caspian was definitely not simply to obtain great fortune.

Such a person could only be befriended and absolutely not offended!

Caspian did not know that Flame Gordon’s thoughts were wandering at this moment.

He lowered his spirit boat and then sped in the direction of Heaven’s Edge Sect.

As for how the Heartless Sect would react, he didn’t care.


Ten days later, Caspian and Flame Gordon returned to Heaven’s Edge Sect.

After returning, Flame Gordon would be responsible for handing over the task.

There was also a hint in his words that there was something wrong with Setting Sun Sect’s mineral resources, and then he could shift the blame.

Flame Gordon was good at this.

When Caspian returned, he went straight into his own courtyard and announced to the public that he was in seclusion.

But he didn’t lie.

He did begin his closed-door training.

He grabbed Little Candy, entered Time Warp Zone together and began to do the closed-door training.

The gains this time were not only for himself.

Caspian had no intention of taking the Bone-refining Essence Silkworms alone.

Some of them had to be given to Little Candy, so that it could be improved.

Some were left for Handsome.

Poor Handsome was still in Enigma City.

Caspian didn’t know if there was anything delicious for Handsome every day.

However, it was estimated that Eva Green should have taken good care of Handsome.

After all, although Handsome was just a juvenile Qilin, it was an authentic divine beast.

In front of Caspian, it was true that Handsome was obedient, but in the face of others, Handsome had a bad temper.

Moreover, this guy still thought that cultivators tasted good and was a great tonic.

Thinking of this, Caspian couldn’t help worrying about Eva Green instead of Handsome.

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