Chapter 1192

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With a snort, Jones Henry’s head was separated.

The moment the blood spurted out of his mouth, a stream of spiritual Qi also gushed out.

This spiritual Qi was not spiritual Qi in Jones Henry’s dantian and ocean of Qi.

From the first day cultivators began to practice, they had seized essence of the world and absorbed it into their bodies It could be said that these spiritual Qi were hidden in every piece of skin, every piece of muscle, and even every strand of hair in cultivator.

Once a cultivator died, spiritual Qi in his body would return to nature, whether he died at the end of his life or died accidentally.

However, cultivators of Pulse Control Realm and Holy Land Realm did not have much essence of the world in their bodies.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, even if they died, there would not be any Spiritual Tide.

At most, there would be a breeze of Spiritual Qi blowing.

As for cultivators like Jones Henry, who had reached Heavenly Spirit Realm, once they died, there would be obvious spiritual waves gushing out.

The environment was not affected by the battle, so the gushing spiritual waves were more obvious.

The moment spiritual waves spurted out, Caspian immediately reached out his hand.

He could not absorb spiritual waves directly, but the Grand Log Needle in his arm could help him absorb all spiritual Qi in spiritual waves.

Although part of spiritual waves was scattered, at least 70% of it was absorbed by the Grand Log Needle from Jones Henry’s body.

Next, as long as Caspian absorbed these spiritual Qi into his body while practicing, he would be able to improve his realm and lay a solid foundation for himself.

However, this spiritual waves were secondary.

At this moment, Caspian was still in mid-air.

He waved his Flame Severing again and cut off Jones Henry’s right arm.

After taking it, he rolled it up and took the jade ring from his thumb.

There was a Restriction attached to the ring to prevent anyone from spying on it.

This restriction formation was closely related to Jones Henry’s vigor.

To put it bluntly, the strength of this restriction formation was directly related to Jones Henry’s vigor.

At this time, Jones Henry was chopped into several pieces, and he had already lost his breath.

With the rapid decline of his qi and blood, the power of the restriction formation was also rapidly declining.

Caspian was not patient enough to wait for him to completely disappear, he directly ran vigor in his body and made a fierce impact.

For a cultivator in his realm, under normal circumstances, if he hit the inhibition with his vigor, it was just like a normal person hitting the door with his shoulder.

It was impossible for him to knock it open with one time.

It was normal for him to hit the door dozens of times.

However, Caspian was totally different.

His vigor was vigorous and concentrated, much more abnormal than that of a body Refiner.

It was not like a normal person knocking on the door.

It was like a fierce beast was tearing paper.

The restriction formation was easily broken.

If Jones Henry could see this scene, he would have been scared to death.

The Restriction was easily destroyed, and everything hidden in the jade ring was revealed to Caspian.

The space inside the ring was not.

big, and it was even one-third smaller than the storage space in jade identification badge of the disciples of Heaven’s Edge Sect.

Although the space was small, it did not mean that there would be fewer things in it.

Putting aside Jones Henry’s belongings, Caspian looked at the other things.

Within the treasure light, he saw at least four spirit tools, ten more sharp weapons, and even two rare almost spirit tools.

From the number of magic weapons, one could tell that Jones Henry‘s death this time was really unfair.

In the past, when he was fighting with shape-shifting demons, he was suppressed and beaten, so he had no time to take out other spirit tools.

Later on, when he faced Caspian, he had the chance to cultivate his spirit tools, but under the design of Caspian, Jones Henry didn’t have enough spiritual Qi to activate the spirit weapons.

Seeing that magic weapons could not be used, Caspian finally understood what was going on with Jones Henry’s constipation look. Besides the magic weapons, there were also some elixirs.

As the head of the Setting Sun Gate, Jones Henry’s elixirs were naturally not ordinary.

Caspian opened the bottles and cans and examined them carefully.

He looked satisfied.

There was only one elixir to assist cultivation.

The rest, were to detoxify, remove some special conditions, replenish spiritual Qi, and recover from injuries.

It sounded ordinary, but in the eyes of Caspian, these elixirs alone were enough for him to take this risk.

The most special thing was that there was an orderly cyan elixir with a golden bangle attached to it.

“Mortal Transformation Pill…” Seeing this elixir, Caspian couldn’t help breathing faster.

The so-called “Mortal” referred to True Martial Realm, Pulse Control Realm, and Holy Land Realm before they reached the pre-body.

However, if True Martial Realm cultivators and Pulse Control Realm cultivators took this elixir, they were purely courting death. The mighty medicinal power would explode cultivators of these two realms in an instant.

In fact, this elixir was only prepared for cultivator of Holy Land Realm.

It was also prepared for cultivators at peak of the third stage of Holy Land Realm.

To put it bluntly, the pill was to help cultivators break the realm and improve to Heavenly Spirit Realm’s auxiliary elixir.

To improve one’s realm from Holy Land Realm to Heavenly Spirit Realm was not only to cross a large realm, it was also related to a change from opening up the lower dantian to the middle dantian.

Just like what Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators had said before, all the people under the Heavenly Spirit Realm were ants.

From the path of immortality, entering Pulse Control Realm was the beginning.

But in fact, Pulse Control Realm was like a baby that had just taken shape in the mother’s body in the secular world.

It was the lowest level on the path of immortality, and it didn’t even have the ability to protect oneself. Only by reaching Heavenly Spirit Realm could he have his own name on the Path to Immortality.

Caspian was now at the third level of Holy Land Realm.

He had gained a lot this time.

He estimated that he would be able to break through to the third level of mid level after a period of seclusion in Time Warp Zone.

After that, he would find some opportunities to upgrade to the peak of the third stage.

By using this pill, he would be able to rush straight to Heavenly Spirit Realm in a short time.

He would not need to worry about gains and losses like the other cultivators at the peak of the third stage of Holy Land Realm.

Other cultivators would not have the courage to advance for decades.

In the end, their blood vigour would wither and they would lose all their opportunities.

“Good stuff, good stuff.

After all, he is the head of the sect…” Caspian muttered to himself as his gaze swept across a corner of the ring.

There were several jade scrolls there.

“Exercises Method!” Caspian’s eyes lit up again.

Ordinary exercises were recorded on bamboo slips or paper, which could be seen with eyes.

As for those carved on jade scroll, they could only be checked by spiritual sense or completed in other ways.

Therefore, the exercises carved on jade scrolls were absolutely extraordinary.

There were three jade scrolls in total.

The first one was the Small Universe-breaking Palm.

This was a magic that Caspian had seen Jones Henry display before.

The second one was called Thunderstorm.

This was a magical power that Caspian could not learn now.

As for the third jade scroll, Caspian picked it up and was stunned.

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