Chapter 1177

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As soon as Lord Roc opened his mouth, the atmosphere at the scene seemed to be integrated with a thick ghost that could not be dissolved.

In an instant, it was extremely cold.

It was as if thousands of miles of ice were frozen in an instant and tens of thousands of souls were destroyed.

The faces of Jones Henry and the others suddenly became very ugly.

This group of demons had indeed gone back on their word.

At this moment, a pair of eyes lit up.

However, the eyes were too inconspicuous, so no one noticed them.

Although he had heard clearly what the other party was talking about, Jones Henry still gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence, “What do you mean…”

Although he had asked, Lord Roc obviously did not want to answer again.

Before Jones Henry could finish his words, Lord Roc took action.

He punched out!

There was no running of spiritual Qi or gorgeous light.

It was a calm punch.

However, in the eyes of the crowd, this fist scented to be expanding, becoming like a mountain peak and a meteorite, sweeping toward them.

Jones Henry only felt that all the blood in his body was rushing into his brain.

He suddenly trembled and came to his senses.

He shouted in shock and anger, “Get out of the way!”

Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators flew around in unison.

Body-protection Gang covered their entire bodies.

Those who possessed defensive magics were able to put up defensive shields on the surface of their bodies.

Those Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators reacted quickly, but the disciples of Holy Land Realm could not compare with them.

The horrible impact, like a string of candied haws, pierced through the five carriages in a row, and sent the disciples of Holy Land Realm flying.

Bang bang bang!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The five carriages flew into the air and exploded like firecrackers.

All the things inside spilled out.

The disciples of Holy Land Realm around the carriage screamed and spat out blood.

More than half of them were as pale as paper and bleeding from their seven orifices.

They were so weak that they might die.

As for the remaining four or five, their faces were pale and listless, and their faces were filled with astonishment.

“Bastard!” Jones Henry was shocked and angry when he saw that as soon as the other side made a move, his side was seriously injured.

Lord Roc did not even look at Jones Henry.

All his attention was focused on the things flying out of the carriage.

According to the deal they had discussed in advance.

On the side of the Setting Sun Gate, there would be Bone-refining Essence Silkworms awakened with blood.

Meanwhile, on demons’ side, they would bring the natural precious materials that Setting Sun Gate needed.

At that time, both sides would check the goods and complete the deal.

But at this time, Lord Roc and Lion Nine saw that what was scattered out of the carriage was not Bone- refining Essence Silkworm at all, but dirty and ragged wooden boxes.

Judging from the rotten appearance of the wooden boxes, they looked like coffins that had been buried in the ground for decades.

How could Bone-refining Essence Silkworms be stored in this kind of things!

“You’re lying to me!” Lion Nine roared angrily, there was also anger between Lord Roc’s eyebrows.

What a despicable cultivator!

The people of the Setting Sun Gate looked at each other in dismay when they heard Lion Nine’s roar.

How shameless he was!

“Keep one alive alive, and kill the rest!” Lord Roc gave a heavy snort.

He raised his hand and punched again at the broken wooden boxes in the air.

The attack was made in the air, and it was at least 1,000 feet away, but his punch seemed to have sucked up the air and condensed into a giant cannon.

As soon as the fist landed, the wooden chest in mid-air began to tremble violently, on the verge of collapse, as if it was going to explode in the next moment, explode into powder.

The power of demons was so great that it was not much weaker than that of magical power of cultivators.

Jones Henry’s eyes were also full of anger.

“Since you don’t keep your promise, don’t blame us for killing you and increasing the merits! The Light- Condensing Sword!” Jones Henry roared in his throat.

The long roar turned into ripples of light that spread around him.

The light became more and more intense.

At this moment, two suns seemed to appear in the sky.

A terrifying pressure enveloped the entire area.

The surface of the lake was boiling.

In a short while, the cooked fish and shrimps all floated onto the surface.

“Don’t be merciful when it comes to life and death.

Kill demons and increase the merit!” With a roar, Jones Henry slammed his palm down.

The light sword was as big as a door plank, and its surface was like lava flowing.

It was extremely dazzling.

In an instant, it broke through the air and collided with the air cannon that shot up into the sky.


The loud noise shattered the earth layer by layer.

The void distorted like water waves.

Lion Morgan, Angela Lia, Ria Dam, and Polo Danie also understood at this moment that this was the time of life and death.

If they didn’t go all out, they would probably lose their lives here.

Seeing that there were only two people on the other side, and one of them had already confronted Jones Henry, they all looked at the remaining Lion Nine.

There were four of them, and the opponent was only a shape-shifting demon.

They had the absolute advantage in numbers.

They wanted to kill Lion Nine as soon as possible and then help Jones Henry.

In an instant, Lion Morgan and the others reached an agreement.

Seeing the four cultivators taking in the multicolored light and flying towards him at high speed, Lion Nine roared, “Since we can come up with the idea of killing you in midway, do you think that only two of us are here?!”

The booming sound spread like a huge bell, entering Lion Morgan and the rest’s ears.

They were immediately stunned.

It was said that demons were not good at using their brains, which was exactly why they didn’t expect that the other side would kill them halfway.

If he continued to think about it, what the other party said made sense.

Since the other party all killed them halfway and were within the jurisdiction of the Setting Sun Gate, they naturally knew how to end the battle quickly.

In the instant that everyone from the Setting Sun Gate was in a daze, the sound of explosions could be heard coming from the nearby gravel ground in the lake.

The waves rose into the sky, raising dust In a broken piece of wood, three figures instantly entered everyone’s sight and rushed straight toward them.

Angela Lia’s eyes flashed when she saw that half of the man‘s face was white and the other half was black.

She instantly revealed a look of realization and exclaimed, “Yin Yang Fox! This is your idea!”

In demons, it was said that Fox and Ape were the smartest and closest to cultivators.

“It’s too late to know now.” The yin-yang-faced man grinned grimly.

“Soul-locking hook!”

His tone was gloomy, as if a dead soul was hiding in a dark corner, gnashing his teeth, which made people’s blood freeze.

However, after moving her body, Angela Lia was highly concentrated.

Facing the Yin Yang fox, she was surprised to find that the other party didn’t change at all.

There was neither light released nor anything unusual about him.

“What’s going on?” For a moment, Angela Lia felt her mind go blank.

At this moment, she heard Polo Danie behind her exclaim, “Angela, be careful!”

It was accompanied by the sound of the wind. Angela subconsciously turned around and saw two fox tails appear in the air not far behind her.

One was black and the other was white, thick and big, like two giant pythons.

Under the sunlight, they covered a large shadow.

With the loud sound of wind and thunder, they hit her at once.

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