Chapter 1176

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Although the venue was called a lake, it was not very a large one.

It was just covered with a pool of water in Domain outside the forest.

When they saw Shadowmoon Lake, the people of Setting Sun Care couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

Because the official road they had taken before was in the forest.

The surroundings were full of trees, and the wind and grass were blowing slightly.

For those who were extremely nervous, it was a kind of torture.

Moreover, with everyone‘s current realm, keeping spiritual sense covering the whole process would make them feel quite tired.

But now that they were on the shore of Shadowmoon Lake, there would no longer be such a problem.

From this point on, both sides of the road were extremely wide.

If demons wanted to sneak attack, they could not hide themselves at all.

Therefore, everyone could relax a little.

However, before they could take a deep breath, Jones Henry and Lion Morgan, who were in the front carriage, saw a figure standing by the lake.

“It’s shape-shifting demon…”

Although he was just standing there, the powerful vigor fluctuation was shocking.

Jones Henry narrowed his eyes and immediately stood up.

A nervous look appeared on Lion Morgan’s face.

He quickly stood up and quickly transmitted a sound to the back, indicating to be careful.

Angela Lia, who was in the last carriage, quickly rushed over.

Of the five members of the Setting Sun Gate, she had always been in charge of contacting demons.

So at this moment, she had to show up.

“Who is that?” Jones Henry stood in the parked carriage and asked Angela Lia, who was trying to identify him.

While speaking, Jones Henry was also looking at the other party.

The man in front of him was not strong, but he stood straight, giving people a feeling that his back was about to pierce the sky.

The most shocking thing was the Blood Soul Power surging out of his body. There were still two or three miles between them, but Jones Henry could feel that his vigor was suppressed, and his chest was stuffy.

Jones Henry’s realm was one level higher than those people around him.

Since he felt so, that was especially like that when it came to the others.

“Did you recognize him?” After waiting for a while, seeing that Angela Lia did not move, Jones Henry asked impatiently.

“Master… Senior brother, I’ve never seen this person before,” Angela Lia replied in a panic.

Because her mind was in a mess, she had forgotten to call Jones Henry the shopkeeper at this moment.

However, Jones Henry realized this and had no time to scold her.

Before they arrived at the agreed place of the deal, a powerful shapeshifting demon suddenly appeared halfway, so his purpose was obvious.

“Be careful, everyone…” Jones Henry said coldly.

As soon as Jones Henry’s voice fell, a tall figure shot out from the air in front of him like a bolt of lightning.

In a moment, he reached the sky above Shadowmoon Lake and suddenly fell down.

The ground trembled and he stood beside the figure before him.

The one who flew over was naturally a shape-shifting demon.

Compared to the previous one, he looked very rough, with messy golden hair and a face full of golden beard.

Coupled with the muscles all over his body that were almost torn out of his clothes, this shape-shifting demon was extremely unrestrained and full of strength.

“It’s Lion Nine! He’s a Lion Demon!” Angela Lia’s eyes lit up as she recognized the shape-shifting demon that was flying over.

After that, she immediately took a step forward with a cold mask and said coldly, “Lion Nine, we made an appointment with you to make a deal in the Ox-Head Valley.

What do you mean by stopping us here?”

Lion Nine’s eyes were obviously bigger than an ordinary person’s.

A murderous intent gushed out from his eyes.

He laughed loudly.

His voice was even more ear-piercing than that of an axe.

“What are you laughing at?” Angela Lia frowned even harder.

By this time, cultivators of the Setting Sun Gate were on full alert, and the air seemed to freeze at this moment.

Lion Nine’s laughter, in such an atmosphere, made one’s heart palpitate even more.

“Let me introduce him to you.

This is our party’s representative, Lord Roc,” Lion Nine did not directly answer Angela Lia’s question.

Instead, he revealed the identity of the shapeshifting demon beside him.

Hearing what he said, the five Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators of the Setting Sun Gate were shocked at first, but then they had complicated expressions on their faces.

When Angela Lia contacted demons, she had mentioned to Jones Henry and others more than once that the head of the Setting Sun Gate, Jones Henry, was the leader.

On the other side of demons, there was also a leader who was called Lord Roc by demons.

However, before that, every time Angela Lia contacted demons, it was Lion Nine or the other demons who were in charge of receiving her. Thus, even Angela Lia had never seen the legendary Lord Roc before.

But one thing could be speculated.

That was when Lion Nine and the other demons were mentioning Lord Roc, they were all very respectful and did not dare to show any disrespect.

From this, it could be seen that Lord Roc must have a very high status in demons.

Such a leader, who had never shown up before, should appear on such an important day of formal trade today.

However, if he blocked the way halfway, it would inevitably make others think too much.

Since the other party had not done anything more, the people of the Setting Sun Gate could not figure out what these demons were thinking.

After a moment of silence, Jones Henry said, “It turns out to be Lord Roc, who has been famous for a long time.

In this case, let’s not delay our journey.

Let’s go to Ox-Head Valley as soon as possible to make a deal.”

As soon as Jones Henry’s voice fell, Lion Nine said a gain, “I think we need to wait for a while.”

“Why?” Jones Henry frowned.

The longer they stayed here, the more uneasy they felt.

Lion Nine’s huge eyes looked at Jones Henry.

Instantly, Jones Henry felt a pain between his eyebrows.

This demon was so oppressive!

“Because Lord Roc has something to say,” said Lion Nine.

Everyone immediately looked at the silent shape-shifting demon.

If one only looked at its outer appearance, it would give him a feeling that it couldn’t be compared to Lion Nine’s explosive aura.

But he just stood there quietly, and no one could ignore him.

Lord Roc was like an abyss.

He existed, he was quiet, he was silent, but as long as people faced him, they couldn’t ignore him.

The longer time passed, the colder and afraid they became.

Jones Henry felt the change in the expressions of the people around him.

Everyone’s eyes unconsciously revealed a look of panic.

Seeing this scene, Jones Henry’s heart suddenly thumped.

He knew that he had to turn the tables now.

At least he had to do something.

Otherwise, before the other side made a move, his people would have been crushed by the other side’s momentum.

Jones Henry coughed and said, “I wonder what Lord Roc wants to say…”

Lord Roc smiled, “Leave the things we want.

Leave your lives as well.”

Jones Henry and his comrades were shocked.

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