Chapter 1143

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The chilling light caused everyone present to stop breathing.

Among them, there was a clear gasp.

During this process, the male disciple was also secretly paying attention to the reaction of the people around him.

Seeing the astonishment and amazement on everyone’s faces, his vanity was greatly satisfied.

At this moment, he wished he could let out a happy moan.

However, everyone’s amazement was far from enough!

Today, he had to see the other’s puppet being torn into pieces, and then be trampled on.

In the end, he would use the most vicious words in the world to vent his hatred.

With this in mind, the male disciple stared at Caspian fiercely, as if he wanted to rely on his eyes to scare Caspian to kneel down and beg for mercy.

“If you have time to look at me, why don’t you look at your puppet?” After saying that, Caspian flicked his fingertips.

A streak of spiritual Qi shot into the palm.

Suddenly, the palm bounced up from the ground and went straight to the male disciple’s puppet.

“You’re courting death!” The male disciple instantly beamed.

He had confidence in his puppet and the teeth of the Fierce Wind Silver Wolf.

The teeth of the Fierce Wind Silver Wolf were extremely sharp even though they had not been forged.

Even if they were cultiva tors of peak of the third stage of Holy Land Realm, once they were bitten, their Body-protection Gang would be torn apart in an instant.

Then, a large piece of their skin and flesh would be torn off.

The teeth used by this male disciple had been refined with medicinal ingredients, so it was harder and sharper than before.

In the male disciple’s opinion, it was not easy to tear up this wrinkled palm.

But at this time, when the palm approached the ape-shaped puppet, it suddenly accelerated.

The palm stretched out and chopped down at the ape like an axe.

With a whoosh, the air was rolled up like a huge wave, making a deafening sound.

The loud sound shocked everyone.

The next moment, with a bang, when the palm touched the ape, it seemed to cut the tofu in half like a steel knife.

The ape’s body was split into two under everyone’s stunned expressions.

But it was not over yet…

When the palm tore through the air, it gave off a horrible shock, as if it had triggered a thunderbolt in the void.

With a boom, a terrifying force spread out in all directions and enveloped the Domain in this area.

Domain in this area was not big, but it perfectly enveloped the two halves of the ape puppet.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, it was as if a string of firecrackers had been lit.

The ape puppet kept exploding.

In an instant, it turned into powder.

Even the teeth of the Fierce Wind Silver Wolf were not spared.

The silver powder wrapped around the airflow and tore a gap in the void.

All the people present felt that their minds went blank with a bang.

The male disciple was even more at a loss as to who he was and where he was.

Even Butterfly Zoila, who had been deep in thought before, had a surprised look in her eyes.

She looked straight at the floating powder.

The dry palm was still the same as before.

It flew back to Caspian’s hand from a piece of powder.

No matter who it was, he could not connect the powder on the ground with the ape puppet of the male disciple.

Silence… The scene fell into a dead silence.

Everyone’s heartbeat could be heard clearly.

After a long time, the male disciple murmured, “My puppet… My puppet…”

Hearing his voice, the others came to their senses.

At this time, the way they looked at Caspian changed.

Their eyes were full of indescribable surprise and admiration. As for the male disciple, his body went limp and he fell to the ground, tears gushing out.

No one looked at him again.

“My puppet… My puppet…” The male disciple felt that his heart was bleeding, and his tears could not stop flowing out.

As he muttered, his eyes gradually became fierce.

The pile of powder and debris on the ground seemed to be making fun of him.

His face became redder and redder, and even his neck seemed to be bleeding.

“Yes, this guy did it on purpose! He deliberately agreed to compete with me in front of everyone! He deliberately smashed the puppet I worked so hard to make in front of Butterfly Zoila! His purpose is to humiliate me!”

In the heart of the male disciple, a voice was roaring wildly.

He put all the blame on Caspian, but he simply forgot that he was the one who provoked Caspian at first, and he was also the one who proposed the puppet competition. The more he thought about it, the angrier the male disciple became.

He stared at the powder on the ground, took a deep breath, stood up, and glared at Caspian. “You deliberately humiliated me in front of everyone today.

I will never let your wish come true.

I must get you pay what you deserve!”

The male disciple’s shout startled everyone around.

Because everyone had witnessed the whole process.

Seeing the male disciple’s action, everyone frowned.

They only felt that this person was too unreasonable.

A trace of dissatisfaction also appeared in Butterfly Zoila’s eyes.

“It was you who proposed the puppet competition, and it was you who set the rules of victory and defeat.

Now that you have lost, why do you blame others?” Butterfly Zoila said a sentence of justice, but at this time, it was particularly harsh to the male cultivator.

“Butterfly Zoila, every time you teach, no matter how hard I try, I will gather ten merit points to support you.

But now you’re helping an outsider.”

The male disciple gritted his teeth, pointed at Caspian, and said to Butterfly Zoila, “This is the first time this guy has come, but you are so partial to him and deliberately insulted me.

Do you know how much effort I have put in for that puppet? But now he broke it all at once!”

“I’m not partial.

I’m just stating a fact!” Seeing that the other party was so unreasonable, Butterfly Zoila’s face gradually darkened.

“Humph, no matter what you say now, it’s useless.

Today, I must let him suffer.

He overestimated himself!” The male disciple roared again and again.

His ferocious look and temperament shocked everyone, and they wondered if he was crazy.

Caspian looked at the other party.

After a while, he said lightly, “Everyone, get ready to see.

Someone is ready to be hung up and beaten.”

The male disciple was speechless.

Caspian had said something similar before the puppet competition.

At this moment, the words were like adding fuel to the fire.

New and old grudges surged into the male disciple’s heart in an instant.

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