Chapter 1130

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Fear, coldness, despair, sadness, and other negative emotions, at this moment, were like black mud gushing out of the ground, constantly devouring Happy Smith and others, making them doomed eternally.

Although he was a disciple of Heaven’s Edge Sect and an elite of the Crape Myrtle Sect.

However, they were not confident that they could defeat the enemy who could not even defeat the Crape Myrtle Exquisite Cannon.

In next second, Caspian appeared in front of them again.

Looking at their pale faces, Caspian could not help but sigh slightly.

They showed an expression of giving up before they could hit his opponent.

There was no need for such people to cultivate.

On the Path to Immortality, there were much more difficulties and dangers than here.

Without a moment of determination, courage, and determination to advance, there was no need to cultivate immortal.

Caspian turned his gaze and looked at the triangular crystal in their hands.

The crystal had red light and clamped together by the thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

Although the blow did not hit Caspian, the power shocked Caspian. However, what interested Caspian more was the joint attack of these three people. This gave him some new inspiration.

While Caspian was sizing up the three crystals, Happy Smith and the others were also staring at Caspian in a daze.

They couldn’t remember Heaven’s Edge Sect or the Crape Myrtle Sect all.

There was only one thought in their minds, “It’s over, this guy is going to kill us.”

“Hey!” Caspian said.

Happy Smith and the others suddenly trembled quickly.

He was about to take action!

“Try hitting me again with that move,” Caspian said.

“Huh?” Happy Smith opened his mouth wide and uttered a syllable.

He thought he had heard it wrong.

Sunshine Lydia and Herd Norman also seriously suspected that they had heard it wrong.

They were well aware of the power of the Crape Myrtle Exquisite Bombs.

Therefore, in their minds, the other party had just escaped a disaster and survived.

How could he take the initiative to come to them? This was impossible!

Their ears must have been damaged.

Seeing the three of them standing still, Caspian frowned and said discontentedly, “Can’t you understand human language?”

If it weren’t for the fact that these three crystals had to be used by the three of them, Caspian would have definitely cut off the heads of the three guys in front of him.

“What, what did you say?” Happy Smith’s body trembled.

He came to his senses and said with a trembling voice.

“Use your move just now, Crape Myrtle Exquisite Bomb! Try to hit me again,” Caspian said as he walked a distance away.

Looking at the distance between them, Caspian stopped about 50 to 60 feet away and said, “It’s so far away.

Come on!”

Happy Smith gasped and turned to look at his two companions.

He saw the disbelief and ecstasy in Sunshine Lydia and Herd Norman’s eyes.

This guy actually gave them another chance.

Was this guy so reckless?

“You, you really want us to come? This, this is what you said…” Happy Smith was so excited that he stuttered and his face turned red.

“I said it, and I won’t hide.

Let’s try again!” Caspian scolded impatiently, “Hurry up!”

“Okay!” Happy Smith’s heart beat wildly, and his breathing became rapid.

At this time, if possible, he would definitely jump up and dance and cheer wildly.

This guy actually took the initiative to seek death!

This was really good luck.

Today, they could escape from this disaster!


Happy Smith took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

If he didn’t do this, he would be worried that his heart would beat violently and break his chest.

He turned to look at Sunshine Lydia and Herd Norman, who were next to him.

Sunshine Lydia and Herd Norman gritted their teeth, and a fierce light flashed in their eyes.

They would never miss such a great opportunity again!

“Don’t hide!” Happy Smith raised his hand and shouted again.

“Hurry up!” Caspian said impatiently.

“Ha! Go to hell!” Happy Smith laughed proudly.

“Crape Myrtle Exquisite Cannon!”


The pink light shot out again and condensed into a beam of light in mid-air, shooting straight toward Caspian. The surface of the ice below the light column was crushed under the pressure.

As he had said, Caspian did not dodge.

The light column hit his chest with a bang. All of a sudden, the pink light exploded like a ball of fireworks.

It was so dazzling that no one could look straight at it.

The dazzling light transformed into various forms.

Each form exuded a majestic, grand, oppressive, and evil-slaying aura.

The entire ice cave was shaking violently.

Ice cubes fell from the dome.

“Let’s see if you’ll die this time!” Seeing that he had hit Caspian, Happy Smith was so excited that his eyes widened and glittered.

He laughed wildly.

“Again! Crape Myrtle Exquisite Bomb!”

Another beam of light shot out.

The air around the light column was shattered and spread like a tide.

The ice layer on the ground cracked and turned into large pieces of ice, spreading to both sides.

After the second round, Happy Smith did not stop.

He directly took out a Jade Dew Pill and threw it into his mouth.

Sunshine Lydia and Herd Norman also knew that there would not be a second chance. Therefore, when they saw Happy Smith swallow the elixir, they did not hesitate to take out the Jade Dew Pill that Happy Smith had given them before and swallowed it.

Although the elixir was precious, if he lost his life, what was the use of elixir?

As soon as the pill entered their throats, it immediately turned into a surging medicinal power.

Happy Smith and the other two only felt that the lost spiritual Qi had been instantly replenished.

And the strong efficacy made them even more vigorous and energetic at the moment.

Their spiritual Qi were full of energy and they were directly raised to their peak state.

“Crape Myrtle Exquisite Bomb!” Happy Smith roared again.

With a buzz, the light column exploded like a heavy cannon.

“Again! Crape Myrtle Exquisite Bomb!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After the first round, Happy Smith directed Sunshine Lydia and Herd Norman to fire seven more rounds.

For a moment, the ice surface of the ice cave in front almost exploded into ruins.

There were even cracks that extended to both sides and climbed up to the dome along the ice wall.

The ice cave seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

It seemed that it could collapse at any time without the support of the four blood-colored giant beasts.

A piece of crystal clear ice flickered with faint light, like morning mist, covering the front.

Happy Smith looked in that direction with a weak and fanatical expression.

Sunshine Lydia and Herd Norman looked extremely tired because they had consumed too much spiritual Qi.

As for the red crystal in their hands, the luster at this time was obviously dimmed.

“That guy…” Herd Norman put his hand on his knees, gasped, and continued, “He should be dead, right…”

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