Chapter 1064

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Large amounts of blood were flying.

For a moment, there seemed to be butterflies dancing in the air.

However, these butterflies were all bright red.

They were dazzling and eye-catching.

The present cultivators couldn’t help trembling, they were not blind, let alone fools.

This scene was enough to show that this guy in front of them was definitely far more powerful than them.

Holy Land Realm? That was impossible!

Heavenly Spirit Realm? It was hard to guess…

After all, that guy had just attacked and killed two Holy Land Realm cultivators, but he didn’t even move.

“Your old friend is a little cruel,” Caspian cursed in his heart.

“Haha… Are you… Afraid…”

“I’m thinking about whether I should let you talk about the old days or not.

Look at how enthusiastic he is.

He has begun to set off meat fireworks.”

As he spoke, another cultivator was blown into a large ball of dazzling blood.

“Didn’t you… Say… Unless you…”

“I am out of my mind now,” Caspian looked serious.

Whether he could show off or not depended on knowing his ability.

At this time, the guy in front of him was obviously not someone he could deal with.

Caspian’s current realm was at the entry level of the first stage of the Holy Land Realm.

He was absolutely invincible among his peers.

There was no big problem with killing someone whose realm was a level than him.

But the problem was that this guy, who was mostly covered in armor, was obviously beyond the scope of Holy Land Realm.

In this case, if Caspian didn‘t let go of that person behind the Gates of Hell, he would be out of his mind.

“Ha… Ha… Just pretend… I know… Actually, you want to…”

“Well, don’t talk nonsense,” Caspian interrupted him.

“That guy is your old friend.

He has already begun to kill anyone he sees.

But if you didn’t act in time and caused me to die, you wouldn’t have any hope.

What would others say about us? How embarrassing?”

“Ha… Ha…”

“Well, what should I do to give you my body now?” Caspian asked.

“You just need to… Empty your head…”

“But I have a request!”


“When I gave you my body in the past, I fainted.

Can I take a look at it this time?”

No reply was heard for a while…

“No way! Do you want me to be seriously injured and unconscious like before, and then you will take over my body?” Caspian argued.

“No… In this way… You can see… It…”

“Okay, then I’ll relax then…” Caspian took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

At this time, the guy in armor had killed three more people.

There were only sixteen cultivators who had entered the temple before.

Now, there were only seven people left, including Caspian.

“Big Brother, what should we do now?” Although Lidas’ face was pale, she had not completely lost her sense of propriety.

But at this time, she was clearly in a panic.

Because she saw the helplessness on her Big Brother’s face that she had never seen before.

“We can’t defeat him,” Leny gritted his teeth.

This kind of strength was completely overwhelming.

He could feel it.

Even if he tried his best now, in the eyes of the other side, his behavior was like an egg hitting a stone in the other party’s eyes. This type of helplessness and despair made one unwilling, resentful.

Why was this guy here? Who was he looking for now?

“I know that you’re hiding here.

That’s why I believe that as long as I kill everyone, I’ll be able to force you out,” The sound of metal rubbing against metal could be heard from under the helmet.

“You, die!” He pointed.

With a scream, a horrible bloody hole appeared in a cultivator’s chest, as big as a bowl, piercing through his chest and back.

“Then it’s you!”

His fingers moved slightly.

This action was as light as driving a fly away.

But not far away, a cultivator’s body was split into two pieces.

He fell to the ground with a look of disbelief.

“There are still five left, but you still don’t come out.

Or are you afraid? I really can’t imagine that you, who dared to rush to thousands of troops alone, would feel fear…”

As he spoke, he waved his hand and two heads exploded into brilliant fireworks.

The thick smell of blood kept spreading in all directions.

At this time, only the Holly family’s sister, brother and Caspian were still standing there.

Lidas Holly hit her lip tightly, and her eyes were full of tears.

She had already felt that death was right in front of her.

Leny clenched the exaggerated-looking knife in his hand and tried his best to protect his sister behind him.

“It’s so touching.

The brother and sister love each other so much that it makes me sick!” A mocking voice came from under the helmet.

He slowly raised his hand and pointed to the brother and sister of the Holly family.

“Then, who should I kill first?”

Lidas and Leny Holly only felt their skin and flesh tense up. The tremendous pressure made it difficult for them to breathe.

‘What, what about that guy? What is he doing?’ This idea suddenly came to Lidas’ mind.

She subconsciously turned her head and looked in the direction of Caspian. After a glance, she was stunned.

‘What… What is he doing?’

Not far away, Caspian closed his eyes and slowly stretched out his arms.

He looked like he was hugging the sun? But there was no sunshine here…

The motionless brother and sister of the Holly family formed a stark contrast with Caspian at this moment.

In the next moment, not only Lidas, but also Leny and the guy in armor also noticed Caspian.

‘What is this guy doing?’ At this moment, Leny began to doubt if Caspian was scared silly.

However, judging from Caspian’s previous performance, he did not seem to be so easily frightened.

The guy in armor tilted his head. He stretched out his fingers and slowly turned them toward Caspian. For some reason, the guy in front of him looked particularly annoying, he wanted to blow Caspian up first.

But at this time, Caspian put down his arm and opened his eyes.

“You… Are pointing at… Me…”

This sentence was the reason why the guy in armor killed people.

But, Caspian’s words sounded even more terrifying.

It was as if the sun in the sky was dyed black and sank to the ground.

The mouths of the brother and sister of the Holly family gradually widened.

They could clearly feel the change in Caspian’s aura.

The guy in armor suddenly shook at this time.

The next moment, he roared, “It’s you!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound was like thunder, shattering the ground under his feet. The brother and sister of the Holly family hurriedly covered their ears, as if countless crazy bees were running wildly in their minds.

“I know… You are… The Dragon Guard…”

“It’s you! Only you remember me!”

“Yes, I am… But… What’s your name… Ah…”

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