Chapter 1058

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After being exposed by Caspian, Yelly Summer’s eyes flashed with cruelty.

Lidas was confused, she looked at her Big Brother in confusion and asked, “What is he talking about?”

Since Caspian had pointed it out, plus the present situation, most of the cultivators had already understood what was going on.

At this moment, Leny’s expression was extremely ugly.

After hearing his sister’s question, he did not answer.

Instead, he directly pulled out his knife and slashed at Yelly Summer in the crowd.

And he found that Yelly Summer remained motionless as if he had not noticed anything at all.

“Big Brother, what are you doing? Are you crazy…” Lidas screamed.

But before she could finish her words, she opened her eyes wide and looked at the scene in front of her in shock.

In front of her, although Yelly Summer’s body was cut in half, there was no blood flowing out.

After a while, the two halves of his body, like ink painting, gradually became faint and then disappeared.

Lidas Holly felt stunned.

“What, what’s going on?” she stammered.

“The mirror image created by formation,” said the white-robed cultivator that Caspian had seen in the restaurant.

The white-robed cultivator narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yelly Summer with killing intent.

“He used this mirror image to coax us here, while he himself hid on the other side.

If I’m not wrong, I’m afraid that the place we’re standing at now is a Murder Array.

The place where he stands is the safest.”

The white-robed cultivator’s words were also the speculations of most of the people present.

“But, but why did he do that?” Lidas still didn’t understand.

Although they had only spent a few days together, the feeling that Yelly Summer gave her before was that he was a Big Brother who thought about everyone.

He gathered everyone to search for treasures.

He hoped that everyone would not fight to the death.

He also hoped that everyone could gain something.

He even prepared a defense array to resist the purple smoke for everyone.

“Perhaps he wants the treasures here,” Caspian looked at Yelly Summer and said, “But he can‘t get the treasures by himself.

So he needed to draw a big pancake and then coax a group of people to take the bait.

You have to know that we can’t understand what is written on the tablets except for him.

It might be written that there was a treasure here, but it was also dangerous.

The danger would only be resolved if some people died.

That‘s why he brought us here.

When we successfully became his scapegoat, he would be able to search for treasures without any scruples.

After all, after going back, who will know what happened here?”

“Is… Is that so?” Lidas gradually came to her senses.

“But I have some doubts.

When did he set up the formation you just mentioned?” The cultivator in white asked Caspian.

“Water Mirror Moon Formation,” Caspian repeated it for a moment before continuing, “Perhaps it was when he was executing that defense array.

As long as he can hide formation in the formation map and use the light when defense array is opened, he will be able to cover up his body smoothly.”

Hearing Caspian’ s explanation, everyone immediately recalled.

At that time, everyone was in a panic, and almost no one noticed Yelly Summer.

In addition, the yellow light was indeed dazzling, and everyone’s attention was attracted.

Who would notice that Yelly Summer did not use one formation map at that time, but two?

“Yelly Summer, you are so vicious that you want us to be your scapegoat!” The killing intent on the white-clothes cultivator’s face grew stronger.

When others thought that they had been used as chess pieces and almost died an unclear death, they gritted their teeth and wished they could cut Yelly Summer into pieces. But at this moment, Yelly

Summer had calmed down when he was exposed by Caspian.

He looked at Caspian and said lightly, ” I didn’t show any flaws in the past few days, so I want to know when you saw my problem.

Or did you find out where I made a mistake?”

Caspian snorted and did not answer.

Of course, he would not tell him.

In fact, he had long known that the so-called Great Demon Palace was a large-scale fantasy array.

Everything inside was almost fake.

It was true that fantasy array seemed to be real.

But it showed a large string of specifics, and then even the original owner of this place didn’t know the words and patterns, so it was worth suspecting.

Seeing that Caspian didn’t say anything, Yelly Summer sneered and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it.

As long as I get rid of you, the treasure will be mine.”

“Is there really a treasure here?” Caspian narrowed his eyes.

“Otherwise, why do you think I’m trapping them there?” Yelly Summer sneered.

“Do you think I’ve found a random place to trap them there?”

Caspian immediately turned his head and looked in the direction of the crowd.

The formation emitted a pale yellow light.

The purple smoke that continuously gushed out seemed to be afraid of the light of defense array, including the blood-sucking human figures.

They didn’t dare to get close and only dared to slowly circle in the distance.

Caspian looked over carefully.

The surrounding void was enveloped by a pale yellow light, as if it was covered by a veil.

There was no on the top, no on the left, no on the right, no on the back, let alone the front.

Then the only possibility… Below!

Caspian’s eyes immediately focused on the crowd.

The main reason why Caspian had not noticed it before was that the group of people were huddled together and there was no room for observation.

However, because Yelly Summer’s shadow had been broken just now, everyone was worried that there was something strange about it, so the place where the shadow had been standing before was empty.

From that area, Caspian immediately saw a slight change in the ground.

The black slate on the ground had melted like wax.

One of the small pieces of land revealed a bronze color.

“There’s something down there!” Caspian’s eyes glittered.

Seeing the slowly melting slate again, Caspian instantly understood.

“You want to melt the slate with their blood!” Caspian shouted.

Everyone in the formation was stunned.

“You guessed half right!” Yelly Summer suddenly attacked.

With a flick of his wrist, a folding fan as tall as half a man appeared in his hand.

There was a crackling sound of thunder on the surface of the folding fan, which made his face bright and dark.

“The slate is made of special materials.

It must be watered with a large amount of cultivator’s blood to melt. In addition, I have to feed those demonic souls with the cultivators’ blood so that the demonic souls will no longer be a threat to me.

But it’s too late for you to know this now.

Because you are about to die!”

In an instant, Yelly Summer’s killing intent surged toward Caspian like a tide.

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