Chapter 750

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Since Samantha did not ask them to stop, these two disciples did not dare to stop.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dull sound continued.

After a while, the faces of the two disciples were already covered with a thick layer of blood.

On the ground, blood also sputtered out in large and shocking puddles.

“Hmm… You’re quite sincere in admitting you’re wrong.” Samantha nodded.

Even though the two disciples did not stop kowtowing, their eyes flashed with uncontrollable joy.

“I can‘t blame you for this, and you’ve done enough,” Samantha said again.

These two disciples also began to relax.

However, Samantha’s voice sounded again, “But we can’t let anyone find out about the Messengers of Light and Thunder’s deaths, so…”

In an instant, the two disciples were horrified, and they all straightened up, looking at Samantha with eyes filled with shock and fear.

“Please spare our lives…”

“Blame them for dying,” Samantha shook her head and raised her hand, adding, “I‘ll help you convey your dissatisfaction when I return.”

No one saw her movements, but with two swoops, the bodies of the two disciples froze in place, and there were two blood holes pierced through their chests.

As for their hearts, Samantha squeezed them, turning them into a thick pulp of flesh and blood that dripped from Samantha’s palm to the ground.

Samantha’s gaze fell on the remaining disciple, who was in charge of following the Messenger of Fire.

At that time, he lowered his head, and his body visibly trembled.

“Don’t be afraid, as the Messenger of Fire is alive and well,” Samantha reassured.

The disciple raised his head, his face full of gratitude, and he tremblingly said, “Thank, thank you…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Samantha uttered.

“It’s a pity that you knew about the death of the Messengers of Light and Thunder.”

The disciple was stunned, and he cursed Samantha in his heart.

If Samantha did not reveal the matter, no one would know! Nonetheless, the disciple would never dare to say something like that.

Then, he stood up with great difficulty and stared at Samantha, slowly backing away.

“I’ll… I’ll keep this a secret… Please… Please rest assured…”


I can’t.” Samantha shook her head, destroying the last hope in his heart.

The disciple decisively turned around and rushed out at the fastest speed.

He knew that he would be charged with betraying his teacher if he ran away.

However, it was better to be called a traitor than to die here in vain!

”Trying to escape?” Samantha sneered.

As usual, Samantha just raised her hand, and the running disciple suddenly trembled.

Due to inertia, he staggered and rushed forward more than ten meters before finally standing there, unable to move.

When he lowered his head, the disciple saw a terrifying blood hole in his chest.

It was huge and directly pierced through his back, lung cavity, and chest.

On one side of the wound, a pink flesh ball could be vaguely seen, beating rhythmically.

Soon, he heard Samantha’s ruthless voice coming from behind him.

“Betraying the master.



The disciple’s body was torn apart.

Samantha shook off the blood and looked at the three scrolls.

Due to her requirements, these scrolls were marked with special symbols to indicate which one recorded the Messenger of Fire’s recent travel route, which belonged to the Messenger of Light, and which was the Messenger of Thunder’s.

Then, Samantha kept the one belonging to the Messenger of Fire in her storage bag and held the Messengers of Light and Thunder‘s scrolls with a hesitant expression.

She understood that as long as she opened these scrolls and checked them, the location of their deaths was almost certain.

If she were luckier, it might even be possible to figure out who they met and who killed them.

In that case, it was much less risky and more convenient than going to inspect by herself just for Valdis to conjure their souls again.

However, Samantha’s eyes flashed with a harsh light after she gave it a thought, and she grabbed the scrolls tightly.


The two scrolls instantly turned into fragments.

Samantha flicked her sleeves again, and with a hang, the pieces burned to ashes and disappeared into the wind.

Samantha mumbled, “Master doesn’t like people who are smarter than him…”


Among the mountains, Caspian looked at the blushing Charlotte.

She was awkwardly repeating what Caspian just taught her.

“There seems to be something wrong.” Caspian rubbed his face.

“It’s… It’s because you’re staring at me, making me nervous,” Charlotte argued.

Caspian already explained to Charlotte how the two got out of trouble.

To prevent Charlotte from saying too much and ending up being caught, Caspian only asked her to tell a tiny part of her experience.

For the rest, Caspian asked her just to say she passed out and did not know anything.

Hence, even the experiences that were said are half-truths.

In that way, it should be more natural than fabricating everything.

However, Caspian was clueless why Charlotte seemed nervous, and she even blushed a few times and stammered.

“You’re nervous because I’m staring at you?” Caspian was confused.

“That’s… That’s right.” Charlotte’s face instantly turned redder.

Due to her young age, Charlotte still had of a child and a trace of baby fat on her face.

As her face flushed, she looked like a ripe apple.

Coupled with her sweet voice, anyone who saw and heard her would melt.

Nonetheless, it was such a pity that Caspian did not seem to feel anything.

“Oh… If that’s the case, you need to practice a few more times.

The people picking us up will arrive soon.”

“O-Okay,” Charlotte nodded, a little shy and a little disappointed.

Charlotte thought, ‘Am I not the type that he likes? Wait, he likes Jessica… I wonder what type of person she is? It‘s a pity that I don’t have time to get to know them more, and I don’t have time to get

along with him.’

Charlotte felt sad when she thought of that, and even the joy of getting out of trouble and being alone with Caspian was washed away in a flash.

Suddenly, Charlotte shivered, and she looked around suspiciously.

“What’s wrong?” Caspian looked at her and asked.

“It’s nothing.” Charlotte blinked.

However, Charlotte murmured in her heart, “Maybe it‘s just an illusion, but I feel like someone’s watching me.”

Then, Charlotte stopped thinking about the matter and concentrated on reciting what Caspian taught her.

Caspian also did not catch anything out of the ordinary.

However, Handsome, the little pig being held in Charlotte’s arms, seemed to notice something, and one of its small ears moved as its snout twitched twice in a certain direction.

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