Chapter 725

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Steve laid on the ground, his limbs twitching slightly.

Kendrick’s sword not only split open his flesh and blood but heavily slammed his body and shattered an unknown number of bones.

Consequently, it was hard for Steve to stand in such a short time.

Moreover, the ground beneath Steve also split and collapsed, and in that piece ofgravel, dazzling jewels kept shining.

Even Steve’s body was almost engulfed by the glowing treasures.

At a glance, Kendrick could see densely packed treasures and spirit stones under Steve.

It was apparent that the cave was not only Steve’s hiding place but also his treasure trove.

As Kendrick stared at the precious items under Steve, his breathing was noticeably quicker, and even his nostrils flared visibly.

The glowing treasures shone brightly in Kendrick’s eyes.

Then, he took a deep breath and pushed the Shadow-Shattering Sword a little further from its sheath.


A sword light roared out of the void, slicing the ground under Steve.


The ground suddenly collapsed and turned into a ditch.

In a flash, the glowing treasures became brighter tenfold.

The ditch was filled with jewels, spirit stones, and all kinds of natural resources needed for cultivation!

Kendrick suddenly recalled something.

It was rumored that when the Blood Poison Sect was wiped out, there were only a few resources and treasures found in the sect’s possessions.

No matter what, the Blood Poison Sect was still a sect with centuries of heritage, and the belongings that were confiscated did not look like they belonged to a sect with ten thousand people.

Hence, it was said that the Blood Poison Sect planned ahead and secretly hid most of the treasures and materials of the sect long before it was destroyed.

“Could this be where the Blood Poison Sect hides its treasures?”

Kendrick’s chest heaved violently at the thought, and his eyes flashed with excitement.

Then, his eyes swept across the several people at the scene, and he suddenly swung his sword.

A sword light like lightning whistled out and pierced Steve’s chest in an instant.

Steve’s body tensed up sharply, and a strange sound came out of his throat.

Soon, he collapsed to the ground, not making any more sound.

Kendrick licked his lips as he felt his mouth was a little dry.

He found a hiding place shrouded in the Great Array of Hundred Ghosts Shade.

Was it destined by God?

Kendrick walked forward and looked at the treasures piled up in the ditch, and his eyes glistened with fascination.

Moreover, the ditch was longer than what he just broke open, which meant more precious items were underground.

These would all be…

“Mine…” A slightly hoarse voice came out of Kendrick’s throat.

If these treasures were reported to the sect, the sect would accept them, and at most, they would reward Kendrick with a very small amount.

However, if he hid it and did not report it, then all the Blood Poison Sect’s treasures accumulated over a hundred years would be his!

Kendrick was simply too familiar and skilled with corruption.

However, the only difference was that the amount of that time might be slightly bigger, and it even far surpassed the sum of his previous haul.

However, Kendrick only had two storage bags with him, and the space was limited.

Just when Kendrick racked his brain on how to bring these treasures away, a soft groan sounded.

Then, Kendrick looked in the direction of the sound.

It was Charlotte, who just woke up, and their eyes coincidentally met.

At that time, Kendrick finally remembered that there were two more people besides Steve and him.

As he got too excited and nervous when he saw the treasures, Kendrick forgot about them.

When Kendrick saw Charlotte, his heart skipped a beating.

For some reason, he suddenly felt his throat dry and his heart beating faster and faster.

Furthermore, there seemed to be a faint, seductive smell in the air.

Kendrick’s gaze swept uncontrollably across Charlotte‘s calves and delicate collarbone.

Charlotte was locked to the rock wall before, and she fell as Steve was knocked down.

Even with a warrior’s physique, she still fainted from the hit, and she finally woke up, still in a daze.

With all the running all the way and the fall from a high spot, Charlotte’s dress was a little messy.

Her skirt was pulled above the knees, revealing her well-proportioned calves and smooth thighs.

Asher belt had long since been loosened and the skirt was torn, one could see her enchanting waist.

The veil on Charlotte’s shoulders was also ripped by the stone wall, showing her shoulders and a delicate collarbone.

Charlotte’s half-covered appearance, coupled with the slightly confused look in her eyes when she just woke up, made Kendrick feel a fire burning in him, and the flame also ignited the blood in his body.

“It’s… A Blue Feather Sect senior…” Charlotte did not notice that Kendrick looked at her with a different gaze.

Her head was still a little dizzy, and she could only infer what just happened from the current situation.

Charlotte thought, ‘Hmm… Since a Blue Feather Sect disciple is here and Steve’s lying on the floor, it seems that help’s here just in time… Casper’s unconscious on the floor… Casper!’

Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat, and she recalled the previous scene where bones and blood were mixed, and hundreds of ghosts wailed and rushed toward Caspian.

Steve did something vicious to Casper!

Charlotte hurriedly walked over to Caspian, but as she was too fizzy, Charlotte staggered and was about to fall just when she took two steps forward.

As her body swayed, the messy and loose dress suddenly loosened again.

Under the light of the fire, the originally thin dress became more transparent, revealing blurry slender curves.

Kendrick’s breathing grew faster.

The treasures and beauty were all in front of him.

Then, Kendrick glanced at Steve and Caspian on the ground, and he smiled.

That was simply a God-given opportunity, and everything here was destined to be his.

Kendrick took a deep breath, and his eyes were still burning, but his expression no longer appeared as impatient as before.

Instead, Kendrick put on a concerned look and took a few steps forward to help Charlotte, saying, “Princess Charlotte, please be careful…”

Kendrick’s voice even trembled uncontrollably when he called her.

The princess was simply a rare beauty.

Additionally, not only was she beautiful, but her beautiful voice made him imagine the shuddering and exciting seductive moan.

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