Chapter 690

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Bowen’s voice was louder when he said that, causing everyone in the teahouse to look at them sideways.

Caspian touched his nose embarrassedly and muttered to himself, “So I have so many advantages, but I never noticed it before.”

“That’s why you must prepare yourself mentally, Casper,” Bowen persuaded patiently.

“I don’t think there’s a need for that,” Caspian thought and said, “Not to mention I already have a beautiful woman in my heart, but my ambition was never on this matter.

If she wants to choose one among the remaining people, Sebastian of our Heavenly Stars Sect is mature and prudent, Xander is unparalleled brave, Omar is kind and funny, and Emmett of Fauna Imperial Sect is very thoughtful.

It‘s normal for the princess to take a fancy to them.”

“In short, you still have the highest chance.

Casper, do you know why the White and Yates families in Evergreen Town wanted to get rid of you? Yet we only met once, but I already took the initiative to befriend you?” Bowen suddenly asked a question.

“No, I don’t,” Caspian answered honestly, and he also had that doubt in his heart.

When Caspian was in Evergreen Town, he heard about Bowen and knew that the man was an Evergreen Town, legend.

His character was suspicious, his strength was unfathomable, and he rarely appeared in the public eye.

Logically speaking, such a person should be eccentric.

However, it seemed that Bowen had no other issue besides being overly friendly.

Caspian’s puzzlement seemed to satisfy Bowen, and he giggled as he pointed to his eyes, saying, “From the first time I saw you, I can tell that you’re an incredible person.

Casper, other people have innate and acquired abilities, and I also have specific skills.

For the time being, you can understand it as the talent to see through people, and I believe that my vision is always right.”

Bowen’s tone was fascinating.

If he were in the street market, he would be regarded as a liar with a smart mouth.

Caspian has heard of a huckster named Morgan Richardson, who could make any beautiful woman stay loyal to him after a lot of flattery.

However, Caspian did not know what happened to the huckster after that.

At that time, even though Bowen’s words were suspicious, his expression was confident and serious.

“Talent to see through people…” Caspian looked at Bowen and mumbled.

Bowen nodded.

“That‘s right.

Casper, I think you should communicate with Lady Jessica first.

Otherwise Sigh.

You don’t want to go through my tragic experience.”

Caspian was surprised to find tears in Bowen’s eyes as if he recalled something unbearable.

Not only that, after Bowen finished speaking, he turned his head to the side with a tragic look on his face and slowly lifted one of his sleeves.

Caspian gasped at the sight of the scars crisscrossing the arm under Bowen’s sleeve.

“That’ s horrifying…”

Caspian imagined Jessica’s murderous attitude when she drew her sword, and even someone as strong as him, felt his scalp tingle.


Just as Caspian and Bowen talked, a sect disciple dressed in ordinary clothes stood up and left.

After the sect disciple left the teahouse, he walked unhurriedly on the street for a while.

The Spiritual Palace was massive and could accommodate mountains and rivers.

However, due to the nation’s official religious election competition, the number of people entering was minimal.

Hence, certain places would be empty and silent.

Even so, the sect disciple looked around vigilantly, and after confirming that no one followed, he quickly rushed into a house next to him.

After entering the room, the person did not stop walking and came out from the back door.

Then, he turned left and right in the alley.

As before, after passing through several consecutive houses, he jumped over a fence and went straight to a courtyard, stopping in front of the small building in the depths.

Later, he knocked gently on the door.

“Who is it?” An alert voice sounded from inside.

“Your Royal Highness, it’s me,” The ordinary sect disciple replied in a soft voice, and it was a female’s voice!

At that time, the door of the small building opened slightly.

The girl disguised as a man sprinted into the small building, and the gap closed immediately as if they were afraid of being discovered by others.

Then, the sect disciple quickly changed back to women’s clothes, and it could be seen that she was a maid who appeared to be about twenty years old.

The maid respectfully approached a screen and knelt.

“How was it? Is there any news?” After a while, a very sweet-sounding female voice came from behind the screen.

It sounded like trickling spring water, the falling of pearls on the jade plate, and the sound of swallows returning to their nests, echoing in one’s ears, making one feel indescribably comfortable.

There was a faint smile on the maid’s face, and she replied, “Your Royal Highness, I haven’t heard any news so far.”

The female voice behind the screen showed a hint of smugness in her tone.

“I knew it.

As they said, the most dangerous place is the safest place.

Even if I’m discovered, they’d only think I’ve escaped to other places.

They probably never expected that I was still under their noses.

Oh, wait… On top of their heads… Hehehe…”

After the princess was done, the maid pondered and continued, “There’s one more thing I want to report, Your Highness.”

“Hmm? Go ahead.”

Then, the maid recounted the conversation between Caspian and Bowen that she heard in the teahouse.

It was quiet behind the screen, and only the sound of light breathing could be heard.

After a while, a slightly dissatisfied voice came from the princess behind the screen, “He has someone in his heart, and his ambition is not in this matter? This Casper is arrogant, and the person next to him is boasting that he’s handsome, tall, and mighty? Did you see him? Describe his appearance to me.”

“There’s no need to describe as I’ve secretly recorded their appearances as they talked.

Have a look, Your Highness.”

The maid took out a memory inscription, held it in both hands, and handed it over.

A small pale hand stretched out behind the screen and took the memory inscription.

“Which one is he?” After a while, the voice came from the screen again.

The princess saw the images in the memory inscription.

The maid replied, “The one with the earring on his left ear.”


He doesn’t look that impressive… Yes.

There’s nothing special about him.

For some reason, the princess sounded a little shy.

On the other hand, the maid remained quiet with her head lowered.

As someone who served the princess, she deeply knew when she could speak up and when she should remain silent in front of the princess.

After a long silence, the princess’s voice finally came from behind the screen again.

“Let’s go back to the palace.

How can I not attend tomorrow’s dinner because of my stubbornness?”

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