Chapter 687

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Lucy was worried that she would be left behind again, so she hurriedly chased after Caspian and Jessica.

However, Caspian took the initiative to stop, looking at Lucy, who ran over.

Then, he teased with a smile, “Not bad.

You’ve made significant improvement from last time.”

Lucy appeared bitterly angry when the matter was brought up.

Then, she quickly approached Caspian and rudely kicked him.

“Idiot! How dare you make fun of me?!”

Caspian laughed and dodged her kick.

Lucy did not plan to kick Caspian for real, but when she saw him avoid, she folded her arms and glared at him, pouting angrily.

“I have something to talk about with Jessica.

Why don’t you leave us alone for a while, okay?” Caspian looked at Lucy and took out something for her, “This is for you.”

“Spirit crystal!” Jessica blinked.

When he was promoted in the Pantheon, Caspian did not use up all his spirit crystals, and he kept a few pieces.

Lucy was Jessica’s maid, so Caspian naturally had a special affection for her.

Besides, he also thought Lucy was fascinating, so he prepared a piece for her.

“What’s this? An advanced spirit stone?” Lucy asked foolishly while looking at the spirit crystal.

She knew nothing about spirit crystals, but she could feel the pure spiritual Qi surging in it.

Then, Lucy glanced timidly at Jessica, shaking her head and saying, “It’s too valuable.

I can’t accept it.”

Caspian glanced at Jessica.

“Take it!” Jessica poked Lucy’s chubby cheek and added, “Don’t forget to thank Casper.”

“Thank you, Master Casper.” Lucy giggled, and before Jessica pretended to be angry, she ran away, leaving a trail of laughter echoing as she ran.

“I won’t bother you two, but you’re not allowed to kiss.”

“This br*t!” Jessica’s cheeks turned warm.

Feeling embarrassed and annoyed, she rolled up her sleeves and was about to run after Lucy.

However, before Jessica could take a step, Caspian grabbed her pale and tender arm.

The next moment, she heard Caspian’s voice as he chuckled.


We won’t kiss if you don’t allow us to.”

In a flash, Jessica’s face turned redder.

Then, she glared at Caspian, embarrassed and angry, as she scolded, “Why are you imitating Lucy?!”

However, her voice trembled a little when she said that, obviously nervous.

Caspian touched his chin and looked at her suspiciously.

“Why are you so embarrassed and annoyed? Are you saying I should kiss you?”

Seeing Jessica bowing her head and not answering, Caspian took her hand and walked along the road.

“I didn’t have time a few days ago, and after tomorrow’s dinner, we might have to be separated for a while.

So, I just wanted to talk to you today,” Caspian rambled.

At that moment, he heard a frail voice behind him.

The sound was so small that Caspian suspected that he imagined it.

“If you want to kiss me, go ahead.”

“What?” Caspian turned around, puzzled.

Then, he saw Jessica lowering her head.

Even though he could not see her expression, he could tell from Jessica’s exposed red ears.

Moreover, Caspian held Jessica’ s hand, and he could feel that she was slightly trembling, and her palm perspired.

Since the lady said so, Caspian took a deep breath and looked around.

Perfect, there was no one around them.

Then, Caspian slowly pulled Jessica closer into his embrace.

Jessica let out a soft hum, wrapped her arms around Caspian’s waist, and raised her head.

She stepped on her feet and closed her eyes.

Under the gentle sunlight, the two figures gradually merged.

On the roof of a quiet building in Spiritual Palace an hour later, Caspian laid with his hands on the back of his head, slightly squinting.

Jessica sat on the side, hugging her knees.

Her cheeks were still red and her head lowered, but there was a faint smile on the corner of her mouth.

It was satisfying, and it felt great.

“I have something for you.”

After a while, both of them said almost at the same time.


The two glanced at each other, and they noticed the hint of joy in each other’s eyes.

“What is it?”

After speaking at the same time again, Caspian took the lead and retrieved the precious pill.

“The Five Qi Miracle Pill?” Jessica recognized it and was surprised, exclaiming, “For me?”

Caspian smiled and put the pill into her hand, nodding.

“That’s right! I think my realm can’t be promoted as fast as yours, so you might need this earlier than me.”

Jessica’s Pure Jade Physique was best at realm improvement.

Moreover, the higher the realm, the more noticeable the advantage was.

In the early days, because everyone’s realm was low, the time required to improve the realm was short, and there was no apparent difference between a few days.

However, once in the Holy Land Realm, or even a possible future of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, others needed fifty years to be promoted, but Jessica only required twenty years.

That meant more than 50% of the time was reduced!

Even though Jessica and Caspian were in the same realm, it would be normal for her to break through the Holy Land Realm before him, especially with the speed of her ascension.

Additionally, the Five Qi Miracle Pill could increase the probability of promotion by 20%.

Coupled with the preparations Chloe made for Jessica, Caspian could rest assured even if he was not by Jessica’s side.

As for Caspian himself, he would naturally have a way to promote himself safely.

Jessica was also generous with Caspian.

From the conversation with Caspian a long time ago, she understood one thing.

If she wanted to be by Caspian’s side all the time in the future, she must do her best to chase the other party’s speed.

Caspian gave her a precious pill, and it naturally also had that meaning besides showing his love and care.

After taking the Five Qi Miracle Pill, Jessica also took out the one she wanted to give to Caspian.

“The Sunlit Crimson Blood Pill!” Caspian’s eyes lit up when he saw the golden pill with a red pattern on its surface.

“Yes! Master gave this to me two days ago.

She was worried that I’d have internal injuries from the previous competition, but I’m fine now.” Then, Jessica giggled and added, “I know that the biggest effect of this medicine is to strengthen the body and condense meridians.

In addition, you can condense the blood in one place in a short period to save your life after consuming it.

However, it doesn’t have much effect on me.

As for you, you’re a body refiner.

With the help of this medicine, you can make your body stronger.

Moreover, you mentioned that your Godly Finger of Cruor is a spell that relies on blood.

Hence, Sunlit Crimson Blood Pill will allow you to condense more vigorous blood and Qi, bursting a greater power when casting spells.

Thus, it’s more suitable for you.”

After Jessica finished speaking, she pursed her lips and smiled.

Then, she placed the medicine pill in Caspian’s hand, leaning against Caspian’s side.

That time, there was no need for Caspian to take the initiative, and Jessica put her little white hand in Caspian’s palm, clasping the other’s five fingers.

“Spend more time with me today.”

“Okay.” Caspian nodded.

“I’m going back in a few days.

This time, I may be in retreat for a while.

If you send me a message with telepathic jade, I may not be able to reply to you,” Jessica bit her lip.

“Then I’ll write you a letter, one every day.

When you finish your retreat, you’ll receive a thick pile of letters and know what I’m doing every day.‘’

“Alright!” Jessica’s cheeks were slightly flushed as she nodded.

However, her lips moved slightly, but she did not say anything.

Caspian caught her little action, and he was puzzled.

Finally, he asked, “What were you going to say?”

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