Chapter 664

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Just as Charles’ body fell and smashed a big hole in the ground, Caspian already approached him again.

“The God of Thunder!”

A mouthful of lightning spat out, making Charles’ hair stand on end.

Soon, a white eye spewed out of Caspian’s mouth, and he moved his palm.

In the blink of an eye, eight array flags appeared in his hand.

These flags were obtained from the Great Oceans Sect elder during the battle in Salleria.

Compared with using materials, the formation through array flags was faster and more suitable for use in combat.

Caspian condensed the spiritual Qi in his body at his fingertip and drew patterns on the array flags.

Then, these formations turned into subtle smoke and quickly merged into the array flags.

At that moment, the eight array flags faintly resonated and connected.

Even though it was eight separate small flags, it felt like they were one.

The eight array flags shot out like arrows with a wave of his arm, pinning them exactly around where Charles landed, trapping him in the center.

As the God of Thunder hit Charles, his whole body was paralyzed, and he could not move at all.

Instead, Charles could only watch himself fall into the formation arranged by Caspian.

“The third mistake is that you forgot what the Heavenly Stars Sect disciples are best at,” Caspian narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

“Arrangement of formations!” A spark flashed in Charles’ mind.

Caspian knew that Charles understood it when he saw his gaze.

Then, Caspian uttered indifferently, “Thousands of Deadly Swords Array.”

When everyone entered the Pantheon, the first trouble they encountered was Thousands of Deadly Swords Array.

Yet, Caspian activated one now! The shock in Charles’s heart was beyond words.

“This is impossible…” Charles mumbled.

The next moment, the sharp sword lights appeared in the air, making the most powerful proof for Caspian.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of sword lights appeared in mid-air like a storm, pouring down toward Charles.

Crackle and rattle!

Charles suddenly bled profusely.

Due to a large amount of fresh blood, Charles not only turned into a blood man, but the surroundings were also stained in red due to the explosions of the sword lights that formed thick blood mist.


The sword lights’ abominable power was like a heavy punch, slamming Charles down again.

Both Charles’ head and legs faced the sky, whereas his abdomen slumped, and he appeared like a bow as he smashed the ground into a human-shaped pit.

Then, the gaps in the pit and the cracks around it were filled with the blood pouring out of Charles’ body instantly.

At first glance, Charles seemed to be immersed in a human-shaped blood pool.

When Caspian noticed that Charles was motionless and his chest undulated so weakly that he could barely see it, Caspian let out a long sigh of relief.

Charles was the strongest opponent of the same rank that he encountered since he set foot on the pathway to immortality.

For the sake of dealing with Charles, Caspian almost ran out of skills.

The Water Shade, the God of Thunder, the Yellow Spring’s Ungodly Dragon, the Strangulation of an Angered Dragon, the Floating Light Clone, the Godly Finger of Cruor, and even the Wave-Breaking Sword were all utilized before finally killing the enemy.

Moreover, Caspian also almost used up the spiritual Qi in his body.

After heaving a sigh of relief, Caspian suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion flooding his body, making him feel weak.

Even when he fought against the Great Oceans Sect siege at Salleria’s Bamboo Creek Alley, he did not feel that tired.

Next, Caspian flicked his hand and threw the Firmament’s Ghoul-Locker Spear like a javelin, completely piercing Charles’ chest and nailing him to the ground.

After that, Caspian turned around and walked toward the unconscious people around him.

His actions were entirely out of the instinct of leading troops to war in the past, ensuring that the enemies were completely dead.

Caspian saw too many cases on the battlefield where soldiers were relieved as they thought they won, but the enemies actually caught them by surprise and fought back.

Thus, Caspian did not want to be one of the unlucky guys.

The closest to Caspian was Sebastian.

Seeing that Sebastian was still breathing, Caspian relaxed and walked over to help him up.

Suddenly, he felt something was wrong.

Caspian abruptly raised his head and looked at the high platform in the distance.

In an instant, his pupils shrank violently.

The Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd that was inserted upside down on the high platform disappeared!

Furthermore, just when Caspian discovered that the Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd was gone, a strong wind with the terrifying killing intent to seek to destroy every soul suddenly hit him from behind.

Not only that, but it was incredibly fast and extra stealthy.

Then, just when the other party was confident that his attack could pierce through Caspian’s heart, he seemed to have the foresight and took a step to the side.

With that move, the Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd did not pierce Caspian’s heart but stabbed his arm.

“I can’t believe you’re still alive.”

“How’d you avoid it?!”

Caspian and Charles spoke almost simultaneously.

At that time, Charles was tattered and bloody with almost no intact flesh.

However, a strange power surged from his body.

The force formed thick black and golden smoke, constantly diffusing and lingering on his wounds, making Charles appear creepy.

After the two of them spoke at the same time, Charles did not wait for Caspian to answer first, and he snorted coldly, taking the lead and saying, “As for why I didn’t die, I would like to thank you.”

“Me?” Caspian frowned.

“Of course.” Charles’s blood-soaked eyes showed a hint of pride, and he continued, “This Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd is an ancestral item of my Krueger family.

Although it’s only an almost spirit tool and not a magic treasure, it contains a trace of the Krueger family’s ancestor’s thoughts and blessings! Moreover, this spiritual thought only needs enough blood from the cultivators to be awakened!”

Caspian‘s eyes lit up when he heard that, and he nodded thoughtfully.

“I get it now… You brought all those evil cultivators over not only to use them as helpers but also to use their blood to water the Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd and awaken the spiritual thoughts of your ancestors.”

“That’s right.

Talking to a smart person is so much easier,” Charles grinned and said, “I’ll first let them fight the sect disciples in a tragic battle, and then I’ll clean up the battlefield.

After all, the blood of so many people is definitely enough to awaken my ancestor’s blessing.

But what I didn’t expect is that many participating sect disciples died on this Thousands Spirits Island, let alone a tricky fellow like you to appear that resulted in so many survivors who didn’t bleed.

So much so that the blessing of Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd is not triggered yet.”

After taking a deep breath, Charles continued, “But when you severely injured me just now, my blood made up for the lack of blood.

In the end, you did a good job.

Even I forgot that when other people’s blood is not enough, I can also use my blood to supplement it.”

When he said that, Charles could not help laughing proudly.

“Now that my ancestor’s spiritual thoughts have awakened, it’ll soon be reborn in me.

Then, my strength will far surpass you.

Casper, I bet you never thought that my victory would be from your hands!”

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