Chapter 646

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Emmett was completely drained of hope.

In his view, the Heavenly Stars Sect arranged for Jaime, who was a peak second-stage Pulse Control Realm cultivator, to grab the Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd.

On their side, although he was also in the same realm as Jaime, Emmett was stared at by the Heavenly Stars Sect and Dark Moon Sect.

Andrew and Liam were only in the mid-level second-stage Pulse Control Realm, whereas Gregory was in the lowest realm, only in the entry-level.

Moreover, Gregory broke his arm in the previous battle, and he did not completely heal yet.

Thus, his existence could be ignored.

As for Casey, Emmett did not expect anything from him.

After taking a deep breath, Emmett only felt as if his heart fell into a frozen pit.

Then, he stared blankly as Jaime got closer and closer to the Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd.

Fifty meters…

Thirty meters…

Fifteen meters…

Five meters…

One meter!

Emmett shut his eyes in pain, and his face was filled with annoyance and hatred.

On the other hand, Andrew, Liam, and the others finally found that their internal strife was foolish.

Their faces were pale, and the blood in their bodies seemed to stop flowing as their hands and feet became cold.

Caspian stood at the end of these Fauna Imperial Sect disciples, and he was focused on Jaime, who reached out to grab the Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd on the platform.

The final battle went so smoothly, which exceeded Caspian’s expectations.

However, despite successfully avoiding a bloody fight, Caspian racked his brain a few times during the competition.

Without an accurate grasp of the current situation and the Fauna Imperial Sect disciples, Caspian absolutely could not let the Fauna Imperial Sect disciples strife at the last moment.

At that time, Caspian also used telepathic jade to quietly send a message to Jessica, asking Jessica to remind everyone in the Heavenly Stars Sect to take the time to compete for the Eight Desolate God- Terminator Halberd while the Fauna Imperial Sect were busy arguing among themselves.

All plans were perfect, and victory was only one step away.

Jaime’s palm was just a few centimeters away from Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd, and his face was filled with excitement Heavenly Stars Sect’s wish to become the state religion could finally be fulfilled in their hands.

Soon, the entire scene turned so quiet that anyone could hear a pin drop.

At that moment, Caspian suddenly seemed to feel something, and his breathing became rapid.

With a burning gaze, he looked toward the darkness in front of Jaime.

Almost at the same time, Handsome, the little pig lying lazily on Jessica’s shoulder, suddenly opened its eyes which flashed with bright lights.


Before the voice escaped Caspian’s throat, a giant hand that appeared to have immense power suddenly appeared from the darkness in front of Jaime.

Next, the palm clenched in mid-air, forming a fist and shaking the air around it.

Then, just like a powerful Sledgehammer, it punched at Jaime’s chest, catching him off guard.


The sound of broken bones followed.

In an instant, the tremendous force vibrated into Jaime’s chest, making his body tremble as if a war drum was being beaten.

Moreover, ripples like water waves appeared on the skin and flesh of his whole body.

At a glance, Jaime’s back swelled up like a ball full of air.

The next second, the massive ball was like a cannonball out of its chamber, flying backward and slamming to the ground like a meteorite.


The floor cracked, and dense fragments scattered everywhere.

A large amount of blood poured out from Jaime’s eyes, nose, mouth, and every pore in his body.

In the blink of an eye, Jaime turned into a bloody person.

Time seemed to have frozen at that moment, and even Caspian did not immediately realize what went on.

Everyone else’s mind was also blank.

After a while, Maya finally regained her senses.

She then shouted as she rushed toward Jaime, who laid in a pool of blood.

The others also gradually recovered, and their faces swiftly flashed with doubt, puzzlement, anger, and fear.

Caspian’s eyes burst with sparks as he stared at the darkness behind the Eight Desolate God- Terminator Halberd.

At that time, the fist remained at the spot.

As the person’s arm was still hidden in the shadows, the fist with long and pointed fingernails seemed to hover there out of thin air, giving people a terrifying feeling.

It was only a fist, yet it could make everyone feel immense pressure!

Later, Caspian took a deep breath and swept his gaze across the Fauna Imperial Sect disciples.

Emmett and the others also appeared puzzled, confused, shocked, and also a hint of surprise.

Finally, Caspian’s gaze fell on Maya, the first to rush forward.

When Caspian saw the indignation and tears in her eyes as well as the sadness and anger in other people’s faces, his breathing suddenly stagnated, and his heart sank.

“His meridians are broken, and all his organs are destroyed… Jaime’s… gone…” Sebastian uttered with great difficulty.

The sentence made everyone’s scalp numb.

In that instant, the despair of watching life losing its vitality was like a black hole that wanted to devour everyone’s soul.

No one would have thought that such a change would occur when the game was about to end, and it was impossible that it was planned by the Blue Feather Sect to prepare in advance.

“Who is it?!” Omar drew his sword and roared, looking toward the Eight Desolate God-Terminator Halberd.

“Ha! He flew so far.

I wouldn’t have used so much energy if I knew earlier.

What a waste of the hot fresh blood!”

A voice full of arrogance sounded from the shadow behind the fist.

The next moment, the fist slowly retracted, and a figure gradually stepped out of the shadows.

The topless person walked out with fiery red hair, fierce eyes, and a mocking smile, revealing his chiseled and well-proportioned muscles.

The figure and the unfamiliar face that came out made the pupils of everyone present shrank, and they were also confused.

Their pupils shrank because even without divine sense, everyone could still feel the extremely terrifying power from the person.

The other party was like a mighty mountain, and just standing there was enough to make people feel nervous.

They were confused because when everyone carefully recalled and racked their brains, they could not remember where they saw the face.

“Who the hell are you?! Why are you here? Why did you kill Jaime?!” Maya took a step forward.

There were tears in her eyes due to her rage, her face was pale, and her body trembled.

The sword light in Maya’s hand was constantly glowing as if it would split people’s eyeballs.

“You asked so many questions all at once.

How am I supposed to answer you?” the person rubbed his chin, and after a while, he burst out laughing, saying, “In that case, I’ll introduce myself first, I’m Charles Krueger, and I’m here to take your lives…”

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