Chapter 632

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“Murder Array…” Omar mumbled.

Everyone else was also quiet.

The scene was just now too shocking, and only the Fauna Imperial Sect disciples who saw it before remained calm.

However, as the Dark Moon Sect and Heavenly Stars Sect disciples were caught off guard, the mental shock was naturally more tremendous.

“If we’re Holy Land Realm cultivators, this array shouldn’t be a threat for us,” Jaime said.

“I didn’t expect to encounter such trouble as soon as we entered Pantheon.

Now it looks like we can only break the formation.” Maya smiled helplessly.

When encountering the level of formation, the disciples of the Fauna Imperial Sect and Dark Moon Sect could usually break the formation.

However, the price to pay was too great, and there might even be a loss of manpower.

Since the three sects joined hands now, the problems regarding formations would be resolved by the Heavenly Stars Sect.

The Heavenly Stars Sect disciples glanced at each other, and Jaime soon stepped forward.

Among the batch of outer disciples, he was the most standard Heavenly Stars Sect disciple compared to the Way of Killing’s Xander, the Imperial Jail Deity Physique’s Solana, and the Flame Phoenix Physique’s Maya.

Thus, Jaime was the most suitable person to break the formation. However, Jaime was still somewhat nervous when he faced the Murder Array reek with the smell of blood and iron.

At that moment, he suddenly heard a voice.

“The Thousands of Deadly Swords Array.

It seeks blood and life.”

It was short and swift, quickly entering Jaime’s ears.

Jaime, who was still a little clueless just now, suddenly lit up.

However, when he turned his head to look, Jaime found that he did not know who reminded him.

Nonetheless, he only shook his head to get rid of the unnecessary thoughts in his mind, paying full attention to the large hall before him.

“Thousands of Deadly Swords Array, one of the eight Murder Arrays of Earlington of Efrax.

It’s good for defending palace gates and buildings, and it seeks blood and destroys lives, ” Jaime mumbled.

As a disciple of the Heavenly Stars Sect, one of the tasks in cultivation was to familiarize himself with the books that recorded various formations.

With Jaime‘s current realm, it was naturally difficult for him to set up the Thousands of Deadly Swords Array, but as long as he read the records about the array, it was not difficult for Jaime to find a set of countermeasures.

Next, Jaime took out the materials and quickly laid down a small formation in front of the steps of the main hall.

When Caspian, who hid among the Fauna Imperial Sect disciples, saw it, he nodded.

It seemed that his reminder before helped Jaime to find a solution.

“Spiritual Blood Formation.” Maya blinked, appearing to be thoughtful.

“I need a monster,” after setting up the Spiritual Blood Formation, Jaime looked at the Fauna Imperial Sect disciples and added, “Throw one in there like what you did before this.”

When they heard Jaime‘s words, these Fauna Imperial Sect disciples’ faces fell.

Each of them would usually have two assistive beasts, at most three.

These assistive beasts would be helpful during crucial times and could even save the disciples’ lives.

When they first arrived here, if they did not use monsters to explore the seemingly empty hall but went straight forward, half of them would have been killed or injured by now.

Jaime soon frowned when he noticed the Fauna Imperial Sect disciples not responding.

At that time, Casey asked in a hoarse voice, “Can we use our blood and Qi instead of a monster’s? We can‘t simply sacrifice our assistive beasts.”

Jaime immediately understood, and he replied, “Using blood and Qi? Sure, but the effect may be a little worse than using a living monster.”

Casey turned around and said to a young disciple next to him, “Andrew, we’ll have to trouble you to perform the Vast Realm of Blood Technique.”

Andrew was stunned, but he quickly nodded.


Emmett turned to Casey, looking at him with a profound gaze, and asked, “Casey, you seem to be aware of our fellow sect-mates’ spells?”

Casey remained calm and answered, “If we want to survive longer in our sect, it’s not wrong to learn more.

Emmett, don’t you agree?”

Emmett blinked, and the doubt in his eyes disappeared.

Then, he turned to Andrew.


Andrew, we truly appreciate your help.”

Caspian was secretly vigilant, and he thought, ‘I’ve really underestimated this Emmett before.

I didn’t expect that just a short sentence would arouse his suspicion.

It seems that I need to be extra careful as I don’t know Casey well enough.

From the looks of it, he was probably not a talkative person.’

After making up his mind, Caspian shut his mouth and focused on Andrew like everyone else.

Andrew responded and walked to Jaime’s side, asking, “Jaime, what should I do?”

“I need to use the blood and Qi to find the blind spot of the sword lights, so I need you to throw the monster that’s full of vitality and blood in the center of the hall like before to attract the murderous sword lights,” Jaime explained.

Andrew nodded confidently and answered, “We don’t need a monster for that.”

Andrew took out a vial from his storage bag, took a light green pill, and swallowed it.

After that, he grabbed four long needles and placed them between the slits of his right fingers.

He suddenly shook his arm and shot the four long needles toward the center of the hall.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

After the four gentle thuds sounded, the long needles were inserted into the pools of thick blood in the hall.

“The Vast Realm of Blood Technique! Raise!” Andrew roared, and two green rays suddenly appeared in Andrew’s eyes.

His arms slowly rose, and fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

At a glance, Andrew looked as if he did strenuous physical work.

After a while, the four long needles inserted into the ground trembled slightly, and each was tied with a thick mass of blood slurry, flying toward the air.

It was as if there were invisible thin threads attached to the four long needles in Andrew’s hand, and he manipulated them to slowly move toward the mid-air in the center of the hall.

Under the control of the long needle, the blood clumps gradually got closer.

Jaime was also engrossed in running his spiritual Qi, getting ready for the next step.

Not long after, the four blood clumps finally came together in the center of the hall.

“Really Vast!” Andrew roared again, moving his hands and fingers and doing a few hand movements.

At that time, the green light in his eyes seemed to be burning as it danced wildly.

Soon, the four clumps of blood in mid-air burst into a strange red haze, and they instantly merged to form a complete lump of blood.

Then, as the mass of blood was still squirming in mid-air, it turned into the shape of a horse taller than a person, and it moved continuously, bursting with vigorous energy as if the monster was reborn.

‘Activating the blood of the dead… If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would’ve thought it was the blood and Qi possessed by a living creature!’ Caspian’s eyes flashed.

He never saw the technique among the Heavenly Stars Sect disciples.

‘It seems that the cultivation methods practiced by the Fauna Imperial Sect disciples are, as rumored, very different from the other five sects.’ Just as Caspian thought about it, the blood and Qi of the life- like creature also successfully attracted a reaction from the Thousands of Deadly Swords Array.

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