Chapter 615

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“Silver Wolf!” The Fauna Imperial Sect disciple exclaimed, raised his head, and looked at Caspian with disbelief.

The expression on Caspian’s face remained unchanged, and he stepped on the back of Azure Moon Silver Wolf, appearing before the disciple instantly.



Caspian threw a punch, making a thunderous sound. The Fauna Imperial Sect disciple only felt that the entire air in front of him was wholly pressured in an instant, and his flesh and blood were about to escape his body.


The Fauna Imperial Sect disciple spat out a mouthful of blood and flew away like a cannonball out of its chambers, smashing a few trees along the way before finally falling to the ground. Blood oozed out of the person’s nose and mouth, and he did not appear as if he would be awake soon.

Then, Caspian turned to look at Handsome and asked, “Can you still ask the wolf questions?”

“Of course!” Handsome nodded and swiftly turned into a ray of white light, leaping toward the Azure Moon Silver Wolf.

Later, the pig continued, “If it weren’t for me, this Azure Moon Silver Wolf would’ve warned its master of your existence.”

“What?!” Caspian was shocked.

He was also puzzled why the disciple’s Azure Moon Silver Wolf did not detect him in advance. However, judging from Handsome’s tone, it seemed that it was because of it?

Caspian looked at the chubby little white pig, and a profound light flashed in his eyes.

“Help me ask about Fiona,” Caspian ordered, and he walked toward the Fauna Imperial Sect disciple who was knocked away. If possible, Caspian was also willing to ask the information from the monster instead of a human cultivator. As the wild beasts were not yet enlightened, they would never know how to deceive opponents like humans.

The information Handsome asked from Azure Moon Silver Wolf was reliable. When he got the disciple back, Caspian saw Handsome squatting in front of the Azure Moon Silver Wolf, nodding. Then, it suddenly showed its actual figure, widened its mouth, and caught the Azure Moon Silver Wolf off guard by putting it in its mouth.

The Azure Moon Silver Wolf did not have time to react at all, and most of its body was already in the big white pig’s mouth. At that moment, Handsome returned to its three-meter long figure, and it raised its neck, chewing a few bites before swallowing the fifth-rank wild beast.

When Handsome noticed Caspian looking at him with contempt, it appeared slightly embarrassed, and the pig said, “I… I’ve finished questioning it…”

As Handsome spoke, it stared at the Fauna Imperial Sect disciple in Caspian’s hands, not blinking even once with its mouth opened, drooling.

“Wait a while!” Caspian frowned.

Letting Handsome eat human cultivators was still a challenging psychological hurdle to overcome. Moreover, Caspian had a feeling that even if no one cared if the participants killed one another, it would

cause big trouble if it were a monster eating a human. Therefore, it was one of the reasons why Caspian did not allow Handsome to eat humans.

After searching the Fauna Imperial disciple, Caspian found a palm-sized heavy plate with a black surface and engraved gold characters. The plate wrote, ‘Beast Controller Plate’. In the ring battle before, Caspian noticed that the monsters controlled by Fauna Imperial Sect disciples were all released from the Beast Controller Plate. In other words, the Beast Controller Plate was equivalent to magic storage that could hold living things.

At the thought of that, Caspian quickly unlocked the Beast Controller Plate, and just as he expected, there was also a third-rank wild beast in the shape of a deer. However, unlike the Azure Moon Silver Wolf, the deer-shaped monster had dull eyes. After being released by Caspian, it stood there motionless. If it did not blink and breathe occasionally, Caspian would have suspected that it was a sculpture.

Nevertheless, Caspian soon remembered that when he saw Fauna Imperial Sect disciples compete before, he heard Sebastian explain that Fauna Imperial Sect disciples had to remove the original memories of the monsters before they could control them. Then, they would use secret techniques to force the wild beasts to recognize their masters.

Now it seemed that the deer-shaped monster lost its memories, so it appeared rather dull. Moreover, the Fauna Imperial Sect disciple was not strong enough to control two monsters simultaneously, so the weaker beast was temporarily left in the Beast Controller Plate. Hence, the deer-shaped wild beast was just like a fool, and it was useless.

After getting Caspian’s consent, Handsome swallowed it.

As for the Beast Controller Plate, Caspian temporarily put it away. He originally planned to put Little Candy in the Beast Controller Plate as he felt that the Fauna Imperial Sect was traditionally a beast-

fighting sect. Since the Beast Controller Plate was usually used to house monsters, the environment inside should be good. However, Caspian realized that the space inside the Beast Controller Plate was not only small but also pitch-dark. Therefore, if a monster was placed in it, it would be no different from being locked in a cell with the worst environment.

The environment in the Beast Controller Plate was completely incomparable to that in Earring of Echo, which at least had some open field for Little Candy to run and rest on. After understanding the environment in the Beast Controller Plate, Caspian dismissed the idea of changing Little Candy to another space.

Once Caspian temporarily put away the Beast Controller Plate, he found two more storage bags from the Fauna Imperial Sect disciple. One of the storage bags had sharp tools, medicine pills, and so on. As these things were relatively common, Caspian only glanced at them and stuffed them back. However, Caspian discovered that there was only a small wooden box inside the other storage sack. In general, items placed individually were of relatively high value.

Caspian pondered for a moment and opened the wooden box. Suddenly, a light blue light radiated from it, and there was a long thin needle carved from wood.

“What’s that?” Handsome leaned in curiously, sniffing the box nonstop.

Caspian‘s eyes sparkled, and he answered, “It’s the Grand Log Needle!”

“What’s that?” Handsome was puzzled.

Caspian did not answer the pig, but he directly grabbed the needle and examined it carefully. Then, Handsome watched dumbfoundedly as Caspian slammed the Grand Log Needle into his right palm. The needle looked like it was carved out of wood, but Handsome did not expect it to be so sharp that it

could immediately pierce Caspian’s hand as it remembered clearly that it was tough for a mid-level weapon to leave a mark on Caspian now.

“What… What the hell is this? What… What are you doing?”

Handsome was somewhat stunned. However, before these two questions were answered, an other surprising event occurred. The Grand Log Needle pierced through Caspian’s palm turned into a red light after being wrapped in Caspian’s blood and disappearing swiftly.

“What’s going on here? Caspian, tell me!”

Handsome jumped up and down, making the ground tremble. “Tell me, tell me, tell me!”

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