Chapter 554

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Phillip’s heart thumped frantically in his chest.

He was filled with both fear and relief at the same time.

He was afraid because, as be suspected, Caspian was of a much higher realm than himself.

Phillip was wrong about Caspian.

He figured that Caspian was only releasing the force of a second-stage cultivator of the Pulse Control Realm to throw him off, when he was actually far more advanced.

There was no other way to explain how two cultivators of the same stage and realm could be so different in power.

Phillip was relieved because he chose not to attack Caspian earlier.

Otherwise, he would have been the one dismembered and decapitated.

However, Phillip and his men’s nightmare was far from over.

At Caspian’s signal, Maya released her own force.

“They’re both Pulse Control Realm second-stage cultivators!”

Dread washed over the Simmons men’s faces.

Phillip was the only one in their entire family who was a second-stage cultivator of the Pulse Control Realm, and he only advanced a few days ago.

Now, there were two advanced cultivators standing before them.

It was no wonder they did not show a hint of concern.

Even if the whole Simmons family backed them up, they would barely touch a hair on Caspian and Maya.

They were either disciples of a great sec, or members of a family much more powerful than the Simmons family to be able to achieve such an advanced stage and realm at their young age.

Either way, they were not people that the Simmons family could afford to get in trouble with.

The Simmonses must have had the worst luck running into those two.

Phillip‘s expression was perplexed, then turned gloomy.

He spoke in a sullen tone, “I investigated what happened today.

These men set up a checkpoint behind my back and without my knowledge.

This was not my nor our family’s doing.

I will punish them according to our family’s rules, so… You…”

Phillip wanted Caspian to release his men.

The majority of them might have been killed, but there were still four men who were alive.

To the family, these men could not simply be left behind and disposed of.

“The time and energy you’re using to talk should be used to bring me the money and spell manuscript,” Caspian said nonchalantly.

Caspian’s unbending resolve destroyed the final sliver of hope that Phillip had left in his heart.

He had lost the courage to face Caspian and Maya head on the moment they revealed their advanced stage and realm.

Whether they were from a sect or an influential family, the Simmonses could not afford to offend those who had the ability to produce such young second-stage cultivators of the Pulse Control Realm.

When Phillip made his decision, the other Simmons men did not say another word.

The young man before them was someone who would draw their sword and kill without hesitation.

At Phillip’s command, one of the men rushed off in a hurry.

“You don’t plan on sending reinforcements?” Caspian asked while Phillip was still stuck in a daze.

Phillip lifted his head to meet Caspian’s dead smile, and a shiver ran down his spine.

He frantically shook his head and said, “No, of course not.”

As if he would have the guts to do that at this point.

It was bad enough that Caspian and Maya were both advanced cultivators.

Phillip did not want to imagine the consequences of angering their elders.

The only thing on Phillips’ mind now was how he was going to deal with the men who set up the checkpoint behind his back, and threw the whole family into this mess.

These men’s actions caused the Simmons family to suffer a devastating loss!

Before long, the spirit boat that Caspian had almost completely obliterated earlier sailed towards them.

This time, however, the boat was moving much slower and more carefully.

The damage to the back of the boat from Caspian’s earlier blow could still be seen.

The boat stopped nearby, and the man that Phillip had sent off earlier appeared with a glum expression.

He approached the group with seven sacks in his arms.

100,000 fedulings was not a small sum.

There were also a few hundreds worth of spirit stones.

Phillip felt a piercing stab to the heart at the thought that someone else was about to own the contents of the sacks.

He put on a calm composure as he approached Caspian with the bags, but Caspian voluntarily walked towards Phillip first.

Caspian’s behavior showed that he was not concerned that the Simmonses would go back on their word.

At that moment, the last iota of pride that Phillip had left shattered to pieces.

He had to admit that from the very beginning, Caspian did not put him nor the Simmons family in his eyes.

The only explanation was that Caspian was far too powerful.

A mighty lion did not have to bother with the likes of puny ants.

Taking the bags from Phillip, Caspian opened them and examined them on the spot.

He had no idea how much 100,000 fedulings would look like, but since five of the seven bags were filled with fedulings, he figured that there would be no less.

The remaining two bags were much smaller in comparison, and were used to store the spirit stones and the jade scroll containing the Simmons spell.

Caspian was not concerned with the fedulings and spirit stones.

He took the jade scroll containing the Walk on Air spell out of the back and carefully examined it

It was a simple jade scroll that looked rather old.

Caspian sifted through the contents, confirmed its originality, then tucked the scroll into his chest pocket.

At that moment, Phillip’s features scrunched up and twisted into an unrecognizable mess.

The other Simmons men could barely breathe from the tightening of their chests.

Caspian did not care about their feelings at all.

They brought this onto themselves.

“Alright, take your men.

We need to be on our way now,” Caspian said.

He took a few steps away from the group with Maya, then suddenly turned back, shocking Phillip.

“I’ll definitely come back for you if you try anything,” Caspian said sternly as he stared Phillip down.

“We won’t! We definitely won’t!” Phillip cried.

He was so terrified that all the hair on his body stood, and he spoke as if he was ready to swear on his life.

Caspian did not wait for Phillip to finish speaking.

He turned and continued walking away with Maya.

It was not until Caspian and Maya disappeared at the top of the mountain that the Simmons men took their eyes off of them.

“Should we send someone to follow them, Chief?” asked one of the men standing by Phillip.

He spoke through gritted teeth and with an indignant expression.

“Follow them?!” Phillip roared loudly, then violently slapped the man and sent him flying five feet away.

“Do you think you’ve lived long enough or are you upset that I’ve lived too long? Or do you want to be responsible for the end of the Simmons bloodline? Get out of here! All of you head back home! Anyone who dares defy me from now on will be kicked out of the family!”

Phillips’ cheeks were flushed with rage.

The fury of a second-stage cultivator of the Pulse Control Realm caused the ground under them to rumble.

Even the stone steps were beginning to fall apart. The Simmons men trembled in fear and did not say another word.

Once they reached the top of the mountain, Maya could not help but look back

“What’s wrong?” Caspian said with a smile.

“I just have a feeling that they won’t let this go so easily,” Maya said as she looked down the mountain trail, “I’m worried they’ll follow us.”

“They wouldn’t dare,” Caspian said, then passed three storage bags to Maya.

Maya took the bags and noticed that they were the ones they got from the Simmons men earlier.

“What’s this for?” she asked.

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