Chapter 523

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‘Myriad Demons Burial Ground!’

The moment he heard the name, Caspian felt his heart clenched by an invisible giant hand.

Even if he was good at hiding his thoughts at usual times, Caspian’s eyes burst with bright lights as it was related to the message his mother left him.

Hadley looked at Caspian, puzzled.

“Why did you have such a big reaction?”

“Because…” Caspian’s heart skipped a beat, but he quickly added, “When I went out for training, I heard about the Myriad Demons Burial Ground.”

Caspian noticed that Hadley looked at him with a profound gaze, and he knew that his reaction raised the other party’s suspicions.

However, it also showed that the Myriad Demons Burial Ground was not an ordinary place!

If Caspian ruined that opportunity, let alone becoming Hadley’s disciple, his return would be an issue too.

Nonetheless, if Caspian made the right move, he would not only get more information on the Myriad Demons Burial Ground, but Hadley would also take him more seriously!

Then, Caspian might as well just bet on it!

After pondering for a moment, Caspian soon thought of a bold idea.

Since his identity as Casper Montgomery was already fake, what harm could another lie do!

At the thought of that, Caspian looked up and met Hadley’s confused gaze.

It was apparent that Hadley believed a disciple in Caspian’s level should not have known a place like the Myriad Demons Burial Ground unless someone told him.

If that was the case, not only the person but Caspian’s identity would arouse Hadley’s suspicions.

At that moment, Hadley’s gaze shone with a light as if it could see through the other person’s deepest secret.

However, Caspian did not dodge or evade, directly facing Hadley.

Then, he took out a plate and showed it to Hadley.

“Master Hadley, I actually accidentally ran into a fantasy array during my training outside.

The fantasy array was formed by mountains and rivers, and it was extremely huge.

After that, I met a demon pig in the fantasy array.”

Next, Caspian left out the unnecessary parts in his trip to Salleria and explained the details when he met Handsome.

After all, Caspian believed Hadley knew that he brought a monster like Handsome into the Heavenly Stars Sect.

Caspian was currently betting on that matter.

However, since Hadley did not send someone to handle Handsome, pushing the issue to Handsome would not raise any suspicion.

Caspian first heard about the Myriad Demons Burial Ground from Handsome.

When he noticed that Hadley remained silent, Caspian then added that he realized the pattern on the bronze door was the same as the pattern on the plate that Delmont gave him as he left the fantasy array.

After that, the demon pic mentioned that the pattern came from the Myriad Demons Burial Ground.

Hence, that was how Caspian heard of the mysterious place.

There was a mixture of truth and falsehood in Caspian’s words, and there were many details of it that only Caspian and Handsome knew.

Thus, even if Hadley felt doubtful, there was no proof.

Moreover, Caspian even dragged Delmont into the equation.

In that way, the last flaw was also filled.

Therefore, there was no flaw at all in Caspian’s statement.

After speaking, Caspian lowered his head and uttered, “I don’tknow if I did anything wrong.

If there’s, please punish me.”

“Master Delmont gave this to you?” After looking at the plate, Hadley blinked as if trying to recall something.

During that time, Caspian kept his head low.

He was secretly nervous, but he did not show any trace of it on the surface.

Finally, Delmont said, “Knowing about the Myriad Demons Burial Ground earlier should not be a bad thing.

As for the demon pig you mentioned…”

Caspian raised his head and found that Hadley tried to hold back a smile.

“Forget it.

It’s not important.” Then, Hadley waved his hands and changed the topic.

“You don’t need to know too much about the Myriad Demons Burial Ground.

If you have the chance, I‘ll tell you in detail.

Whether it’s your qualification to represent the Heavenly Stars Sect in the nation’s official religion election or your place in the Myriad Demons Burial Ground, you have to get the spot, and that’s what I’m asking from you.

Once you’re qualified for the nation’s official religion election, I’ll announce that I have accepted you as a disciple.”

Caspian was stunned when he heard that, and he nodded.

“Oh, by the way, there’s one more thing!” Hadley thought for a while, then added, “Whether it‘s going to Myriad Demons Burial Ground or any other reason, it’s only appropriate for you to prepare early.

There’s a practice place in the Star-Refiner Valley called the Underworld’s Demon Flame.

If you have the time, you can give it a try as it’s helpful for your trip to the Myriad Demons Burial Ground.”

“The Underworld’s Demon Flame.” Caspian secretly memorized the name.


You can go back first if you don’t have anything else to do.

You should study Elder Leonard’s notes as they’ll be of great benefit to you.

After all, when it comes to martial arts, the methods used may vary, but the principle is the same,” Hadley urged.

“Yes, Master Hadley.” Caspian hurriedly nodded.

Whether as a teacher or a senior on his pathway to immortality, Hadley had a much richer experience than himself.

Since Hadley especially reminded himself, Caspian would naturally not neglect.

Then, Caspian bowed at Hadley again, turned around, and left.

‘Since Master Hadley told me these things today, it naturally means that the selection for the nation’s official religion election will be announced soon.

That being said, it should be one of these days,’ Caspian thought.

In that case, Caspian intended to visit all those who he was yet to meet as soon as possible before beginning to retreat for cultivation.

Originally, Caspian planned to return to his mansion, but after being summoned by Hadley, Caspian changed his decision at the last minute.

After giving it a thought, Caspian first went to meet Dakota.

Dakota seemed to be in the middle of something, but after knowing that Caspian visited, she still found time to meet and chat with Caspian for a while.

Caspian also learned a piece of good news about someone he missed from Dakota, Maisie was successfully promoted to the Holy Land Realm not long after he left Heavenly Stars Sect.

However, Maisie received a sect mission and went out to practice, so Caspian had no way to see her for the time being.

Caspian bade Dakota goodbye with sadness, and he then met Sebastian and the others.

Sebastian and the others were unaware that Caspian was already an outer disciple.

When they met him, they were all surprised and happy.

They were surprised that Caspian’s ascension rate was faster than they imagined, and they were naturally happy about Caspian’s promotion.

However, what moved Caspian the most was Yohan, Heidi, and Nana immediately put down what they did after learning that Caspian was promoted to an outer disciple, and they hurriedly came back just to see him.

In particular, Heidi, who was originally working in a nearby town, returned to the sect in less than half of her usual time after receiving Sebastian’s messenger.

That night, Sebastian and the others also held a celebratory party for Caspian.

As usual, there were not many of them, but they were all good friends.

After returning to his mansion late that night, Caspian stayed indoors and began to study Leonard’s swordsmanship.

Five days later, Caspian meditated when he heard a melodious bell ringing outside.

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