Chapter 507

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When Handsome saw Caspian’s aloof expression, the little pig quickly jumped on his shoulder and flattered Caspian, “Caspian, stop showing this face! I’m pretty amazing too.

How about this? If there’s a critical time, I‘ll help you fight or something.”

“Are you sure it’s not be in the fantasy array, and you don’t want to go back because you finally left? So you’re just like a runaway stray dog that’s excited?” Caspian sneered and squinted at the pig, seeing through its mind.

As soon as Handsome heard that, it appeared in a trance and started drooling again.

It did not even notice Caspian describing it like a stray dog.

Just when Handsome imagined many delicacies, it suddenly noticed Caspian’s mocking gaze.

Then, Handsome quickly shuddered and wiped the saliva under his chin, answering in a serious tone, “You’re spurting nonsense again! Am I such a glutton? I sincerely want to see the outside world with you.”

“Aren’t you?” Caspian sneered, “Haven’t you heard of a saying, a leopard can’t change its spots?”

“What?!” Handsome immediately appeared panicked.

“Leopard? Change its spots?”

Caspian ignored the pig and started cleaning up the items on the ground.

After some deliberation, Caspian decided to take Handsome with him just as the pig suggested.

The reason Handsome gave was just an aspect.

Caspian was unsure of the validity of the so-called inability to enter the fantasy array for half a year.

Still, if he was separated from Handsome now, he might lose the opportunity to enter the fantasy array for research forever.

Besides, Handsome stole a piece of Caspian’s spirit jade, and it would be too unreasonable to let the pig go now.

Nonetheless, since Handsome had the intention to follow Caspian, he might as well let it.

However, before agreeing to the pig, Caspian requested that Handsome must agree to his condition.

Otherwise, Handsome would have to return Caspian’s spirit jade using its flesh.

Caspian requested that without his permission, Handsome should not eat people casually.

It was indeed a bit difficult for Handsome, but when the pig saw that Caspian was about to attack, it hurriedly agreed.


The agreement will run for half a year.

When the time comes, you can help me find out about the Myriad Demons Burial Ground and the city, as well as the pattern on the bronze door in the fantasy array.

Not only that, but you must also help me find out where it came from.

Then, the matter of you stealing my spirit jade will be written off,” Caspian said.

“That’s not stealing… You made it sound so bad…” Handsome pouted in dissatisfaction, but when it saw Caspian’s gaze, it hurriedly nodded.

“Everything’s up to you… Everything…”

It was apparent that Handsome’s desire to see the outside world exceeded everything.

After packing the storage bag, Caspian immediately left the place.

After all, after killing Francis and an elder of the Great Oceans Sect, Caspian believed the Great Oceans Sect would have a new understanding of his strength.

If the other party still coveted the Thousand Machines Box, the next group of people sent would probably be inner or even elite disciples.

Caspian could not handle the inner disciples of third-stage Pulse Control Realm now.

Thus, the top priority was to leave Ucror and return to the Earlington of Efrax.

Then, even if it were not the Heavenly Stars Sect’s territory, Caspian did not need to worry about the Great Oceans Sect’s obstruction.

The biggest reason why Caspian could defeat the Great Oceans Sect’s disciples before was that they underestimated Caspian’s strength.

However, after successive failures and tragic losses, as a sect of a vast country, Caspian believed that they would never make the same mistake again for the third time.

The third time was a fatal blow.

Hence, Caspian was not going to give the Great Oceans Sect such a chance.

At that time, Caspian was still in the territory of Salleria.

However, for someone very familiar with the regions of the entire county, he still had an advantage.

After quickly mapping the route from Salleria to Heavenly Stars Sect in his mind, Caspian did not stop at all and immediately hid in the deep mountains, traveling day and night in a hurry.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

During that month, Caspian spent the most time on the road except for the necessary rest.

To avoid the possible search of the Great Oceans Sect, he especially looked for the rugged terrain of mountains and forests to move forward.

Sometimes, it was inevitable to take a long route by doing it, and he had to beware of possible monsters.

It was more exhausting, but Caspian understood that it was a must because he knew that as long as the Great Oceans Sect was given a chance, he might never be able to step foot on the land where Heavenly Stars Sect was located.

Caspian’s hard work was worth it.

In that month, he noticed the tracks of the Great Oceans Sect five times, and he dared not to think about the ones he did not realize.

It was apparent that the fall of dozens of disciples made the Great Oceans Sect furious.

Even if it was just the fall of a low-level disciple, it was unbearable, not to mention that it also included two elders and two original promising disciples.

The closest distance between them was when Caspian was above the mountain stream, and the disciples of the Great Oceans Sect were just below, and they were only less than 200 meters away from one another.

Nonetheless, Caspian managed to avoid being found successfully.

There were rare occasions when Caspian saw a Great Oceans Sect disciple alone, but he did not choose to attack as his intuition told him that the person was likely to be a bait.

If he acted, it would be equivalent to falling into the trap the Great Oceans Sect set up long ago.

After all, there was no need to hurry about the enmity with the Great Oceans Sect.

Since Caspian intended to go further on the road to immortality, he could avenge slowly.

During that month, the existence of the Mirage White Tiger, Little Candy, was inevitably exposed to Handsome.

At first, Caspian was worried that Handsome, the giant white pig that only knew how to eat, would wonder if Little Candy tasted delicious or otherwise when it saw the tiger.

In fact, Caspian was wrong at that time.

When Handsome saw Little Candy for the first time, it showed great interest, especially when it knew the White Tiger clan flowed in Little Candy.

The pig even showed an expression and demeanor, saying Little Candy was amazing.

The expression on the pig’s face made Caspian very suspicious for a while.

Was there something incredible among the demon pigs? Caspian asked Handsome about that, but he only received the little white pig‘s furious and mysterious cover-up and nothing more.

Soon, another month passed without any danger.

Caspian rushed through the mountains for two months before he knew it, and it was already April.

That time, he experienced the whole process of the rebirth of all things, which gave his mind a good temper.

And, more importantly, Caspian was not far from the borders of Earlington of Efrax.

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