Chapter 490

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“Salleria…” Carson murmured as if he chewed something.

The man in a black robe was not in a hurry to ask Carson for a reaction but looked at him quietly.

After a long time, Carson shook his head.

“Salleria has nothing to do with me now, and my current identity is a disciple of Great Oceans Sect and the royal of Ucror.

What I pursue is the pathway to immortality and success.

If I focus on the worldly Salleria, it‘ll only hinder my progress.”

Having said that, Carson paused before continuing, “So, what do Edgar’s life and death have to do with me? He and I are father and son, but the difference in identity and status has made him unworthy of being my father.”

When Carson said these, the black-robed man paid attention to the change in his expression.

Then, seeing that Carson’s eyes did not change and the words were sincere, he finally nodded.

“The Demon Python Form has awakened… Very good…”

“The Demon Python Form’s awakening and setting foot in Ucror is only the first step of my avenue of achievement.

Within five years, I’ll enter a higher level, and Ucror is just a stepping stone for me,” Carson replied lightly.

Then, he looked around and stopped at the man in the black robe.

“Master, you mentioned that there’s other good news.

What’s that?”

“The person that killed Edgar, Zac, and the others was Caspian.”


As soon as the black-robed man finished speaking, the air around Carson’s body suddenly vibrated violently.

The dark blue embroidered robe on his body fluttered without wind, and black air oozed from the hem.

Not only that, but Carson’s face was also undergoing a horrifying change.

Half of his face that was hidden in the darkness grew dense snake scales, and his mouth also bulged forward, constantly flicking out his forked tongue.

Next, his eyes revealed a terrifying scarlet color.

“Hiss… Caspian… Ha… Haha! Very good! Very good! I know you won’t die so easily, and since that’s the case, I’ll end your life with my own hands!”

The hissing sound of a snake kept coming out of his mouth, and the gloomy aura from Carson’s body caused a thin layer of frost to condense on the surrounding ground and walls.

At that moment, he appeared as if he would transform into a man-devouring giant python.

The man in black robe seemed to have expected it and said, ”The outer disciple, Francis, is currently leading people to search for him.

Francis has also invited some elders in the sect to cooperate…”

Before the other party could finish speaking, Carson interrupted, “No.

They absolutely can’t find Caspian.

Even if they find him, they can’t catch or kill Caspian.

I believe him… Because he wants to kill me too…”

The red light in Carson’s eyes became more intense, revealing the taste of excitement and ruthlessness.

“Caspian, you have the same thought as me… I understand… I understand it all.”

When the black-robed man noticed that Carson’s mood fluctuated wildly and seemed to be going crazy, he changed the subject, “Then, what are you going to do with Salleria? There’s no news about your sister either.”

“Camille has her place to go, so don’t worry about her.

As for Salleria…” Carson stuck out his forked tongue.

“Even if there’s no monarch, the country won’t quash in two years.

When I need blood and flesh the most, I’ll go back…”

The black-robed man could not help but question, “You want to…”

“Master, my Demon Python Form will be completed then and needs a lot of flesh and blood to complete a transformation.

What do you think I’ m going back for?” Carson’s laugh became louder and eerier, sending chills down everyone’s spines.

“Of course, it’s exclusively for food! At that time, I can eat thousands of people with just one bite.

They have lived for so long, and it’s time for them to contribute! As for Caspian, he won’t die so easily, and I have a hunch that within five years, we’ll meet and decide who’s the loser!”

Following Carson’s strange low growl, a large piece of thin ice spread from under his feet, along the wall, and extended to the roof with a crackling sound.


At the same time, Caspian sat cross-legged on the grass, looking helpless at the unconscious Daisy in front of him and the wide-eyed and timid Little Candy.

Little Candy was now weaned and eating meat, which also meant that it no longer slept for several days and woke up wanting milk before sleeping again.

Moreover, the current Little Candy needed to get out of the Earring of Echo every day to breathe fresh air and see the outside world.

It was not impossible to forcibly lock it inside.

After all, the Earring of Echo was not an ordinary magic tool, and it could be loaded with living things.

Nonetheless, the problem was that Caspian was reluctant to leave Little Candy alone.

As Little Candy was still a secret, Caspian naturally did not want another person to know about its existence.

In his plan of returning to Salleria, Caspian was supposed to travel alone.

That way, he could release Little Candy at a fixed time every day and let it play for a while.

However, there was an extra person now, Daisy.

The relationship between Caspian and Daisy was complicated.

Like an enemy but not, like a friend but not entirely.

Such a messy tie was hard to severe, and it was also distressing for Caspian.

Moreover, Caspian was not an indecisive person.

If Daisy were the enemy, he would chop the opponent with one slash without any hesitation.

However, he still appreciated some aspects of Daisy, and she also rescued Caspian several times.

Not only that, but Caspian also knew that Daisy liked him.

“This is annoying!” Caspian frowned.

Facing a group of Great Oceans Sect’s disciples alone was much easier than handling a silly little tiger and an unconscious foreigner.

It was only a matter of time before Daisy woke up.

Although Caspian could put Little Candy back into the Earring of Echo now, what about tomorrow?

What about the day after tomorrow?

At the thought of that, Caspian’s headache became worse.

Suddenly, Daisy mumbled, and her lashes trembled slightly before she finally opened her blue eyes.

As Daisy just woke up, she was still in a daze.

First, Daisy saw the blue sky and white clouds, and then the head of a big fluffy cat.

The big cat stared at her curiously with its huge watery eyes.

Then, before Daisy could react, it stuck out his bright red tongue and licked her cheek with great enthusiasm.

The wet and slippery sensation shocked Daisy, and she was immediately awakened.

The next moment, a deafening scream sounded.


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