Chapter 453

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“What’s the purpose of my hard work for all this while?” Solana mumbled to herself, repeating what Caspian just said.

Gradually, she felt as if a layer of veil was being pulled away in her heart, and the confused fog in her eyes gradually dissipated.

“The purpose of my hard work, of course,is…” Solana’s lips opened slightly.

At that moment, she felt something in her heart was about to burst.

“Teacher, my hope is…”

Under the morning sunlight, the girl slowly but firmly said her inner choice.

“Sure.” Caspian nodded, and he looked straight into Solana’s eyes which were filled with the light he was most familiar with.

“Don’t worry.

I won’t let the light in your eyes go out,” Caspian smiled gently, “I promise you.”


The master and disciple were very close, and their expressions seemed extremely intimate.

Zenith believed he understood his daughter, but he never saw Solana close with the opposite gender before that.

He still recalled the celebratory banquet when he was promoted to the second-stage Pulse Control Realm three years ago, and other family members congratulated him.

One of them drank too much alcohol and gathered the courage to talk to Solana.

Not only that, he even wanted to make a more intimate move.

Then, Solana, who was still a True Martial Realm warrior, instantly broke the opponent’s four ribs in front of everyone, causing the man to fall on the ground and puke blood nonstop.

More importantly, he was in a higher realm than her.

From that day onward, none of the boys dared to approach Solana.

In Veystone Town, the name of the expressionless yet gorgeous girl would frighten anyone.

However, Zenith not only heard that the guy named Casper spent the night in his daughter’s house last night, but he even saw the two behaving intimately.

In that instant, Zenith felt as if his head was about to explode from anger!

In his opinion, Caspian made a special trip to destroy his Gibson family’s three-generation plan.

If it were not for Caspian’s current identity as a Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciple and Zenith was worried about getting into trouble, he would have shot directly killed the kid who was in a realm below him.

After all, the outsiders would think Caspian and Zenith had an enmity as Caspian killed Zephyr, Zenith’s brother.

Hence, Zenith could argue that he was angered and killed Caspian to avenge his brother.

Nevertheless, Zenith also understood if that happened, the trouble from the Heavenly Stars Sect was still trivial, but the plan ruined in his own hands would be a colossal deal!

Zenith had no choice but to be patient and come in person in the early morning, hoping to influence Caspian to understand his action.

Besides that, Zenith could also warn Caspian at the right time, reminding him not to be so brazen and ambitious.

Zenith was well aware that Casper was the Evergreen Town’s Lawrence family’s son-in-law.

Not only that, Casper married into the Lawrence family instead of the other way around.

With such low status, he still dared to flirt around elsewhere.

Was he not afraid of the Lawrence family breaking his legs and ripping off his qualification as a Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciple!

That was Zenith’s thought.

He was confident that he could get rid of Caspian with just a few words.

At the thought of that, Zenith was surprised to find that he was not as angry as before anymore.

When Zenith approached the courtyard, he saw both Caspian and Solana looking at him.

Out of past habits, Zenith did not step into the small yard.

Instead, he looked at Caspian over the fence and asked, “Casper, do you have time to walk around the Lawrence family estate with me and see the difference between the Gibson family and the Lawrence family?”

Without any courtesy, Zenith wanted to take Caspian away from Solana.

“Sure.” Caspian smiled as he nodded, and his straightforward answer stunned Zenith.

Zenith could not help but mumble in his heart, ‘Isn’t he too calm? Is he faking it?’

Before that, Zenith expected Caspian to reject him, and Solana would also stop him.

To his surprise, Caspian reacted differently from his anticipation, and Zenith suddenly felt at a loss.

Nonetheless, Zenith was still the chief of a clan, and he saw great upheavals before, so he quickly recovered.

Then, he nodded and replied, “Great! Solana, wait here for a moment.

I’m going to take a walk with Casper.”

Solana’s reaction was also out of Zenith’s expectation.

She only nodded, turned around, and walked away from them.

It did not seem as if she was worried for Caspian at all.

Zenith could not help but mumble in his heart again.

Nevertheless, since he said it, Zenith naturally could not get rid of Caspian now.

Out of respect for the Heavenly Stars Sect, Zenith still led Caspian to stroll around some less important places in the Gibson family.

During that time, Zenith also indirectly questioned Caspian about a few things as he wanted to know his relationship with Solana.

However, Caspian’s answers were seamless.

Caspian appeared as if he explained Zenith’s doubts, but Zenith realized that his replies were insubstantial after giving them a thought; Zenith’s ability to deal with others seemed useless with Caspian, and he suddenly felt a little gloomy.

After walking for about an hour, Zenith led Caspian to the front of a shimmering lake.

On the opposite side of the lake was a four-story building, built like an iron fort, giving people a sense of indestructibility at first glance.

Before that, Caspian heard Zenith introduce that it was the Gibson family’s martial arts chamber.

“Casper, what do you think of the Gibson family’s martial arts chamber compared to the Lawrence family’s, where you belong?” Zenith looked at Caspian and asked.

He seemed to be asking Caspian’s opinion, but from his words, he was actually secretly pointing out Caspian’s identity as a son-in-law that entered his wife‘s family.

Unexpectedly, Caspian acted as if he did not understand Zenith.

He glanced at the Gibson family’s martial art chamber and shook his head.

“I’ve never been inside, so I can not compare.”

With just a sentence, Zenith was so angry that he almost roared, “You’re an outsider, yet you want to enter that place?”

Nevertheless, Zenith still tried to hold it back, but his eyes twitched, showing his true feelings.

Zenith also did not understand why there was no way to perfectly hide his inner emotions in front of Caspian, especially when he was so good at restraining himself on usual days that he would not show anything on his face even if he were angered.

‘It must be the great pressure due to the Gibson family’s future that I can’t calm down,’ Zenith thought after pondering about it.

After giving it a thought, Zenith said, “Casper, do you know that a considerable part of the martial arts in this martial arts chamber is actually incomplete, and the complete high-level martial arts are in another place in Earlington of Efrax?”

“Hmm?” Caspian looked at Zenith.

At that time, Zenith looked at the martial arts chamber on the other side of the lake, with a look of yearning in his eyes.

“Our Gibson family have been working hard for the past three generations, including my generation, hoping to complete the martial arts in this martial art chamber so that it can be passed down in full.

Casper, do you understand what I mean?”

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