Chapter 419

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When the Great Ape saw Caspian standing up unharmed, a look of doubt appeared on its face.

Soon, Caspian’s provocative action once again angered the monster.

The Great Ape uprooted a massive tree as thick as an adult’s waist next to it with a clatter.

Then, it shouted and rushed toward him.

Caspian stood there motionless, silently calculating the Great Ape’s steps, and the spiritual Qi in his body kept flowing.

“Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven…” Caspian secretly calculated.

When the Great Ape roared wildly, and its hairy cheeks flushed as red as its buttocks, a layer of light appeared on the surface of Caspian’s body again.

A gust of wind whistled the next moment, and the Great Ape waved the tree in its hand.

Then, just like a giant bat that could turn over the river, he whipped it sideways at Caspian.

Soon, the large swaths of air were all squeezed and exploded, and the surrounding area was filled with the sound of rolling river water.

As usual, Caspian did not dodge.

With a loud bang, his body swept away.

The blue light that enveloped Caspian’s whole body dimmed sharply, and the surface was constantly shaking.

After a while, there was a dull explosion, and it shattered into countless light spots.

Then, Caspian immediately twisted his waist in mid-air and fell to the ground more than 50 meters away from the Great Ape.

As the Great Ape used a massive tree, its force was much stronger than before, causing Caspian to feel numb in his arms.

Nonetheless, the numbness lasted only for a while due to the Water Shade, and it did not even hurt much.

When the Great Ape saw that Caspian was not crushed into pieces yet, its nostrils flared up, and smoke seemed to be coming out from its nose.

In that instant, the Great Ape grabbed another massive tree and smashed it against its knee.

The tree was broken in half with a loud cracking sound, and wood shavings flew everywhere.

Later, the Great Ape threw the big trees aside.

Next, it banged on his chest hard and roared at the sky, scaring the birds.

Caspian turned a blind eye to the Great Ape‘s angry movements.

In truth, Caspian was silently estimating the maximum power that the Water Shade could currently defend.

Taking consideration of the Great Ape’s two attacks, coupled with Caspian’s understanding of the spiritual Qi in his body, it did not take long for him to have a rough estimate.

“Hmm… It’s good enough.” Caspian nodded.

At that moment, he felt the ground tremble.

When Caspian raised his head, he found that the Great Ape’s hair was all standing on end, and it looked like a giant sea urchin.

What was more terrifying was that its face and buttocks were the only parts red before, but now its whole body was flushed, and it looked like a hot red soldering iron.

There were even loud explosions coming from the strong and ferocious muscles.

“Its blood is boiling?” Caspian was curious.

He knew that some monsters could stimulate the power of blood in the body under certain exceptional circumstances because of their blood.

Now that the Great Ape looked completely different from before, Caspian believed that was one of its natural abilities.

That was similar to the Mirage White Tiger‘s innate ability to create illusions, but the Great Ape’s level was much lower than the Mirage White Tiger.

Caspian sneered when he saw the flushed and enhanced Great Ape rushing toward him.

“Did you think you’re all that just because I let you hit me twice before? I’m going to return two punches to you!”

As soon as he said that, Caspian stepped out and bolted at the Great Ape as fast as lightning.

The Great Ape did not expect that cultivator to initiate an attack, and it was dumbfounded.

However, it quickly believed that Caspian provoked it, and its eyes turned bloodshot.

Then, the Great Ape roared to the sky, raising its fist and rushing toward Caspian.

The Great Ape was as tall as two adults, and Caspian was just like a dwarf in front of it.

However, when they both blasted their punches, Caspian’s godlike momentum suddenly burst out, and it wanted to crush everything!

“Go to hell!” Caspian yelled and blasted a merciless punch.

The fist rubbed the air, almost causing it to burn as it made a sizzling sound.


With just one touch, the Great Ape’s fist shattered into pieces.

The piping hot flesh and blood, mixed with pulped meat and residues of bones, sprayed on the Great Ape’s face.

When the monster realized what happened, its face twisted horribly, and its chest undulated violently from the excruciating pain.

It was about to scream in pain when Caspian suddenly shouted, “The Great Leisure Court!”

Caspian’s eyes burst with harsh light, and he took a step out.

Then, as if he traveled through space, Caspian appeared behind the Great Ape.

With a wave of his arm, the Ghoul-Locker Spear was like a black death ray, pulling out a fan-shaped arc in the air in a flash, sweeping at the Great Ape’ s waist.

Time seemed to stop at that moment, and the surrounding light also stopped changing.

The next moment, a line of blood dripped from the Great Ape’s waist.

Although its mouth was open, the monster could not make a sound.

Caspian watched as the Great Ape’s burly figure was cut into half diagonally from its waist.

Then, the upper half of its body slid obliquely along the incision to the ground.

The remaining half of the body stood there for a few seconds, and blood gushed into the sky.

However, the Great Ape was not completely dead, and its upper body was struggling to crawl closer to Caspian.

Nonetheless, Caspian just looked at the Great Ape indifferently and pierced through its head with his Ghoul-Locker Spear, nailing it to the ground.

Soon, there was no more sound from the Great Ape.

Caspian looked at the Great Ape, whose whole hair stood on ends like steel needles, and he complained, “This thing… It doesn’t look that delicious…”

Even so, Caspian still expertly lit up a fire.

If other monsters appeared as disgusting as the Great Ape, Caspian might still consider giving up on eating them.

However, since the Great Ape could stimulate the blood in its body, its blood and Qi would surely be far superior to other monsters.

Naturally, Caspian would not easily give up on such an excellent tonic.

Caspian even suffered two beatings from the monster, and he would only feel better if he ate it.

After Caspian roasted the giant Great Ape, Caspian just took a bite when he suddenly received a messenger.

Glancing at the message, Caspian’s face suddenly sank, and his eyes glistened like stars converging into a galaxy.

The messenger was from Maya.

“Hundred Flowers Forest, Three-Tailed Fox!”

There were only a few words on the messenger, but the scribbled handwriting indicated the dire situation and the urgency when she wrote the message.

“Hundred Flowers Forest.” Caspian quickly tossed the roasted meat aside and opened the map.

Soon, he found the Hundred Flowers Forest’s location.

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