Chapter 410

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The figure appeared silently about 50 meters away from Caspian.

If it was not for those bright green eyes that looked like lanterns, Caspian would not have noticed it by sound.

In the dark environment, the Scented Phantom Cat’s figure resembled a seven year-old child walking with all his limbs on the ground and back arched, and it was incredibly eerie and weird.

With the appearance of the Scented Phantom Cat, a smell that was neither fragrant nor foul spread in the surroundings.

Caspian stared at the monster wandering in the distance and tried to struggle.

Unfortunately, the lower half of his body sank into the swamp, leaving only the part above the waist exposed.

Consequently, it was harder for Caspian to move.

“It’s, rather troublesome this time…” Caspian smiled bitterly when he saw the figure slowly standing upright.

It was apparent that the Scented Phantom Cat noticed the cultivator in front of it was trapped in the swamp.

However, it did not rush forward as it was suspicious by nature, but it kept wandering in the distance, gradually approaching Caspian.

At the same time, the Scented Phantom Cat was constantly exuding that peculiar poisonous odor from the musk glands of its body.

The Scented Phantom Cat was one of the six most poisonous monsters mostly due to the smell it emitted.

The Scented Phantom Cats loved to feed on rotten food, especially meat.

Therefore, they would use their sharp claws to break the prey after capturing them.

Then, they would place them in a place with high humidity and high temperature and wait until the carcasses began to rot before feasting.

After eating a large amount of rotten meat, the Scented Phantom Cat’s musk glands would start accumulating a transparent liquid.

The liquid could be made into a highly stimulating aromatizer after mixing it with other spices.

Hence, many brothels and even the harem beauties of various counties around Salleria and Efrax would carry fragrant sachets made by these ingredients at all times.

However, if the liquid was used on its own, it would be a poison that could make anyone dizzy and weak.

The most remarkable thing about the poison was that it dissipated in the air.

Thus, anyone alive and breathing would slowly inhale the toxin into their bodies, and they would only notice it when they were poisoned.

Then, the poisoned person could helplessly watch as the Scented Phantom Cat opened his chest with its claws, taking out his internal organs, leaving him to die in despair.

Third-stage Pulse Control Realm cultivators could store spiritual Qi in their bodies, and the spiritual Qi would cycle in their bodies 24/7, tampering with their bodies simultaneously.

Hence, they would not be easily poisoned and have a specific resistance to the toxins of the Scented Phantom Cat.

However, first-stage and second-stage Pulse Control Realm cultivators would be in danger if they met the Scented Phantom Cat.

Moreover, half of Caspian’s body was trapped in the swamp, and he was not able to avoid the Scented Phantom Cat’s toxin attack even if he wanted to.

When the Scented Phantom Cat noticed that Caspian did not move the slightest bit in the swamp, it got closer, tentatively moving forward little by little, and kept secreting the fragrance.

Suddenly, the surrounding air seemed to be smeared with a layer of faint purple paint, and the first glance made people feel dizzy.

When it was about 20 meters from Caspian, he could finally clearly see the Scented Phantom Cat’s outline in the dark environment.

It had a skinny body, sunken abdomen, and exposed ribs.

Not only that, but its cat-like face was as big as a washbowl, and its fur was dirty, stained with dirt.

Under a pair of green and narrow eyes, the most striking features were those two long fangs that were the size of an adult’s middle finger.

Even though the part below Caspian’s abdomen was swallowed by the swamp as he struggled before, the Scented Phantom Cat still did not rush forward, and it circled Caspian from a distance.

Its claws that were sharp like knives stroked rhythmically on the ground.

In that instant, there were shocking traces around Caspian as if a sharp blade cut them.

Finally, at the fiftieth lap, when Caspian‘s chest was covered by the swamp, the Scented Phantom Cat stopped behind Caspian as it believed that he would not be of any threat anymore.

Moreover, if the Scented Phantom Cat did not attack now, the prey would be swallowed by the swamp, and it would be pointless for it to wait just now.

Looking at the back of Caspian‘s head, the Scented Phantom Cat made a loud gulping noise.

It was exciting to open Caspian’s head and slurp on his brain juice.


Suddenly, there was a terrifying scream in the quiet swamp, and the Scented Phantom Cat‘s body suddenly turned into a bolt of gray lightning, pouncing toward Caspian.

Its sharp claws were like steel forks, poking hard at Caspian’s back head.

Caspian, who already closed his eyes, abruptly opened his eyes.

The next second, a life-like momentum blasted to the surroundings, and the bottom of the calm swamp seemed to be exploding, and the mud on the surface suddenly bulged as if something was about to break out.

“The Great Leisure Court!”

Just as the Scented Phantom Cat was about to catch him, Caspian’s figure suddenly turned into a silhouette and disappeared into the swamp.

In that highly adhesive swamp, the space conversion of the Great Leisure Court was completely unaffected and helped Caspian get out of trouble.


The Scented Phantom Cat’s claws immediately tear the silhouette Caspian left behind into pieces.

When it noticed that something was not right, the Scented Phantom Cat’s gray hair stood on end just like a hedgehog.

In a flash, the gray hair melted like a candle and then turned into a cloud of thick gray smoke, covering the Scented Phantom Cat.

Soon, the Scented Phantom Cat in the smoke suddenly became fuzzy and hazy.

In that originally dim environment, it seemed to disappear into thin air.

Although it was not an enlightened monster, the Scented Phantom Cat still had a certain degree of intelligence.

Hence, it was noticed that Caspian pretended as he wanted to lure it closer.

Moreover, the Scented Phantom Cat was frightened when it realized how close Caspian was.

Then, it let out an ear-piercing whine.

The gray smoke that enveloped the Scented Phantom Cat immediately spread, and it also disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Why’d you think I waited for you to attack before escaping the swamp?”

As the voice sounded, Caspian suddenly appeared above the gray smoke.

His arms were raised high, and his body was like a bow with momentum.

The airflow around him sank with the swing of his arms.

“To prevent you from using the shadows to escape!”

“Eight-Shadowed Fists!”

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