Chapter 390

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The voice was sharp yet faint, and it sounded amusing.

Caspian looked over and found a gray mouse the size of two fists standing on the back of the cattle, facing him, looking around, and started shouting.

“Casper’s here!”

Soon, Caspian realized that neither the cattle nor the mouse was alive.

Instead, they were made from multiple materials, and there were inscriptions engraved on different parts of their bodies, with formations arranged inside them to make them move.

As Caspian was curious, he walked closer to have a better look.

In that instant, he noticed at least two inscriptions and one formation were on the cattle’s neck.

The formations and inscriptions worked together so that the cattle could walk freely.

Previously, Caspian used formations mainly for attacks, but he finally realized that formations and inscriptions could be used that way.

In that instant, Caspian felt as if a door to a whole new world was opened in front of them, captivating him.

At that time, the gray mouse widened its funny-looking eyes, looking around and screaming, “Stop looking! Stop looking! Hurry and follow me!”

As the mouse said that, the cattle turned around and headed toward the other side of the courtyard.

Caspian followed the cattle, walking and observing the inscriptions and formations on its body in awe.

After some time, they reached the outside of a fenced area, and the cattle stopped in his tracks.

Then, a wooden door automatically opened.

The mouse on the cattle stood, and it even gestured Caspian to go in.

“Casper, please go in.

Casper, please go in.”

Caspian nodded and looked away, entering the wooden door.

Suddenly, Caspian caught a whiff of a faint floral fragrance, and he was immediately energized.

From the outside, there was nothing special about the fenced compound, but when he walked in, Caspian suddenly saw that there were colorful flowers planted on both sides of the yard.

Those colorful flowers clustered around a straight path in the middle, and he saw Maisie, who he did not see for a long time, dressed in a white dress with her hair behind her at the end of the walkway.

She folded her hands in front of her and looked at Caspian with a gentle smile.

In that instant, Maisie was just like a beautiful fairy visiting the mortal world.

Even Caspian could not help but be captivated.

Then, he quickly kept away his thoughts and walked forward with a smile, “Maisie, it’s been so long.”

“I received your message the last time you returned and wanted to help you.

However, when I rushed over, I heard you‘ve followed Master Delmont away.

It’s also been a few days since you came back from Hopeful Mountain Woman, so I’ve asked Renee to bring you over.” Maisie smiled and led Caspian into the house.

The room was made of bamboo with no walls around it.

Thus, one could sit there and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The kettle on the small stove was steaming in the middle of the room, and the tea sets were neatly arranged.

Maisie was prepared for today’s meeting.

Before sitting down, Maisie glanced at the courtyard gate curiously and mumbled, “Why didn’t Renee come in?”

“Her?” Caspian rubbed her nose.

Even though Renee challenged him first, Caspian thought it was embarrassing to admit that Renee suffered a humiliating defeat against him.

After all, Renee was Maisie’s junior.

Maisie did not dwell on the problem for long, and she gestured to Caspian to take a seat.

Then, she gracefully made them tea.

In Evergreen Town, Caspian saw Maisie‘s expertise in that, and he knew that Maisie brewed tea using spiritual tea, which contained spiritual Qi that greatly benefited cultivators.

However, Caspian had another discovery today.

He noticed the pieces of tea leaves falling into the teacup seemed to be connected by very thin threads, and they were close to one another.

But, the thread disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Caspian was shocked, and he looked at Maisie.

Maisie‘s cherry lips were faintly curving upward, her face had a hint of confidence, and her exquisite temperament made Caspian’s heart skip a beat.

“Maisie! You ascended!” Caspian blurted.

He noticed that Maisie’s spiritual Qi seeped out from her body, and it was the biggest difference between a Holy Land Realm cultivator and a Pulse Control Realm cultivator!

At that moment, Caspian watched the falling tea leaves, and his eyes glistened with brilliance.

First-stage Pulse Control Realm.

Perceiving the essence of the world.

Second-stage Pulse Control Realm.

Inducing the essence of the world into the cultivator’s body, making thoroughgoing changes.

Third-stage Pulse Control Realm.

Allowing the essence of the world to circulate in the cultivator’s body, strengthening their body at any time, condensing the internal organs, and prevention against sickness.

Only by reaching the Holy Land Realm could the spiritual Qi in the body be released!

Maisie was only a peak third-stage Pulse Control Realm cultivator, yet she could do that.

That proved that she was only a step away from ascension! Naturally, Caspian was not only happy and excited for Maisie regarding that.

As Maisie was gifted with inscription skills, her cultivation also focused on that.

However, inscriptions were only a small feat for cultivators aspiring to journey in the pathway of immortality, and the most important thing was still their realms.

Hence, from a certain point of view, Maisie might be able to achieve astonishing results in inscriptions, but it might be hard to improve her realm.

However, if Maisie could successfully enter the Holy Land Realm at that age, then her hope of entering the Heavenly Spirit Realm in the future would be greatly increased!

The Heavenly Stars Sect could be among the six influential figures of the Earlington of Efrax was not only due to its talent in inscriptions and formations, but more importantly, the Heavenly Stars Sect had 18 powerful cultivators in the Heavenly Spirit Realm!

For a sect, the Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators were like the army of a country.

Only when the army was strong and invincible could it deter enemies and prevent other countries from plundering their resources.

Judging from the current situation, if Maisie showed talent in inscriptions and cultivation, the Heavenly Stars Sect would not only have a successor regarding inscription, but the number of Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators would also greatly strengthen and increase.

Hence, from now onward, Maisie’s status in the Heavenly Stars Sect would be significantly improved!

While the golden tea flowed out, Maisie’s face was filled with a joyful smile.

Caspian finally realized the two shallow dimples on the beautiful Maisie’s cheeks.

“If my estimation is correct, I might be able to ascend to the Holy Land Realm before summer ends, and I’ll be promoted from an inner disciple to an elite disciple,” Maisie pushed the teacup to Caspian, looking at him, “However, it seems that it won’t be long until you catch up to me.”

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