Chapter 387

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After hesitating, Jessica asked, “Why… Why are you telling me this?”

Bowen felt his knees were weak, and he almost knelt on the ground.

Instead, he roared internally, “Lady Jessica, I was so sincere just now! Didn’t you listen to a word I said!”

Bowen was particularly sad and angry.

Then, he noticed that Jessica looked at him, smiling.

“If that’s the case, I’ll take your offer and look for you when I need help in the future.”

“Yes, sure.

If you meet Casper again, please send him my regards.” Bowen waved his hands.

Just as he took a few steps, Bowen seemed to recall something and looked at Jessica.

“There‘s one more thing… But I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to say.”

Jessica was puzzled.

“Please, just tell me.”

Bowen pointed at the two stacks of books on the table and asked with a doubtful tone, “As a key disciple of the sect, don’t you have a storage bag?”

After saying that, Bowen’s gaze stopped at the storage bag on Jessica’s waist In a flash, the atmosphere turned awkward.

Bowen realized he seemed to have poked Jessica’s sore spot, so he quickly found a lame excuse, saying he forgot to put out the fire of his stove.

Then, he hurriedly ran away.

Looking at Jessica’s stiff expression, Lucy thought it was funny as she kept the books away into the storage bag.

The two of them said nothing as they headed toward the Dark Moon Sect’s posting station.

As they walked, Jessica suddenly spoke, breaking the silence.

“Lucy, don‘t tell anyone else about Bowen looking for us just now, okay?”

“Okay.” Lucy nodded.

Then, she looked at Jessica, tilting her head.

“Lady Jessica… Why did Young Master Bowen suddenly say such things?”

“I don’t know about other things, but from his attitude, I believe that he’s interested in Casper,” Jessica answered.

Lucy suddenly shouted, “You’re saying he’s interested in… The giant idiot, Casper?”

What made Jessica baffled was Lucy was not surprised, but her expression was somewhat, perverted.

“What are you thinking?” Jessica asked suspiciously, “Stop showing that expression… It’s so unladylike.”

“Lady Jessica, Bowen’s a guy, and the idiot Casper‘s also a guy… A man is interested in another man…” Lucy giggled, looking mysteriously.

“A few days ago, I just read a storybook about a few men.

I’ll let you read once we return.

I’m sure you’ll be hooked on the story.


“Oh…” Jessica nodded, and her hair suddenly stood on end.

Jessica had a hunch that Lucy was about to drag her into a giant pit.


At the same time, Caspian just walked out from the Heavenly Stars Sect’s Stargazing Tower.

The Stargazing Tower was built on the Stargazing Platform.

Unlike Stargazing Platform, which stored martial arts, spells, and magical secrets, Stargazing Tower had various travel notes, as well as books useful for cultivators.

Compared to the cultivation secrets in Stargazing Platform, the books in Stargazing Tower were not as strictly managed by the Heavenly Stars Sect.

That time, Caspian borrowed more than 100 books from the Stargazing Tower.

If anyone paid attention or carefully checked, they would notice the books he borrowed would more or less mention the country Ucror.

Not only that, each of the books would have the introduction and notes about the Great Oceans Sect.

‘I’ve asked for Jessica’s help in the previous letter to find some books in the Dark Moon Sect’s library… I wonder how much helpful information I can get,’ Caspian thought.

While searching for books in Stargazing Tower, Caspian once again found that he was truly kept in the dark in Salleria, and he did not know anything.

Looking back at his life through a bystander’s eyes and thinking about what he learned and heard, Caspian felt a chill seeping out of his bones.

If the entire Salleria was real-world, then Caspian lived in a pretense world under Edgar’s plan.

In the fake world, all the knowledge he obtained was purposely arranged by someone.

In other words, Edgar only let Caspian know what he wanted Caspian to know.

Other matters, such as Ucror, which was about Salleria, or the Great Oceans Sect, were unheard of before.

There might be news spreading outside the wall, but Caspian was trapped inside, and he knew nothing.

“Edgar, why did you spend so much effort guarding against me? If you’re wary of me, why did you let me lead the war and make me a prince?”

Caspian had many questions, and he wanted to ask the person out loud.

Then, Caspian carried the books he borrowed and walked out of the Stargazing Tower, burdened with thoughts.

However, just as he took a few steps, someone stopped him.

“Casper, I was just looking for you.”

An adorable, fair-skinned girl in a pastel green dress around 14 stood before Caspian.

The girl with red lips and gorgeous teeth tied her hair into two buns, and her cheeks were still chubby.

At that moment, she was carrying a longsword behind her back, and she looked at Caspian up and down.

The girl seemed familiar, but Caspian could not remember where he met her.

Hence, he asked, “May I know who you are…”

“Renee Pine.” The girl introduced herself half-heartedly.

When Caspian heard the name, be instantly recalled the girl standing outside the mountain gate waiting for Maisie when he just arrived at the Heavenly Stars Sect.

At that time, Caspian only heard Maisie addressing her as “Renee”.

The two of them had the same surname, and based on their interactions before, Caspian could not help but wonder what their relationship was.

Nonetheless, it was obvious that Renee was not in the mood to chat, and she glanced at Caspian, saying, “Maisie wants to meet you, so she sent me to look for you.

However, you were not in your residence, and I asked someone else and found that you came to the Stargazing Tower.”

”Maisie wants to meet me?” Caspian was shocked.

To be frank, he did not see Maisie for a long time.

Originally, Caspian planned to visit Maisie after exchanging some items in the Astrea Pavilion with the rewards from the Hopeful Woman Mountain.

However, it just so happened that Maisie had already found him before he went to her.


If you have other errands, do it after you’re back.

Let’s go.” Renee’s tone had a hint of annoyance.


Thank you for bringing me there.” Caspian did not mind Renee’s tone, and he smiled and nodded.

Renee looked askance at Caspian, and she did not say much, turning around and leaving.

Caspian followed Renee, and they walked around the sect for a long time.

Gradually, fewer and fewer disciples passed by, and the environment became more and more remote.

Caspian looked at the girl’s back, and he asked, “When did Maisie move?”

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