Chapter 374

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When Ozul saw the unharmed CaspianCaspian, he could not help but exclaim, “How’s this possible?!”

Was the guy made of steel and iron?

Even if he was not severely injured, where were the traces of the snake bites! Ozul knew well of the power of his inscription.

In addition to the momentary forceful impact, the anaconda’s mouthful of fangs was comparable to a high – rank weapon’s full blow.

If an ordinary first-stage cultivator were bitten, countless holes would appear on their body.

However, CaspianCaspian… Ozul‘s gaze fell on CaspianCaspian, and he was shockc notice that CaspianCaspian’s long robe was already torn apart by himself, but there was a small armor inside.

When the Heavenly Stars Sect‘s disciples saw the close-fitting armor, they were stunned.

Soon, OmarOmar shouted, “The Puritan Armor!”

Other people might not have recognized it, but OmarOmar remembered the armor well as it was given to CaspianCaspian by the Heavenly Stars Sect for defeating him! It was apparent that CaspianCaspian relied on the seventh-grade tool to block the fatal attack of the anaconda’s fangs.

At a glance, they could see about six deep depressions on the armor’s surface, which was caused by the snake’s fangs.

If CaspianCaspian did not have the Puritan Armor, he would surely suffer from the bites.

“You… You…” Ozul stuttered.

He did not expect CaspianCaspian to have such a defense tool, and he fumed with rage.

“Ha! That was pretty interesting, but it’s over now!” Seeing the scene, Leon snorted and directly waved his sword, slashing at the nearest Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples.

As the defense array completely exploded under his violent attack, many Heavenly Stars Sect‘s disciples were like a group of helpless lambs, completely exposed in front of him.

“The Ursa Major’s Blurred Shadows! Alkaid!”

In that instant, CaspianCaspian’s speed was increased to the maximum, and his figure appeared like a shuttle passing through the void.

The Johnson brothers were stunned by CaspianCaspian’s delicate body movements.

Seeing that, Leo immediately quickened his slash.

CaspianCaspian also did not hesitate to use his Ghoul-Locker Spear as a javelin and swiftly tossed out.


In the blink of an eye, the spear appeared before Leo, and the sudden strong wind seemed to have locked his soul in place, oppressing his vitality.

Leo secretly cursed and hurriedly turned his sword around, blocking the Ghoul-Locker Spear’s fatal attack.

If Leo did not do that, there would already be a hole in his head.

Leo forgot how long it was since he met such a flustering situation.

Not only that, it happened in front of the bunch of people that he called trash, making Leo burn with rage.

However, before Leo could curse out loud, CaspianCaspian already bolted toward him in a frenzy.

“The Thousand Dragons Warfare!”

CaspianCaspian accelerated, suddenly stopped, turned his waist.

Then, as if he were a crack of thunder violently slamming to the ground, a huge and majestic storm spread to the surroundings.

Soon, a roar echoed in the space.

Leo was shocked, and his instinct alerted him to directly place the longsword in front of him as a shield.

Bang! Clank!

In that instant, Leo felt as if a violent behemoth slammed him, and he immediately flew out.

The longsword in his hand immediately curved and shook intensely.

The vibration spread toward his arm and caused it to hurt severely as if his hand was about to break, and half of his body was numb.

“Leo!” Tigreal immediately shouted out of anger.

CaspianCaspian just landed when he heard Tigreal’s scream, and he instantly felt a ray of cold light aiming at his neck.

The merciless aura immediately enveloped him, and Tigreal’s sword light seemed to bring a bloody battlefield to him.

However, CaspianCaspian could not dodge his attack at all.

If he used the Ursa Major’s Blurred Shadows, the Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples he blocked would all die! Then, CaspianCaspian gritted his teeth, and his eyes flashed with harsh lights.

Next, he turned around and blasted out with his fingers as he blocked the sword light with his body.

“The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon!”

Both sides would suffer, but CaspianCaspian had no other way!

If he took a step back, all of his companions would die.

As he blocked the Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples with his body, he gritted his teeth hard that they were about to break, and tears flickered in his eyes.

Just a little bit more… Just a moment away, and their toxins would be removed! The Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples felt unprecedented self-hatred, and they wondered why time ticked so slowly.

Tigreal seemed to have understood that CaspianCaspian would not retreat, which was why he took advantage of it.

Soon, the harsh light in his eyes burst, and the sword light exploded.

Swoosh! Clank! Bang!

The sword light and blood light intertwined, exploding in the air.

The sharp sword light was so dazzling that others found it hard to open their eyes, whereas the blood mist that exploded out of the sword light was enveloped in mysterious and indistinct colors.

CaspianCaspian took a few steps back, and each step left a deep footprint in the ground.

The sword light deeply slashed the chest of his Puritan Armor, and the entire armor was almost split in half.

Blood seeped out from CaspianCaspian‘s skin and poured out from the incision where the armor was broken.

Soon, it was all stained red.

If it were not for the Puritan Armor blocking the attack, CaspianCaspian‘s cut could almost split him in half.

Tigreal also backed away several meters.

Five deep finger marks appeared on his right arm holding the sword, and blood gushed out uncontrollably.

Bones could even be vaguely seen in the gurgling blood.

It was apparent that Tigreal underestimated CaspianCaspian’s strength.

At the same time that CaspianCaspian was heavily injured, his arm was also severely wounded too.

The excruciating pain continued to stimulate Tigreal’s nerves, and he fumed with anger as he shouted, “This guy can’t move anymore! Everyone, go! Kill them all!”

Seeing that CaspianCaspian covered his chest and blood oozed out from his fingers, CaspianCaspian appeared as if he was badly injured and could not move.

Ozul and Lennon glanced at each other and immediately took the initiative to attack him.

As Lennon felt humiliated as he was badly beaten by CaspianCaspian before, he decided that it was the opportunity to avenge himself.

Hence, he was first to rush toward CaspianCaspian with his five fingers spread out, sweeping at CaspianCaspian.

“I’m going to twist you like a dough!” Lennon let out a roar just as he was about to catch CaspianCaspian.

Almost simultaneously, a thunderous sound came, and a green sword light suddenly whizzed from a distance.

The speed of the sword light was astonishingly fast, and almost no one at the scene could react.

The next second, Lennon’s right fingers were cut off by the sword light.

Then, the five thick fingers flew into the air with blood.

A cold voice sounded from behind the Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples.

“Are you bullying us because you think you’ve outnumbered the Heavenly Stars Sect? Or did you think that you’re the only one joining forces?”

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