Chapter 359

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Caspian’s tone sounded relaxed and indifferent.

It was as if the monster was dozens of times stronger than would listen to him.

After saying that, Caspian continued staring at the monster, and his gaze was confident and unrelenting.

The huge blood-red eyes stared at Caspian.

After some time, the monster slowly retracted its claws on Caspian’s chest.

Soon, the long-lost oxygen surged into Caspian‘s lungs.

At that time, he felt as if he were a drowning man that finally broke out of the water and could finally breathe well.

However, Caspian did not dare to slack.

He did not know what the monster wanted, but Caspian was sure that his first bet was correct.

As Caspian remembered well that although the monster was enlightened, it was pregnant.

Hence, when the monster stepped on him, Caspian vigilantly looked over.

However, he noticed the monster’s abdomen was deflated.

If the rumor were true, there would only be one possibility.

That monster just gave birth!

If that was the case, the newly birthed cub was not far away from this female monster.

Then, Caspian took advantage of it and made a desperate bet that the monster would never put its cub’s life in danger.

It seemed that Caspian was correct.

Moreover, Caspian believed he could talk to the monster because of its attitude.

If that monster wanted to kill him, it would not act with great fanfare and capture him alone.

Moreover, it did not even kill him even after Caspian provoked the monster.

After all, a monster with wisdom could easily kill Caspian even if its strength drastically dropped.

Next, Caspian took a deep breath in and placed the Killer Waves and Earthquakes Mine in front of him as he stated at the monster, slowly sitting up.

Then, he uttered, “Alright.

It seems that you really have some sort of request.

It’s time for us to have a good talk.”

Even though Caspian said that his body and mind were still on full alert.

If he noticed that the monster was about to harm him, he would not hesitate to use the Killer Waves and Earthquakes Mine.

Caspian would never dilly-dally when it concerned his life.

The easiest way to describe it was, Caspian would not think twice to sacrifice himself.

After sitting straight, Caspian finally saw the monster with wisdom’s appearance.

The monster appeared like a giant white tiger, but he noticed a few differences at a closer look.

Behind the four claws of the monster, there appeared to be small white wings, and there were no iconic stripes on its head.

Moreover, the two upper fangs were more than 30 centimeters long.

Those were something an ordinary tiger did not have.

The monster seemed to have seen through Caspian’s doubt, and it took the initiative to explain, “I’m a Mirage White Tiger.”

At that time, it stood about ten meters away from Caspian, and it appeared just like a white wall.

“Mirage White Tiger?” Caspian was stunned.

He heard of the name before.

That type of monster was ranked sixth among the top ten monsters.

Although its combat skill was not as good as those strong monsters, it was naturally good at illusion spells which were very lifelike.

If it was hostile, it was one of the hardest enemies to deal with.

At the thought of the Mirage White Tiger’s ability, Caspian’s eyes flashed with brilliance, and he blurted, “The fantasy array that I met when I entered the mountain…”

The Mirage White Tiger scoffed, and it interrupted Caspian, “That’s the matter I need to tell you.

That’s not my doing, but our shared enemies’.”

“Our shared enemies?” Caspian’s heart skipped a beat, and he faintly had an idea what went on.

Before that, Caspian was suspicious about a few matters, and it seemed that they were about to be confirmed.

“Look at this first.” The Mirage White Tiger walked to the side.

Then, just as it took a step, it glanced at Caspian and said, “Keep away that thing.

If I want to kill you, you’ll be dead already.”

“That’s right.

Without this, I’ll already be dead.” Caspian smiled faintly, but he did not put away the Killer Waves and Earthquakes Mine.

The Mirage White Tiger looked at him but did not say much and only snorted disdainfully.

Then, it led Caspian to a stone wall not far away.

Taking advantage of the time, Caspian looked around and found that he was in a closed cave.

It was not spacious, but there was no exit or entrance.

If it were before, Caspian might still be filled with doubts.

However, after learning the monster’s identity, Caspian did not feel strange anymore.

After all, the cave in front of him might be fake, and he would not even know it.

Caspian stopped observing the surroundings and walked toward the side of the Mirage White Tiger, looking in the direction it hinted.

In front of him, there was a small pool, and it reflected a purple misty scene.

“What’s this?” Caspian asked the Mirage White Tiger in confusion.

The Mirage White Tiger chuckled and answered, “This is where you came from.”

“This is where I came from…” Caspian blinked and swiftly understood.

Then, he frowned.

“You’re saying that you can see any parts of the Hopeful Woman Mountain through this? What’s going on with the purple mist?”

The Mirage White Tiger glanced at Caspian and said, “You’re full of questions.

However, time’s running out, and I don’t want to talk nonsense with you.

Indeed, I can see any parts of the Hopeful Woman Mountain through this pool, and I can even tell you that I’ve seen you defeating three cultivators who were in the higher realm at the entrance.”

Caspian’s eyes flickered, but he did not interrupt the tiger.

“I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right.

I’ve been paying attention to you.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have grabbed you over in the end.” Then, the Mirage White Tiger lifted its claw and pointed at the water, revealing a strange mist.

“Your friends are about to die.”

When Caspian heard that, he did not panic.

Instead, he observed around and looked at the tiger, “You didn’t manipulate this… However, why must I believe what you said? With your Mirage White Tiger’s ability, it should be easy for you to make this fake illusion.”

“If all of you die, I’m going to die too.

Is this reason enough?” the Mirage White Tiger looked at Caspian and paused before adding, “The word manipulation is uncomfortable for me.”

Caspian was speechless.

The Mirage White Tiger ignored Caspian’ s strange expression and continued, “This fog appeared shortly after you came here, which shows that those guys are already on the move.”

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