Chapter 357

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After piling up the rubbles, Caspian broke another stalactite nearby.

Then, he cut into the shape of a tombstone and erected it in front of the simple tomb.

He hesitated for a moment, but he decided not to write their identities of the two in the tomb.

Caspian took a deep breath.

“Half of them escaped, and we didn’t manage to settle everyone.” Maya glanced at the tomb and shrugged at Caspian.

Naturally, she referred to the remaining group of Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples.

The group of Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples fought with the monster with wisdom, and they were already mentally strained and physically exhausted.

At that time, there was nothing else they could do besides run away when faced with such an attack.

Luckily for them, the Hopeful Woman Mountain’s terrain was complicated, and it was suitable for them to escape.

As half of the Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples were slaughtered by the Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples, the remaining half quickly entered the surrounding caves that led to everywhere, and soon, they disappeared.

For safety concerns, Omar and Maya, who were in charge of commanding the disciples, did not let the chase after the Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples.

Instead, they remained at their original spot and sorted out the spoils.

“Where’s the monster with wisdom?” Caspian asked.

“When we rushed over, the Ninth Sacred Sect’s completely abandoned the monster and let it escape into one of the caves,” Maya explained, “They were also using formations to trap the monster before this.”

“Remember to be extra careful.

After all, that’s a monster with wisdom, and it won’t be easy for us to go against it,” Caspian reminded.

“Definitely,” Maya answered and nodded, “Omar ordered everyone not to leave at will and wander around.

He also asked me to call you over.”

Caspian nodded and turned to glance at the lonely tomb.

Then, he followed Maya and Solana toward the location where the Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples gathered.

Even though half of the Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples were slaughtered, Omar and the others did not appear relaxed.

The reason was simple, the monster with wisdom escaped.

A monster with intelligence and strength comparable to a Holy Land Realm cultivator was a massive threat to everyone present.

Although the monster’s force dropped drastically as it was pregnant, what would happen once it recovered?

Besides that, no one knew how long it would take for the monster to recover.

Thus, there were only two choices in front of them.

First, they could leave the Hopeful Woman Mountain for the sake of safety.

Then, they could report the appearance of the monster with wisdom to the sect and let the elders or senior-level disciples come over and slaughter it.

Second, they could be more aggressive and run after it.

Then, before the monster fully recovered its health, they would work together and slaughter the monster.

After comparing the two choices, Caspian asked everyone, “When I just entered the mountain, I came across a fantasy array.

Did any of you face the same problem?”

“Same here!”

“Me too!”

In that instant, everyone echoed what he said.

After asking around, Caspian immediately realized that the matter was just as he expected.

Anyone who entered the mountain would be trapped by the fantasy array.

However, only a few of them broke the formation themselves.

Instead, most of them trapped in the fantasy array waited until the array dispersed by itself before they left.

Based on everyone’s account, Caspian found out that the fantasy array did not last long, and almost shortly after everyone entered the mountain, the fantasy array disappeared.

The fantasy array’s function did not seem as if it were used to trap everyone, but for…

A light lit up in Caspian’s mind, and he immediately understood what happened.

“The fantasy array was used so that we can’t find our way out!”

The crowd was stunned, but they quickly regained their senses.

After careful thinking, it was indeed as what Caspian said.

None of them knew how to walk out of the Hopeful Woman Mountain! Hence, the first option to leave here was directly rejected, and everyone was only left with the second choice.

It felt as if someone orchestrated that behind the scene, manipulating them to make the decision.

In that instant, everyone believed that it was a conspiracy.

Caspian did not need any more proof to know that it was a trap.

“However, what’s the purpose of this trap?” Caspian lowered his head and wondered.

The other Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples did not look so great, and the joy they felt after killing the Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples immediately disappeared, causing their hearts to feel heavy.

“Casper, come and take a look at this.

Maybe you’ll find something,” Omar suddenly called Caspian.

Caspian walked over and noticed that Omar pointed at the formation used by the Ninth Sacred Sect to trap the monster with wisdom.

“We must report to the sect that the Ninth Sacred Sect had mastered formations,” Caspian reminded.

“Yes!” Omar appeared serious.

The Ninth Sacred Sect was always the Heavenly Stars Sect’s enemy, and they suddenly mastered new skills and were excellent at them.

That matter was naturally worthed paying attention to.

After talking, Caspian started to look around carefully, hoping to find a clue in the mess.

The materials used to deploy the formation were scattered all over the place, and many were burned or blown up as the formation was destroyed.

Thus, there were not many valuable things left.

There were more traces of scratches on the ground as if they were torn by sharp claws.

It was as if the claw marks were made by a knife or an ax, revealing a fierce touch.

At one glance, it made people’s hearts tremble in fear and their scalps tingling.

After careful checking, Caspian was just about to stand when he suddenly caught a whiff of a faint smell.

Although it was subtle, Caspian was sure that it was the smell of blood.

Then, he glanced around and realized that the smell came from the center of the formation, and it only got more intense.

Caspian’s eyes flickered with brilliance, and he approached the formation.

Soon, he noticed that droplets of blood oozed out of the center of the array, and there was a hint of manic and violence in them.

Then, Caspian’s heart skipped a beat.

Other people might not have noticed it, but Caspian, who had the Sea-Breaker Beast’s blood in him, felt that that aura was extremely familiar.

That was the purest form of a monster’s blood!

“The monster’s blood is pouring out from the ground!”

Caspian’s face immediately changed.

No matter what, that was a sign of danger.

Then, Caspian hurriedly retreated as he wanted to remind everyone.

Omar and the others paid attention to Caspian’s movement, and when they saw him retreating in a frenzy, they knew that the situation changed! Almost without any hesitation, Omar, Maya, and Solana rushed toward Caspian.

Even though they were fast, the blood spread out quicker.

In the blink of an eye, the droplets of blood oozing from the ground shot upward, forming a blood arrow as tall as a one-story building.

It did not let the crowd have any chance to react, and the blood arrow spread and turned into a curtain of blood, which suddenly rotated and formed a terrifying whirlpool.

In that instant, Caspian was caught and dragged into the whirlpool, and its speed and strength were so much greater than those of the Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples present.

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