Chapter 332

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“I must kill him into pieces and smash him into nothing!” Miles gritted his teeth hard, and the muscles on his face were twisted.

“I don’t think there’s a need for you to do that,” at that time, an eerie voice sounded from the side, filled with contempt, “If you go, you’ll only embarrass yourself again.”

“Who said that!” Miles immediately fumed with rage, and he stood straight like a statue, roaring angrily in the direction of the sound.

However, as soon as Miles saw the speaker, his fury was immediately extinguished, and his mouth trembled, but he did not say another word.

The person who spoke just now was a pale-faced slender girl with neatly-combed bangs.

The girl’s shiny and black hair draped down, and she was terrifyingly petite.

Moreover, she had a deadly aura around her, causing others to tremble at the sight of her.

Yet, the strangest part was the black collar around the girl‘s neck which had a thin chain, and its end extended into Harper’s sleeve.

The girl who shut Miles up with just a glance was just like a dog, chained to Harper‘s hand using a leash!

“Stop with the nonsense!” Harper looked at the crowd, and everyone immediately quietened.

Then, he continued, “Since Jayden, Yuri, and the others aren’t here yet, we don’t need to wait for them anymore.

If they manage to come here when the entrance opens later, they’ll naturally enter.

Moreover, if your injuries are fine, then don’t waste any more time and follow me.”

“I’m fine!” Miles directly shouted.

His arm was still badly swollen, and blood was slowly oozing out from the torn skin.

Nevertheless, at the thought of the humiliation he suffered, the pain was nothing.

“I‘m alright too,” Wayne replied as he covered his chest.

Not long after he said that he coughed, and a trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Among them, Wayne suffered the most.

Not only was his longsword ruined, Caspian even punched his chest hard, almost killing him instantly.

At that time, it took extreme effort for Wayne to stand.

However, as one of the best among the Ninth Sacred Sect’s apprentices, he must force himself and could not afford to retreat.

Jeremy was worse.

The hatred in his eyes almost materialized, turning into blood and flowing furiously.

As Caspian immediately blasted Jeremy‘s right palm, it was not carefully bandaged, and the blood- stained appearance was extremely terrifying.

Nonetheless, Jeremy seemed unbothered, and he glanced at Harper.

“Harper, don’t you worry about it.

Once we enter the Hopeful Woman Mountain, we won’t disappoint you again.”

“Since that’s the case, let’s go in as the entrance is about to close.

If we miss this chance, we’ll have to wait for another day.” Harper did not seem to care about his fellow juniors’ injuries, and after saying that, he took the black-haired girl and leaped onto the mountain trail.

Miles and the other glanced at each other, gritted their teeth, and led the remaining Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples to rush into the mountain.

As for the disciples from other smaller sects, they waited until the Heavenly Stars Sect and Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples entered before bolting into the Hopeful Woman Mountain.

Later, the originally noisy scene became empty and fell into silence.

Finally, as the last cultivator entered the mountain, the surging miasma slowly rotated, covering the passage to the mountain again.

At that time, a man with thick makeup looked over here from a mountain in the distance.

He watched the Hopeful Woman Mountain’s entrance and mumbled to himself, “Is the time too short?”

After pondering for a moment, he took out a messenger and wrote a message before sending it out.

Soon, the mountain entrance, which would only open once a day for 15 minutes, opened again.

“Keeping it open longer should be able to lure more mice in.

Then, it’ll be more interesting.” The man with the heavy makeup nodded and revealed a strange smile.

Next, he giggled and leaped toward a giant tree nearby, disappearing in a flash.

Two silhouettes bolted out from the forest about an hour later and arrived at the Hopeful Woman Mountain’s entrance.

“Eh? Why is there no one?” Maya glanced around, asking Omar in confusion.

“I‘m not sure, but Casper mentioned that a monster appeared in the Hopeful Woman Mountain, and we should meet here?” Omar shook his head.

“Should we wait for them here?” Maya asked.

During their previous contact, Maya was notified that Solana was with Caspian.

Then, Omar carefully observed the surroundings, and his eyes soon lit up as he said, “There’s no need for that.

I believe they’re already in the Hopeful Woman Mountain.”

“What?” Maya was puzzled.

“The traces on the ground have explained everything,” Omar answered without explaining much as he waved his hand, “Casper and the rest must’ve entered, and we shouldn’t waste any time.

We’ll understand after we go in and meet up with them.”

“Alright,” Maya agreed without hesitation.

Naturally, the two of them were unaware that the Hopeful Woman Mountain’s entrance only opened once a day, so they did not think twice before directly dashing into the mountain path.

Not long after, another group of Ninth Sacred Sect’s disciples showed up, and they entered the Hopeful Woman Mountain after observing the surroundings.

The Heavenly Stars Sect’s Benedict also appeared shortly after, entering the mountain with his ancient sword.

About an hour later, Xander also emerged.

Then, he looked around the area and calmly walked toward the mountain path.

That time, the entrance opened up for four hours, and cultivators entered one after another.

Then, the miasma gathered again, just like a sinister behemoth closing its deadly mouth as it grinned.

No one was aware that in the depths of the Hopeful Woman Mountain, a pair of huge blood-red pupils were also watching the movement at the entrance through the spring water.

Those eyes belonged to a mighty white tiger, and they flashed with a human expression as if it was thinking and lamenting.

Once the entrance to the mountain shut, the white tiger shook its head, and it spoke in human language.

“All of you… Are dying this time… None of you will survive…” Before the white tiger could finish its sentence, a painful look appeared on its face.

Then, its body twitched slightly, and it looked at its abdomen.

The lower abdomen of the white tiger bulged, and it would be squirming from time to time.

In the white tiger’s belly, there was a little life that was about to be born soon.

The white tiger looked at its protruding belly, and a trace of determination flashed in its eyes.

“I’ll never let you succeed.

Never!” As the tiger said that, it looked at the water again, reflecting a scene in the Hopeful Woman Mountain with panic-stricken faces.

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