Chapter 316

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Nonetheless, the fearful emotion only lasted for a second before it disappeared.

Soon, Pablo’s heart was filled with embarrassment and anger.

“B*stard!” Pablo cursed and moved the scimitar in his hand.

“The Seventh Brilliant Ghostly Chop! Four Bladeless Flurry!”

In that instant, dozens of sword lights flashed out like a peacock fanning out its feather, slashing at the giant ax.


Among the sound of the impact, the massive ax did not move.

However, it suddenly flew out like a boat being washed away by a giant tide.

Then, Solana was also tossed backward with a scream.

There was a cracking sound from Solana’s right shoulder, which seemed to be dislocated by the giant ax when it flew out just now.

Next, countless sword lights mercilessly fell on her, sputtering a large amount of blood.

Once Solana fell on the ground, there were about six deep wounds on her arms, waist, and legs.

Soon, Solana swayed slightly as she forcefully got herself on her feet and looked at Pablo indifferently.

“A second-stage Pulse Control Realm’s strength won’t be shaken by an insignificant mid-level first- stage ant like you!” Pablo mocked.

“Before this, I wanted to kill you as soon as possible and chased after your friends.

However, I’ve changed my mind! I want you to pay tenfold or a hundredfold for your actions!”

At the thought of how he actually felt fear just now, Pablo was embarrassed.

He must torture thie d*mn woman so that he could vent his anger!

Then, Pablo waved his scimitar.


Solana took a step to the side, and the sword light quickly followed after her like a venomous hunting snake.

In a flash, a long wound appeared on Solana’s calf.

Then, blood sprayed out, and Solana lost her balance, tilting over and falling to the ground.

However, she did not utter a single word but just clenched her teeth and immediately stood again.


Another sword light flashed, and it slashed at Solana’s other calf.

As her dress was torn, Solana’s smooth and delicate skin was slowly seeping with blood.

That time, Solana staggered and almost fell.

Pablo was in extreme enjoyment as he watched Solana struggling to get up.

The more painful and miserable Solana was, the happier Pablo felt.

“The Imperial Jail Deity Physique? Even if you have an innate physique, your realm is far beneath mine.

Do you think you can win against me with your current state?”

Then, Pablo slashed at Solana again, causing her to fall.

Pablo watched as Solana’s abdomen gushed with blood, and he sneered.

“The difference in realm determines who’s the mighty one and who’s just like an ant.

A mid-level first-stage Pulse Control Realm disciple would never be a match against me, a second- stage Pulse Control Realm cultivator!”

When Pablo noticed that Solana still tried to stand up, he walked forward and kicked her.

Solana vomited a mouthful of blood, and her body slammed against a huge tree, causing it to shake before she finally fell to the ground.

“I can’t beat you… But…” Solana finally uttered the first sentence of the day, “I’ll never admit defeat…”

“Aren’t you a stubborn one!” Pablo fumed with rage, and he raised his scimitar, “Since that’s the case, just go to hell!”

As soon as he said that, Pablo swung his scimitar, aiming at Solana‘s neck like lightning.

A sharp light flashed in Solana’s eyes, and she was about to retreat.

However, just as she exerted force on her legs, intense pain surged all over, and she immediately lost her balance, falling toward the sword light.

Solana watched as she got closer to the sword light, and she gritted her teeth hard.

There was a look of indignation on her face.

“Just die already!”


A crisp sound on impact came, and Pablo felt as if he slashed on a steel rod.

Then, the scimitar was immediately bounced away, and his wrists and arms shook so badly that they were sore.

Pablo was surprised and angered.

He retreated a dozen steps before finally stabilizing himself, and he roared furiously, “Who is it?!”

He was not a fool, and he knew that someone must have stopped him just now.

When Pablo raised his head, he saw Caspian helping Solana, who was in the puddle of blood, to get up.

“You are…” Pablo’s pupils abruptly constricted, and he instantly grinned.

”It’s you! There’s an easy way out, yet you choose to walk into hell! Since you’re here, don’t dream of walking away!”

However, Caspian did not even spare him a glance.

Instead, after he supported Solana, he sighed and asked, “I’ve heard your scream from far away just now.

Since Omar and Maya are not in the same direction as you, why are you doing this to yourself?”

“Hmm?” When Pablo heard Caspian, his face changed drastically as if he realized something.

Then, he shouted, “What did you say?”

Caspian acted as if he could not hear Pablo.

Next, he held Solana’s arm and pulled forcefully.

With a loud crack, a sudden pain surged in Solana, causing her face to be ashen.

Soon, Solana was drenched in sweat, her body tensed up, and she even trembled slightly.

However, her dislocated shoulder seemed to have popped back.

In the entire process, Solana did not make a single sound.

After taking a deep breath, Solana answered, “I didn’t want to lose.”

Her voice was gentle, but her tone was full of determination.

“Are you crazy?” Caspian was stunned by her answer, and he could not help but scold, “If I didn’t arrive in time, you’d be dead already!”

“I might die, but I didn’t lose,” Solana replied stubbornly.

“Were you dropped as a baby?” Caspian’s feeling at the moment was indescribable.

Solana was an extraordinarily charming and adorable lady, and she had a great figure.

However, her thoughts seemed to be haywire?

Before Solana could answer, Pablo was already roaring in anger from afar.

“Shut up!”

His eyes burned with rage as he stared at Caspian.

“You mentioned the other two were in different directions.

What does it mean?”

Caspian looked askance at Pablo and faked a smile.

“It means the two other people that were chasing after them are dead.”

Pablo immediately shouted, “You’re lying!”

The smile on Caspian’s face was as bright as ever, but the words he spoke sent chills down their spines.

“I never lie to the dead.”

Pablo was exasperated, and he pointed at Solana, saying, “You’re both mid-level first-stage Pulse Control Realm cultivators.

Do you think you can win against me by teaming up with this woman who can’t even stand properly? Dream on! You’re all worthless!”

Caspian supported Solana to the side, and he walked back, looking at Pablo.

Then, he slowly raised the Ghoul-Locker Spear in his hand.

“You’re wrong! We’re not going to team up, but I can kill you by myself.”

When Caspian said that, Pablo and Solana’s eyes sparkled with brilliant lights.

Nonetheless, Pablo was incensed, and the muscles on his face were twisted as he clenched his jaw hard.

On the other hand, Solana’s eyes revealed an expectant look, as if she looked forward to that for a long time.

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