Chapter 269

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The more Peter thought about it, the happier he was.

Perhaps he was really in a good mood, or maybe it was the alcohol influence, but Peter felt as if he walked on air and almost floating.

The courtyard that Peter stayed in was just nearby.

What made Peter unhappy was that the few disciples staying with him did not obediently wait for him outside the door.

“These people… Are digging their graves… Ruining my… Ruining my great mood… They’re going to be… In big trouble…” Peter narrowed his eyes and burped a few times.

Then, he staggered toward the compound.

At that time, someone in a black cloak walked straight toward him.

Peter was used to running rampantly among the apprentices, so he did not avoid the person.

Suddenly, the two of them bumped into each other.

As the disciples from his courtyard did not greet him, Peter was in a bad mood, and he wanted to find a place to vent on his way home.

Then, someone bumped into him on his territory.

Peter was angered, and he immediately raised his hands and pressed on the other person‘ s shoulder.

“Hey! You hit me, yet you want to leave?”

The person looked at Peter.

However, due to the cloak, Peter could not see the person’s face.

“Peter, it’s been a while.”

Just as Peter was about to squint his eyes and take a closer look at the man’s face, a voice immediately came from underneath the cloak, and it sobered Peter up and sent a chill down his spine.

Then, the person lifted his cloak, showing a grin on a familiar face.

When Peter saw the face, his scalp went numb, his heartbeats became haywire, and his limbs were cold as if he fell into an icehouse.

The spiritual alcohol he drank quickly turned to cold sweat seeping from his back and forehead, causing him to sober up by more than 50%.

The next second, Peter regained his senses, and he exclaimed, “Casp…”

“It’s me.

It’s been a while.” Caspian smiled brightly.

Then, his expression abruptly sank.

“Go to hell!”


A punch broke through the air, and the shock caused a violent gust of wind and loud noise.

Peter was a peak first-stage Pulse Control Realm cultivator, and he was only a step away from the Holy Land Realm.

If it were under usual circumstances, Peter could still barely avoid the punch in a hurry.

However, Peter was still drunk, and it was hard to control his body.

Moreover, he did not expect to meet Caspian here.

Thus, Peter was caught off guard as Caspian directly punched his face.


Peter’s nose bridge was smashed into three parts, and his entire nose sank inward.

Not only that, but two of his front teeth broke, and his face instantly burst like an exploding tomato, with thick gooey violently gushed out.

Peter was knocked across the area, and he fell heavily to the ground.

Nonetheless, Peter’s reaction was still fast enough.

Even though his head buzzed badly and he was seeing stars, he managed to support himself with one hand on the ground relying on his combat instinct.

He was about to stand, and he wanted to create a distance between him and Caspian so that he could scream for help.

Then, the nearby patrol team would rush to him.

No matter how brave Caspian was, he would not dare to attack him again.

Unfortunately for Peter, Caspian came here especially for him.

Thus, why would he give Peter the chance to do that?

Peter barely stood when he suddenly heard Caspian’s voice.

“Trying to escape?”

The voice was so close that Peter’s soul almost left his body.

Before he could even respond, Caspian turned and leaped in the air.

Then, he condensed his whole abdomen strength and heavily blasted Peter’s chest as if his leg were a cannonball out of its chamber.



Peter wailed, and he started throwing up mouthfuls of blood.

Then, as he let out a miserable cry, Peter’s body suddenly flew about 100 meters away, and he fell into a nearby stream.

Caspian’s attack out of fury almost broke all of Peter’s bones and caused them to pierce his internal organs.

If Peter were not a cultivator and did not have amazing vitality, Caspian’s kick was enough to send him to the depths of hell ten times.

Although Peter survived, he suffered severe injuries.

His mouth, nose, eyes, and ears bled, and his chest sunk in.

He appeared hideous and horrible.

The stream next to him was dyed black in an instant.

If an ordinary person saw it, they might wet their pants from the scene.

As Peter threw up mouthfuls of blood, he resisted the intense pain all over his body and exhaustively climbed up from the scene.

Everything he saw was blurry, but he quickly saw Caspian’s cold expression in front of him.

Peter felt as if his soul was about to leave his body.

“Are you going to run away again?” Caspian slapped Peter.


Peter only felt as if there was an explosion by his ear.

A large swath of air instantly turned into a billowing hurricane and blasted at him.

“Ahh!” Peter screamed miserably, and half of his face sunk in.

Then, half of his teeth well out from his gum, mixed with his blood as he spat them out.

Not only that, but one of his eyeballs was protruding, and his eyelid could not even cover it.

As Peter was sent flying meters away, he finally fell into the stream again, splashing a large amount of blood.

That time, Peter’s miserable scream immediately broke the quietness of the night.

Not long after, the nearby patrolling disciples rushed over.

The disciples living in the surrounding compounds also came over after they heard the terrible cry, and they thought something big happened.

Soon, about dozens of people saw Caspian half-bending at the stream in front, and he was blasting punches at someone in the water.

Yet, he appeared calm, as if he did something mundane.

However, with each punch Caspian blasted, the ground would shake, and the already blood-red water would explode.

The scene was so terrifying that everyone present felt their heart stop beating.

Three patrolling disciples rushed over, and they looked at each other.

None of them dared to walk forward.

Finally, one of the patrolling disciples could not stand it anymore.

If they saw that happen but did not stop, they would be severely punished too.

“Stop right there!” The patrolling disciple walked forward, and he shouted at Caspian for him to stop.

Caspian did not look at him at all, but he just tossed something at him backhandedly.

Next, a ray of white light shot at the patrolling disciple.

The patrolling disciple was shocked, and he hurriedly caught it.

When he realized that it was a jade identification badge, he was relieved.

“Just deduct my sect contribution points.

No one can stop me from beating this guy up,” Caspian suddenly said.

When the few patrolling disciples heard that, they were all dumbfounded.

Whenever there was a fight between the disciples, they would usually stop when the patrolling disciples interfered.

The patrolling disciples never saw someone like Caspian who was unbothered by them, and he could not careless if they deducted all of his sect contribution points.

As the few patrolling disciples were stunned, someone exclaimed from the crowd, “Isn’t the person in the water Peter Davidson, the top ten of the spiritual apprentice list!”

The voice shocked everyone, and everyone quickly turned their sights to the bloody guy in the stream.

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