Chapter 263

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The young lady looked at Caspian, and as she spoke, there was a complicated look on her face, revealing anger and hatred. Then, after rambling for a while, she seemed somewhat tired, and she lay beside Caspian. She lifted one of Caspian’s arms, wanting to use it as a pillow. However, she soon noticed that blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. Exasperated, the young lady sighed. Then, she leaned against a pile of snow and shut her eyes.

Caspian still laid on the floor, not moving at all. Although he was unconscious, the fragments of his memories kept appearing and regrouping in his mind. It was as if the stormy sea tried to engulf his consciousness.

The endless killing of monsters that almost bent his Ghoul-Locker Spear, the thick blood mist in front of him, the advancement of the Immortal Demon Physique, and how he used the Pointing to the Stars countless times, but he was still full of stamina…

At the end of his memory, Caspian seemed to have heard a voice that he did not hear for a long time from the sky at the end of his memory. He killed mercilessly, almost going mad, but the voice pulled him back from the end of the cliff.

However, a sudden massive explosion blasted him into mid-air. Then, it was as if someone dragged him or even talked to him. When he opened his eyes, he believed he saw snow falling, and it was like he was in a bumpy snowing region. Later, there was only a burst of comfort and serenity.

“Comfort and serenity?”

The memory abruptly leaped from here, and Caspian felt his body was tense. Then, as he quickly opened his eyes, he was greeted with endless snow.

“Where am I?” Caspian wanted to sit up straight immediately, but he noticed that he was firmly bound.

Moreover, Caspian was exhausted, and his limbs were like cooked noodles, weak and limp.

“Eh? You’re awake. It’s such a shame that you didn’t die.”

At that time, an aloof and mocking voice sounded. Caspian looked in the direction of the voice, and he saw the pair of blue eyes and chiseled face. Even though he was usually calm, Caspian suddenly felt as if a heavy cannonball struck his chest, and he exclaimed, “Daisy! What are you doing here!”

Daisy Augustus, the Princess of Astren!

Two years ago, their countries were at war, and she was the enemy’s princess that Caspian clashed with many times before.

A year ago, she saved him from the hellhole prison based on marriage.

What did she do here? How did she find him?

If Daisy found Caspian, would it mean that people in Salleria knew that he was alive?

Did Daisy bring her to Astren? How long since he passed out?

Suddenly, endless questions filled Caspian’s mind. His eyes flashed, and he was very focused.

As if she saw through Caspian’s thoughts, Daisy sneered with her arms in front of her. “Humph. You met an old friend, yet you don’t seem happy. Instead, you’re stunned and filled with doubts? What’s wrong? Are you pretending that you don’t know I saved you from the explosion? I even treated your wounds, wiped you clean! You didn’t change at all, Caspian! You’re still a heartless jerk!”

When she said the last sentence, Daisy was angered. She stood and kicked the basin of water over, which splashed at Caspian. However, the water was only warm, and it did not scald him. Was it on purpose?

“You saved me?” Caspian lowered his head and saw that he was covered with the tiger skin. After checking the condition of his wounds, Caspian’s fragmented memories swiftly puzzle back together.

The bumpy road in the snow was when Daisy carried him as she walked, the warmth and comfort he felt was when Daisy brought him into this snow cave.

“Caspian, you b*stard! You’re only paying attention to half of what I’m saying!” Daisy was furious, and she stomped toward Caspian. Then, she stepped on Caspian‘s chest with her beautiful leg and glared at him with a vicious gaze from above.

Even though it was cold, Daisy was still bare-footed. The skin on her legs was delicate and crystal clear, and her toes were plump, which looked like an enchanting treasure.

“Caspian! You’re such a heartless rat! I won’t let you off the hook!” Daisy was so angry that her chest violently undulated, and she gritted her teeth hard. Then, suddenly, she reached out and yelled, “Bite him!”


The red-colored tiny snake on her right wrist swiftly fell onto Caspian, and it bit at his neck. Soon, Caspian felt a burning sensation trail from his neck toward every part of his body. It was like a small knife was slowly skinning him off, then placed him over a fire.

The pain was unprecedented, and Caspian was quickly drenched in sweat. However, he did not say anything, and his eyes did nothave any changes in them. Instead, Caspian quietly watched Daisy.

Daisy was unwilling to be outdone, and the two of them stared at each other as one of them lay down, and the other stood. After some time, Caspian suddenly smiled. “Thank you, Daisy.”

Those three words were sudden, and they immediately struck at the softest spot in Daisy’s heart. In the blink of an eye, her breathing turned stagnant, her mind buzzed, and her eyes suddenly red. However, she must stay strong at that time!

Daisy hurriedly turned her head over and took a deep breath in. Then, she forcibly blinked her eyes, stopping her tears from falling before she looked at Caspian and said coldly, “I don’t need your gratitude. I want an explanation.”

“Where are we?” Caspian asked.

“Someplace called Darnley Valley,” Daisy answered subconsciously. After she said that, she quickly regained her senses and rudely stepped on Caspian again. “Hey! I’m talking to you now, so you’re not allowed to ask questions. Otherwise, I’ll ask them to bite you!”

Caspian felt slightly relieved when he heard that they were still in Darnley Valley and did not leave Earlington of Efrax. As for Daisy’s threat, Caspian ignored them and asked the second question, “How long was I unconscious?”

“Two days,” Daisy replied coldly, “I dare you to ask another…”

“What are you doing here?” Then, without waiting for Daisy to finish her sentence, Caspian directly interrupted her with the third question.

As Caspian turned the topic toward her, Daisy’s expression became much gentler, and she hugged her elbows and scoffed. “In these two years, I’ve been cultivating as I search for you. Since I’ve found you, I’m naturally here.”

”Cultivating?” Caspian sized Daisy up and down.

Due to their current position, Daisy suddenly felt uncomfortable being looked at by Caspian. Hence, she retracted the leg that stepped on his chest and quietly put her legs together. Then, Daisy glared at him. “If you look at me for another second, I’m going to dig your eyes out!”

Of course, Caspian once again ignored her thread, and he nodded. “Indeed. You’re now a Pulse Control Realm cultivator. I didn’t expect that you’d step on the pathway to immortality. If that’s the case, you must be the reason why I can‘t move now. Also, those two snakes are your new pets? I haven’t seen them before.”

“Humph! So don’t dream of treating me the way you did before unless I’ m willing.” Daisy looked at him with a proud expression.

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