Chapter 245

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Even though the Stargazing Platform was opened for the Heavenly Stars Sect’s disciples, the security was extremely strict, and only those with passes could enter.

Otherwise, even Grandmasters would not be allowed to get in.

When the founder of the Heavenly Stars Sect set up the Stargazing Platform, he naturally laid a formation that would last forever.

Hence, not only master Heavenly Spirit Realm’s Grandmasters, but even the supreme Amethyst Palace Realm would land themselves in serious trouble if they wanted to enter the place forcibly.

Although no one knew what exactly would happen, no one broke into the Heavenly Stars Sect since it was built.

Hence, its power and deterrence were evident.

As Maya did not have an entry pass, she had to wait outside and watch as Rose walked into the Stargazing Platform.

Initially, Rose already felt the Stargazing Platform’s extreme grandiose outside.

However, when he walked into the place, Rose realized that his knowledge limited his imagination.

Once he entered the Stargazing Platform, Rose felt as if he was among the quiet night sky.

The dazzling galaxy, the brilliant lights, and the pitted planets were clearly in sight.

Everything was so real, and despite knowing that it was all an illusion created by formation, Rose felt as if he could feel the entire world’s breathing.

The pass in Rose’s hand indicated the area he could go.

At that moment, the entire corridor was pathed with starlights, appearing in front of him.

The dreamy hallway was decorated with crystals at both sides, and between them were the available martial skills that he could select.

Rose walked along the corridor once, and he browsed at the available martial skills and cultivation techniques present.

Then, after giving it a thought, Rose decided on one of each.

The martial art he chose was the Firmament’s Ghoul-Locker Spear.

Since Rose was an expert with spears, the Mortal Grade Bloodthirsty Spear Method was no longer fitting for his current realm.

As for the Firmament’s Ghoul-Locker Spear, it was a high-rank Earth Grade martial skill, and it was even a level better than the Pointing to the Stars.

If there were no special needs afterward, that spear method would be enough before he had a breakthrough in the Pulse Control Realm.

Compared to the Bloodthirsty Spear Method, the Firmament’s Ghoul-Locker Spear’s force was stronger and more violent.

What was more satisfying as compared to the defense of Bloodthirsty Spear Method’s second skill, the Firmament’s Ghoul-Locker Spear did not have any defense at all, only forward attack.

Breaking the armor, destroying the enemy, and only pressing forward courageously!

That fitted Rose’s unshakeable courage and diligent nature.

The cultivation technique he picked was the Stars Overlord.

Cultivation techniques were different from martial skills as they were not ranked.

Nonetheless, Rose chose it after careful deliberations.

From the perspective of the introduction to the cultivation techniques, the Stars Overlord was the original method designed by the Heavenly Stars Sect’s founder in the early years of his cultivation.

Later, he gained knowledge from his learning and created the Heavenly Stars Sect after that, and he perfected the technique, In truth, the Stars Overlord was only a general name as the cultivation technique was divided into four parts.

The Flora and Fauna Form, the Clear Jade Form, the Infinite Vajra, and the Starlight Overlord.

Every part corresponded to each realm.

The Flora and Fauna Form was equivalent to the True Martial Realm, and the Clear Jade Realm matched the Pulse Control Realm.

Once Rose reached the corresponding realm, he could practice that level of cultivation technique.

Nonetheless, no matter what realm the cultivator was in, he would need to start from the Flora and Fauna Form.

Rose not only chose the cultivation technique because the Heavenly Stars Sect’s founder created it but also because of its efficacy.

After practicing the Stars Overlord, not only would the cultivator’s body be tampered with and stronger, the spiritual Qi would also flow faster in his body.

And as the cultivator deepened the cultivation, the changes would become more apparent.

The simplest example would be the Pointing to the Stars.

Sebastian could point out one finger in three seconds, but once Rose mastered the Stars Overlord, he would only need two seconds.

If they were put against each other for six seconds, Rose could make three moves, but Sebastian could only do two.

Hence, the result was obvious.

The Stars Overlord would also significantly improve the cultivator’s defense.

During the spiritual apprentice list ranking competition that time, Rose could defeat Maya as he mainly relied on the Immortal Demon Physique.

Regardless of whether it was blatantly going against the storm or blocking Maya’s sword with his body in the end if it were not for Rose’s Immortal Demon Physique, he would have been dead earlier.

Therefore, Rose also realized a truth.

Only when he was alive that he could continue causing harm to his opponents. Furthermore, the Stars Overlord would improve with his attack and defense.

If Rose did not choose the cultivation technique, which would he choose?

Based on the rewards Rose received that time, Rose could only choose two martial skills.

Since he was done picking them, the starlight corridor disappeared after suddenly flashing once.

Then, a transportation array in the shape of a nebula appeared in front of Jordan.

Rose entered the formation, and a gust of cold wind blew.

When Rose opened his eyes, he was already outside of the Stargazing Platform.

Maya waited for Rose outside.

When she saw Rose coming out, Maya immediately rushed to him.

“Casper, I thought you’d stay longer.

Why are you out so soon?” Maya asked in confusion.

“Since I know what I need to improve on, it’s easy to make a choice based on that” Rose chuckled.

”What did you choose?”

The Firmament’s Ghoul-Locker Spear and the Star Overlord,” Rose answered.

Maya pondered for a moment, and then she giggled like a little fox.

“It seems that you’re going to have a great result in the next spiritual apprentice list ranking competition.”

“It’s always great to improve more.”

“Since you‘re so hardworking, I can’t slack anymore.

If I meet you again in the ranking competition three months later, I won’t lose again,” Maya said with her hands akimbo.

“Maya, you have the Flame Phoenix Physique.

Once your magic is a success, I’ll have to be more careful with you,” Rose joked as he complimented her.

Maya nodded.

“That’s right.

Come to think of it, let‘s part here.

However, remember that you agreed to come over to my place when you have the time.

I have a few questions that I need to discuss with you about the previous competition.”


Not a problem at all.” Rose naturally would not refuse discussion on cultivation.


It’ s a deal, then.

Let’s meet again soon.” Maya smiled as she waved goodbye at Jordan.

.However, just as she walked a few steps, Maya seemed to recall something, and she stopped halfway.

Then, she turned around and cheekily showed her little tongue, saying, “Oh, right.

I almost forgot to tell you not to go to the mission pavilion and accept tasks in the next few days.

Also, don’t leave your courtyard.”

“Why?” Rose asked in confusion.

“The earliest you’ll know about it is in three days, the latest in a week.”

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