Chapter 1

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A hellhole prison was located near the border of Salleria. It was built hundreds of floors underground, and just like a ghastly beast with a huge mouth, it wanted to swallow everything around it.

The prison was deprived of light all year round. It was dim and damp. Furthermore, as one went further down, the surroundings became darker and colder. When they finally reached the deepest end, they were greeted with intense cold and pitch-black darkness. Even if a candle was lit, it would only be a faint gleam. The darkness emitted a sense of despair as if it would swallow a person whole at any time.

At that moment, a shrill but subtle noise echoed intermittently along the dark corridor, coming from the deepest end of the hellhole prison. It sounded like a banshee’s wail, so mournful that it made one‘s hair stand on end.

“Obeying God’s order… The emperor issued an imperial edict…”

“His Imperial Majesty crowned an heir to the seat. To celebrate, he’s granting total amnesty…”

“The prisoner, Nirina Montgomery… Will restore his status as a prince… Travel to Astren… Marriage of convenience…”

”Embark on the journey tomorrow…”

“These are the words of the emperor…”

After reading the imperial edict, the eunuch arrogantly looked at the young man, whose arms were hung by iron chains. Then, he smirked. “Congratulations, Your Royal Highness. You should’ve been sentenced to death for conspiring against the monarch, yet you‘re pardoned a year later. I’m envious of your great luck…”

Even though he addressed Nirina as Your Royal Highness, by congratulating him and saying he was envious of him, a fool could tell how cynical his tone was.

“Oh? Is that so?” In the dark, Nirina Montgomery lowered his head.

His long hair fell on his sides and covered his cheeks. No one could see his expression, but that did not stop him from questioning,” Eunuch Fischer, don’t you know well why I’d commit treason?”

Morris Fischer was the eunuch in question, and when he heard Nirina’s words, his face immediately fell. Then, as if there were ants in his pants, Morris was startled and shouted, “What are you talking about? Shut up!”

Then, he hurriedly glanced at the jailers and imperial guards who followed him, afraid that they would pick up any clues.

Nirina sniggered, and he calmly said, “I entered the first stage of the True Martial Realm when I was six at Blue Mountain, where I bare-handedly killed packs of twenty six wolves, protecting the safety of the people. When I was eight, I reached the second stage of the True Martial Realm. I went to the Lunar Valley with only one sword in my hand, and I wiped out the oppressive tyrants. In total, I’ve killed seven hundred and sixty of them from the Dark Zephyr Bandits. With that, I’ve opened the access of trade routes that connect the north and west of Salleria, which benefits thousands of families.”

He continued, “At eleven, I attained the third stage of True Martial Realm. With a gun in my hand, I managed to suppress the Northwest Turban Rebellion and beheaded three thousand four hundred and eighteen of them. Since then, there have been no more internal troubles in Salleria, bringing peace to the whole country. That year, I was named as the crown prince.”

”When I was fifteen, I entered the fourth stage of the True Martial Realm. The borders were enveloped in flames of wars, I led Salleria’s army of fierce fighters and fend off the enemies, beheaded our enemy’s generals, and captured their flags. After that, I commanded the troop to go up north. Although we met an impasse, we were able to destroy Astren’s strong soldiers, killing three hundred thousand of them. Later, we attacked Astren’s capital, forced their emperor to abdicate and submit to us.”

“I’m sixteen this year, and despite conspiring against the monarch, I’m still alive. Just as Eunuch Fischer said, my luck is indeed great.”

Hearing those, Morris’s face was ashen. He yelled many times, asking Nirina to shut up. Nonetheless, his shrill screams were like kicks against the pricks, useless in front of Nirina’s soft voice and calm tone. As Nirina continued describing, Morris’s expression turned uglier. Finally, when Nirina finished his speech, the jail room was as quiet as the grave. Although Nirina was still locked in iron chains, wearing a thin and shabby prison uniform along with a frail appearance due to the one-year imprisonment, his aura was still imperious and terrifying to everyone in the cell!

Morris was horrified, and his breathing got heavier. In his eyes there was nothing but panic as he stuttered, “Stefan, stop spurting nonsense! Do you think that I’ll be afraid of you just because you’ve restored your status as a prince? On the contrary, you’ve committed a crime against the emperor, started a rebellion, and conspired against the state. Moreover, you stained the palace with your licentious behavior…”

Morris appeared threatening, but he was secretly frightened. However, before he could finish his sentence, Stefan, whose head hung low the whole time, suddenly looked at Morris. His eyes were bright like the stars and deep as the night. It was as they instantly illuminated the furthest prisoner cell in this hellhole prison. Nirina’s gaze was sharp like blades pressing against Morris’s throat, and he suddenly felt suffocated.

The terrifying moment suddenly turned the surroundings incomparably icy. Just like a thunder’s crackling, it sent chills down Morris’s spine and made his blood run cold.

“The people supported me, the court councilors obeyed me, and my prestige was unparalleled in the military. Besides, I’m already the crown prince, and the throne would be mine sooner or later. Under such circumstances, why’d I return with the troops in triumph for the celebratory banquet after winning

a great war and kill my father, the emperor, and try to usurp the seat? Morris, don’t you know the reason best!”

The last sentence was no longer a question but a roar. Then, just like a clap of thunder, it shocked Morris and the other present. Their ears buzzed, and they were in a trance.

While everyone was still panicking, Nirina slowly stood up. In that instant, everyone was in awe of his upright stance, as if he was a spear that could pierce through the heavens!

It seemed that one year of imprisonment in the hellhole prison did nothing to him! Instead, it sharpened him further, and he could now puncture a hole through the sky!

“Unlock the chains!” Nirina growled. The jailer at the side trembled, and he dared not to resist Moses. Then, he moved forward and took out the keys to the iron chains.

“No. Don’t…” Morris was dumbfounded, but he soon regained his senses.

Unfortunately, he was so scared out of his wits that he forgot the purpose of this visit. Before he even finished his sentence, a crisp clunking noise could be heard in the air. The sound was from the falling iron chains that were used to lock Nirina’s limbs.

“You said that my luck’s great, but no matter how good it is, it’s not comparable to yours, Eunuch Fischer.”

Next, Nirina moved his hands and legs around as he approached Morris. “The unknown eunuch that exposed my conspiracy against the state suddenly soared into such a high rank.”

Seeing that the person in front of him was smiling, but his eyes were filled with frost, Morris was so petrified that his expression was twisted. Then, he retreated step by step, stuttering, “No… That’s not it. His Majesty and His Royal Highness…”

Nonetheless, Morris hurriedly covered his mouth, stopping himself from saying more. The corners of his eyes were twitching, and he wished he could swallow back those words he said just now. If he exposed such a big secret, then his death would be unthinkable.

Nirina laughed softly as if it was as he expected. The next second, he immediately raised his hand and slapped Morris.

Morris was still in a daze when he felt a wind blowing on his face. It suffocated him. As he turned his head to look over, he saw a palm getting closer to him, occupying his whole line of sight.


The sound was so loud as if a hammer weighing a hundred kilograms fell to the ground.

Morris’s entire face was crooked midair, and half of his teeth fell from his gum. The mixture of fresh blood, saliva, and his broken teeth flew out of his mouth, like scattered leaves being blown by the autumn breeze.

His body heavily slammed onto the wall and slowly slid down. However, a ghastly sight of the horrifying blood trail could be seen on the damp and slippery wall.

The jailers and imperial guards that wanted to rush forward immediately widened their eyes in shock. Then, each of them gasped as their face was ashen, and it appeared that they did not dare to take a step forward anymore as they retreated without hesitation.

With a faint smile on his face, Nirina lowered his head and looked at the bloody Morris. It was as if Nirina was celebrating for Morris as he asked, “My strength just now was only one percent of my actual ability. If I weren’t drugged, you’d be dead. Eunuch Fischer, don’t you think your luck’s great too?”

Half of Morris’s head was drenched in blood, and he only felt his head buzzing as if there were thousands of mad bees flying in disarray. Moreover, he was seeing stars, and there was nothing but the intense taste of blood in his mouth. Through his blurry eyesight, Morris could vaguely see Nirina tearing his prison uniform. Then, he grabbed the black cloak the imperial guard brought along and put it on. In an instant, Nirina blended in with the darkness around them. After that, Morris felt a leg stepping on his face. It was as if Nirina wanted to push his head into the soil.

At this moment, Morris was overwhelmed with fear and regret.

“Eunuch Fischer, I’ll spare your life so that you can pass my words to the fellow sitting on the throne.”

Out of resentment for his son and afraid that he would threaten his throne, he did not hesitate to frame and impute Moses. Hence, that man was no longer worthy of being regarded as his father.

Nirina‘s voice was as calm as always.

“A year ago, I subdued Astren. I’m too lazy to care as to why it ended up like this now. However, if he wants me to agree to the marriage of convenience, then he must agree to three conditions.”

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