Chapter 1

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A tall, muscular man in a tank top was sweating profusely on his bed and suddenly, he started breathing heavily, with a confused expression in his eyes.

Who am i?

Where is this?

Am I really me?

These questions constantly stirred in his mind as the man sought the answers to these philosophical questions in his mind.

Right, I am Leon. When i jumped off the cliff, I was stuck by lightning, but why am I alive? Also who is this Yang Yi? His face gradually recovered from it’s paleness and he started looking more confident.

In his mind is the memories of the past combining together, bringing a sharp pain into the depths of his soul, almost making him lose consciousness again. After the fusion of the two souls, Leon slowly understands the past of the previous owner of the body and the world he is in currently.

Right! He has truely transmigrated into another world after being struck by lightning! The lightning helped his soul sneak into another dimension and after an unknown period of time, resided in this man’s body.

However the fusion of the two souls has not ceased and through the fusion, compels Leon to believe that he is this man! As the two souls are contending for dominance, Leon’s soul slowly gained the upper hand and the predecessor’s soul slowly dissipated and merged into Leon’s soul.

Naturally Leon is also far from being reborn as this world is different from the Earth he knew! After examining Yang Yi’s memories, he realize that there are many differences!

For example, this planet is called Blue Star instead of Earth and the history of China has changed! Although the big dynasty like the Tang,Song,Yuan,Ming and Qing are present but the shame of China being conquered and key figures that led the restoration of China are absent without a trace in history!

Similarly, songs and movies are we are familiar with have vanished without a trace! Although the general development is the same, there are striking differences in the content!

“This world seems so similar yet so different! how interesting!”

Having sat cross-legged on the bed for a long time, he stands up barefooted and walks into the narrow and small bathroom.

In the bathroom’s mirror.

Looking at the reflection, he sees a pale and healthy face, carefully examining it also seems a little handsome. Although he does not look like Andy Lau or Nicholas Tse which can make young girls scream, but has some similarities to Chang Chen whos face is upright with straight eyebrows slanted upwards. His nose bridge is also long and straight, giving off a feeling of a serious and cold disposition.

Leon was an assassin in his past life and was competent in the art of disguise. able to act perfectly as a corrupt official or a shy high school student. But Leon finds it hard to accept this face! Perhaps in 60-70 years, this face will be very popular but currently, even young girls will run away at the sight of his face!

(TL: i am removing 2 paragraphs about Leon feelings regarding his face from the raws because it makes no sense, is irrelevant to the entire novel and it’s frustrating to translate when it makes zero sense)

Looking at Yang Yi’s life, he quickly realizes that Yang Yi’s life is not anything out of the ordinary. He was a soldier and has a background of practicing martial arts. The body is very healthy and suitable for practicing martial arts and suitable for the internal cultivation methods from his previous life.

Of course, in this peaceful world, there is no need to resort to violence but martial arts is a good form of self defense. returning to Yang Yi’s past, he joined the army when he was 16 and served for more than 10 years. His military rank was not low but because he had a conflict with a son of a general, he was discharged dishonorably after giving him a punch which broke his ribs and made him vomit blood all the way to the hospital.

After being discharged, he left the camp and never turned back. Since then, he has done all kinds of work such as driving bus, lorries, construction, bodyguard and security.

Leon realizes that his predecessor is an extremely upright person, a good man who cannot tolerate injustice. Leon decides that he cannot be such a person.

Tapping his own head “You will have no future if you always think of violence!”

Leon finally achieved his dream of living an ordinary life and does not want to live a life of crime again, constantly on the run.

Leon…Yang Yi…accepted his current status gradually and looked in the mirror..softly saying in his heart “Thank you…and sorry, I will help you complete your dreams instead”.


Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang! The crappy apartment he lives in has narrow and thin walls. the Bangs seem to resemble a drum beat and Yang Yi subconsciously understands something!

He tightens his fist and grabs a knife…killing intent fills the room..

“Papa!Quickly open the door!” a soft and happy sound penetrates and vibrates around the room. “Xixi has come to see you!”

The childish voice of a young child makes Yang Yi’s killing intent vanish into thin air immediately, his tender loving care surges out from every cell in his body uncontrollably and this man who looks like a mass-murderer suddenly has changed into a cuddly teddy bear. (TL: that’s ugly.)

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