Chapter 3 - Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique

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Chapter 3 - Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique

After practicing the sword art, Feng Yun began to study the Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique. This cultivation technique was the secret art of the Ancient Fire Demon Clan. Because of this cultivation art, the Ancient Fire Demon clan was able to become one of the top powerhouses in the ancient age. But only the members of the Ancient Fire Demon clan can cultivate this technique.

The cultivator of the ancient Fire Demon Clan was known for their lustful behavior and their perverted secret art. Because this cultivation technique also works as a dual cultivation technique between man and woman, but this technique was a very high-grade technique, it benefits both man and woman. The male cultivators absorbed the Yin Qi of females and refined it into Pure Yang Qi, for female cultivators it refines the male cultivator's Yang Qi into Pure Yin Qi.

The Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique can also work as a normal cultivation technique, it absorbed the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in the body and refined it into Internal Spirit Qi. But there is a benefit that the Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique's refined internal Spirit Qi is many times more firm and strong compare to the other cultivator's internal Spirit Qi.

Feng Yun didn't want to waste one more second. He sat down in a lotus position and started cultivating the Heavenly Yang cultivation Technique.

Feng Yun has already a breakthrough in the 3rd-layer of Body Refining with help of the pill.

Because of the Heavenly Yang Cultivation Technique, Pulling Spirit Qi inside him through blood and flesh at a speed faster than ever before, noticing how effective the technique was, Feng Yun, didn't want to stop at all and continued cultivating.


After one week of cultivation, Feng Yun has reached the peak of the Body-Refining-3rd-layer. Heavenly Yang cultivation Technique is a higher-grade cultivation art, and because of it, Feng Yun needs much more spirit Qi than any normal martial artist to breakthrough.

After the cultivation ended, he looked tired.

If being exhausted was one reason, the other reason was due to the lack of Yang Qi inside him. The only reason he was able to cultivate this far was due to the Yang Spirit Qi he obtained from his bloodline changing.

If he wanted to make it grow at a quick pace, he'd need to consume Yang-based items or have sex with women.

He used all his money to buy yang treasure in the last month for the cultivation.

Feng Yun had to ask for money from his father if he wanted more money to buy the spirit grass. He already has a bloodline of the Ancient Fire Demon Clan which known for lustful nature, so if he wants to become stronger quickly dual cultivation is a good option. But Feng Yun was not a demon who can grab any woman to cultivate. He needs the consent of the other party as well.

"I already used the money to buy yang resources, so I have to borrow some from a father, but Father is not here now, guess I have to find Aunt Feng Guan."

There is another person he knows that will lend him money. She was the adoptive daughter of his grandfather, Feng Guan. Feng Guan always treats him well and also secretly fallen in love with Feng Yun. In the past, Feng Yun has always been busied with cultivation, so busy that he no longer pays attention to other matters. Now it is different. He was not a crippled person anymore, soon he will become stronger, now can finally be responded to her love.

Feng Guan is the most beautiful woman in the town and as well as talented in martial arts. At the age of 25 years old, already reached the Body Refining peak realm cultivation base, supposed to break through to the Spirit Gathering realm in a few years if there was no accident happened.


In the middle of the night, Feng Yun has stepped out from his courtyard and came straight to Feng Guan's courtyard.

Just he was about to knocks on the door, it suddenly opened without warning.

A faint sweet aroma drifted into his nose.

"Oh! My little nephew! Why are you here?"

A soft voice came into Feng Yun's ears and a graceful woman in the Blue clothes appeared in front of him.

The beauty of this woman was stunning, directly piercing the deepest part of your heart so that your soul.

The delicate and tender woman with long black hair and deep black eyes. The feminine charm of the mature woman is completely seductive combined with her pure and enchanting voice. This is the type of woman you cannot guess the age, as female cultivators could keep looking younger for a while longer compared to mortal women.

"Hi, Aunt Guan, how are you?" Feng Yun simile asked.

"Feng Yun, to what do I owe this pleasure of such a late visit, did you miss me so much?" Seeing the smiling face of Feng Yun, She couldn't help but tease him. She was truly happy that Feng Yun came to meet her because he was always cultivating.

She was slowly attracted to Feng Yun when she met him for the first time, he was continuously bullied by the other children at that time she helped him again and again. They both have a reserved personality, both of them didn't friend, so they started playing and practicing with each other.

Feng Yun practiced diligently daily and was a hard-working young man. As time passed, they slowly became friends, after a few years, Feng Guan unconsciously fell in love with Feng Yun.

"UMM... Aunt... Can we talk inside?"

"Sure, come on in."

Hiding her true feeling of elation, Feng Guan apathetically nodded her head and moved away from the door to let Feng Yun enter her house.

When Feng Yun finally entered her house, Feng Guan hastily shut the door.

"Take a seat and wait while I make us some tea." Feng Guan quickly said and walked towards the kitchen to bring some tea. As she couldn't hide her joy from the sudden visit of Feng Yun in her house.

Sitting on a chair, Feng Yun took his time to observe her properly.

Adding on her glossy black hair and her small lips which were always curved seductively, she looked like a vixen that could tempt any man.

Feng Guan brought the tea and placed it on the table, she sat down on the chairs opposite to Feng Yun. There was only a small coffee table between them.

"So tell me, Feng Yun, what brings you to me? Is there something you want from me?" Feng Guan looked at Feng Yun carefully, she felt that Feng Yun seems to be different today, he looked more handsome and mature.

Feng Guan checked the cultivation base of Feng Yun, and she was shocked.

'3rd layer of the Body-refining Realm'

"You break through to the 3rd layer." Feng Guan said. She couldn't believe that person was in front of her is Feng Yun, who was a waste person until a few months ago, and now had already advanced to the 3rd layer.

"Aunt, the reason I can break through to the third layer of the Body Refining is all because of the Spirit fruit that my father bought for me from the mountain. If it is not for the spirit fruit, how can I break-through?" Feng Yun smiled and lied.

Feng Yun cannot tell her about the Pill for now and only tell her a different story,

Feng Guan felt very thrilled, she has been looking after her nephew for many years. She always felt that heaven is unfair for giving her nephew a low-grade talent.

"Aunt Feng Guan, I need some yang type of Spirit Herbs, can you help me to get it." Feng Yun asked with a dazzling smile.

"Oh! I have some yang type of Spirit Herbs, you can use them. My dear nephew If you need more, then just tell me." Feng Guan said as she hastily stood up and went to her room. After a few moments, she returned with a wooden box. There were spirit herbs inside the wooden box.

"Thank you, Aunt Guan" Feng Yun said with a delighted face. After talking with her for half an hour, Feng Yun returned to his house and started cultivating.

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