Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: I Want to Eat Meat!

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Ling Chuxi made a decision once again in her heart, to make Third Elder give back out everything he seized previously as soon as possible!

After breakfast, Aunt Wang went to give back the clothes she had assisted to mend. Ling Chuxi told Aunt Wang. “Aunt Wang, I am going to Second Elder’s house to wait for him.” Aunt Wang naturally trusted her miss’s words and nodded smilingly before leaving.

The moment Aunt Wang stepped out the door, Ling Chuxi ran into the house and left with a bow and a small bag. Inside the bag was a small dagger which seems to have been left by her mum for her.

‘I want to eat meat! I want to eat meat! I haven’t eaten meat for a full day!’

Ling Chuxi grudgingly swallowed her saliva and snuck out to the back mountain behind the small town with the bow on her back. The back mountain behind the town was called Purple Maple Mountain. Originally there were many small animals on the hill, but after quite a number were hunted, these small animals wised up and were not so easily caught. Furthermore, the ran to the deeper parts of the back mountain. In the deeper parts of the back mountain, there was a clear stream, which finally flowed to the Purple Maple Lake at the bottom of the mountain. These were deeply entrenched in Ling Chuxi’s memories.

Ling Chuxi carried a bag on her back and ran all the way to the Purple Maple Mountain. The small bow which she was carrying was originally made by her brother, Ling Wushang. Although it was not big, to kill a small hare or something like that, it would be more than sufficient. Ling Wushang was very vague in her memories. Because when he left, Ling Chuxi was only two or three years old. Naturally, she did not have much of an impression.

After walking for more than two hours, Ling Chuxi finally arrived at the back mountain of Purple Maple Mountain. On Purple Maple Mountain, the hill was covered in maple leaves, red like fire, giving out an amorous feeling.

However, Ling Chuxi was in no mood to appreciate all of this. She was there to hunt for prey. A rabbit hopped in front of her and she immediately took out her bow and arrow, and took a shot. Such actions were called handsome! Sharp! Smooth! Thwang! The arrow flew out like a meteor chasing the moon, and then… missed! The rabbit shook its butt and took a look at the arrow which had fallen by its side, turned its head and looked at Ling Chuxi with disdain, and proudly hopped away.

‘I’m so angry!’ Ling Chuxi shook her hand. It seems like it had been too long since she last shot an arrow, and thus she was a little rusty. Ling Chuxi pondered for a moment and calmed her heart, leading the Battle Qi in her body to circulate in her body and gather at her hands.

She once again held her breath and aimed at a fat gray rabbit who had hopped out from behind a tree. Thwang! The arrow shot out. A sharp cracking sound rang, the arrow shot out, and the fat rabbit was directly nailed to the ground.

So this was the use of Battle Qi? Ling Chuxi reached out her hand, opened her palm and looked at it. Her hand, was still lightly shaking. This and the previous feeling of shooting an arrow with brute strength was totally different! The Battle Qi of this world was really to miraculous! It could be used in such a way, how terrific!

After exclaiming over all these, Ling Chuxi happily ran over, carrying the rabbit to the stream. When she arrived at the stream, she took out the dagger, which looked almost rusty on the outside but sharp on the inside and skilfully skinned the hare, removing all the innards and cleaning it. After that, she picked up some firewood and started to roast the meat.

In the bag, isn’t wasn’t anything else, but rather, seasoning from the kitchen! This pathetic amount of seasoning, was at least better than none. Ling Chuxi was thinking. This world did not have various spices. How could it be a special barbeque without cumin?

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