Ye Qingli woke up under a body splitting, heart rending pain.

She wanted to move about, but found out that her body was all tied, not only her head was covered, her mouth had also been stuffed.

Then voices vaguely sounded in her ear, "In that case, I will give this little slut to you. Enjoy yourself, just don't let her escape! After playing her till she’s near dead, you can then sell her away as a prostitute. Doesn't she want a man? Then let her play enough!"

A charming voice of a woman sounded, "Humph, same mold as the mother, all are men grabbing sluts."

A man's cold voice replied, "Rest assured Miss, our Ju Jing Band is Feng Yi City's most powerful faction. in the Da Luo Dynasty, there is nothing that we can't do!"

A man's voice said, "Jin Li, is it not a bit too soon? After all, I had a marriage engagement with her……"

Woman: "Brother Nan is so regretful, then you go keep her accompany or do you still want to marry me? Humph! Did you just not cut her face with a knife held within your own two hands?"

The man was silent, no more sound can be heard.

After a moment, the carriage sped away.

Ye Qingli's eyes opened wide and completely did not notice the pain that spread across her body.

She found out a surprising fact.

Because the twenty first century genius goddess doctor who became terminally ill and died, unexpectedly passed through to a person having the same name and surname as her!

Ye Qingli, Da Luo Dynasty's Royal Merchant Ye Family's first young miss, an extremely honorable identity.

But ever since her mother died, her stepmother entered in and her life fell into the abyss.

She wasn't loved by her father, a hypocrite loving mother, followed by an abusive step-sister. Even anyone in the house can casually molest her.

She dwelled in the most remote yard of the mansion, everyday what she ate were the leftovers thrown to her. When she is sick, there will never be a doctor and had to strongly carry herself towards the next day. Even her sister's maid can casually beat her up.

A dignified young miss, her current situation not better than the pigs and dogs.

She can endure these things. However…..

Her step-sister made someone kidnap her the day before her wedding!

Her step-sister’s accomplice was none other than her fiance, a dignified, distinguished, playboy son of the Imperial Academy!

That dog of a man and woman, originally colluded with each other even long ago. First kidnapping her and then framed her for elopement on her supposed marriage.

Finally, they also personally ruined her appearance, ruthlessly knifing a long, deep mark on her face!

This knife's deep gash made the already extremely weak eldest young miss of an influential family lost her life, and was replaced by the genius goddess doctor from the twenty first century – Ye Qingli.

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