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1)Grace Lionheart-Mother of Austin

description: Blonde hair that falls to her shoulder, green eyes that shined like gems, a plump lips along with a motherly aura

2)Nora Lionheart- Elder sister of Austin


she has blonde hair and green eyes with a beautiful face, she wore light tight armor that held to her well trained body, she wore a skirt that displayed her long legs covered with black stockings, any man that looked at her would want to have a touch of her legs

There was a sword strapped to her waist, she stood straight with her head held high, there was a cold look at her face, looking like a commander, men would desire to conquer this prideful woman

3)Elda Lionheart-Little sister of Austin

Description: Will come after new intro

4)Eleanor: Bow Empress and master of Austin

Description: Has dark black hair till her waist and deep black eyes, she ahs a well propotioned body, along with a beautiful face,

5)Clara- Personal Maid of Austin, has a demon bloodline and a quater demon


she has her long black hair tied to a pony tail along with bright brown eyes, she has a beautiful face but the thing that stood out the most was the 2 small horns protruding from her head

Instead of making it making her look bad, the small horns added a cuteness to her making her look like a small animal that always needs protection, Moreover because her height which is a bit small (1.6 meters), she looks younger than her age.

6)Mika and Rika-Knight retainers of Austin, from the fox tribe, Rika is a white wolf, while Mika is a black wolf

Descirption: will come after new intro

7)Lora Ezraeil- The current empress and the wife of the Emperor, Austin’s uncles wife

Description: she has a cold face, blue hair to her shoulder and blue eyes that seemed to contain the world her face was the perfect definition of beauty

she wore a red dress over her body but it was unable to hide her seductive body, her breast rose proudly and her ass stood tall, she had an s type body, any man who looked upon her would be in lust

8)Olivia Ezraeil- The princess of the Ezraeil Empire and Austin’s cousin

Description: she has blonde hair and sky blue eyes, her beautiful face was blinding to look at, she had a suppressive aura seemingly somehow urging people to follow her will, her body too was well developed with a nice pearky ass and breasts she had a disposition as bright as the sun

9)Emily Hoffman: Half human and half elf

Description: After new intro

10) Carmel Twilight: Princess of the Twilight Empire, she has iher founding Emperors bloodline

Description: she has black hair along with matching deep black eyes that seemed like the abyss, unlike Olivia’s sun like aura hers was silent matching the enchantment of the moon, her body was hidden behind her dress but i=one could faintly make out a well defined propotions

11)Ella Croftmen: Human and a subordinate of Carmel, a noble woman with a bloodline that makes her extremely calculating

Description: After the new intro

12) Mira Lionheart- Aunt of Austin, the next head of the mage tower

Description: she has violet hair that reached her shoulders which was braided and her eyes was silver in color as if glowing, her beauty was beyond description, if the Empress was a cold beauty, then she was one that men dreamed to conquer but didn’t have the confidence too

she was surrounded with a powerful aura and the natural deposition of a successful women was around, the air from the open window caused her hair to flutter making her more mysterious, her body proportions couldn’t accurately be said due to her mage get up, but even with that one could see faint outlines in her body and say that she was well endowed

13)Scarlet- A half human and half dragon

Description: she has ash grey hair that was a bob cut along with golden pupils with a slit in it, she was wearing brown one piece dress that covered her body

Her body was lean, with quite a hight as she stood tall, there was a huge domineering dragon might from her body, her face was beautiful, with a bit of a tomboy look, she had huge perky breast and a nice ass

14)Emma- A illegitimate daughter of the Girol noble family, saved by Austin

Description: After the new intro

15)Sana- Cat tribe girl saved from the desset by Austin

Description: After the new intro

16) Rina- Rabbit tribe girl saved from thr dessert by Austin

Description: After the new intro

17)Zora- Witch recruited by Austin

Description- After the new intro

18)Vena Dragoneer- Wife of the current Dragon Lord and a bloodline contracter of Austin

Description: she has red haired that fell down to her ass, an extremely sexy body and burning red eyes with slits, she had a beautiful face with an arched eyebrow and a small black dot near her right eye, that small dot instead of looking bad gave her a different seductive charm

her whole body carried absolute confidence,pride and arrogance that was naturally displayed, all this wasn’t developed but something she was naturally born with

19) Sabrina Mammon Galen Delon – The princess of the Elven Empire

Description: she is a beautiful woman with platinum hair and emerald eyes, she has a calming aura, her natural precense seemed to calm the surroundings, her words too was smoothing, she had a natural beauty that seemed to sweep into those who kept focusing on her, people would die just to be graced by her precense, her body was more on the lean side moderate prpotions

20)Isabella Belphegor- Crown Princess of the Arian Kingdom

Description: she has bright red hair and eyes, her long blood red hair fell down her shoulders on the chair she sat, her eyes were sharp, she gave off a sharp vibe, seemingly being hard to approach

Her eyes was cold, unlike the stoic Nora, her eyes held no feelings, seemingly desolate, she seemed like the type that would not even flinch even if the world burned, yet that look with her beautiful face only seemed to ignite men’s desire to conquer her

21)Angelina Lucifer Wales Beelzebub- The crown princess of the Olfan Empire of the Demon realm

Description: She has olive colored hair that fell to her shoulders along with bright peach fox like eyes that shined, she had an s shaped body that was covered by her dress

Her face was seductive, that seemed to bring out the desires within anybody that looked at her, she had a black tail with a heart shape that rested on her back

22)Marlene Kia Leviathan- the next queen of the whale tribe and the future ruler of the sea

Description: she was bewitchingly curvaceous, having a near ideal body figure that can tempt the souls of many men, her beautifully long blue hair swayed down towards her waist like crystal clear water, matching her ocean blue hair were azure coloured eyes that carried a sharp and dangerous aura, showcasing a deep pride within her

she wore a silky blue hair, that flowed down to her ankles and perfectly highlighted her assets

23) Catherine Madaras poseidin- the princess of the mermaid tribe

Description: The girl who spoke with a charming voice had maroon colored hair, deep blue eyes, her body was moderate wearing a light red dress, her ears hidden by her hair was gills like, extended, her face was beautiful with plump lips, that brought out peoples desire to take a bite

24)Nell Void Starlight- the princess of the lion tribe

Description: The girl who responded had orange and brownish mane like hair with orange cat like eyes, she smiled as she spoke showcasing her canine tooth, there was a lion like tail behind her back, which moved around excitedly, her body was hot with wide hips and huge ass, with moderate breasts, unlike the rest of the girls she had a wild looks

25) Celestinia Graciers Kreen- The Dragon Princess

Description: she has snow white hair, that fell down to her shoulder, the color of her eyes ivory with dark black slit in them, she wore white dress that fell down to her ankles, the dress covered her body without giving out much about it, her face couldn’t be seen due to the veil that covered her face, enticing others to now about what was hidden behind it

Her whole aura was strong, even though her eyes was calm, there hid a great pride within her eyes, if Scarlets dragon might was a breeze then this women’s dragon might was a hurricane, those who looked at her for long would be pulled deep into her

26) Razellia Di Hydra- The Supreme Goddess of destruction, misfortune and curses

Description: she has dark black hair and purple eyes, her face was beyond beautiful, she had a black dress on her body sticking nicely to her curvy body

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