Chapter 1: Chapter 1 The True Daughter Returns Home

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Shi Xi woke up in a daze. A pen was stuffed into her hand, and the contract unfolded before her eyes.

“Xiao Xi, as long as you sign your name, Daddy’s shares will be yours.”

Shi Xi subconsciously prepared to sign her name, but when she heard this, she snapped back to her senses. “Ah?”

In front of her was a spacious and bright living room. Beside her was a strange couple, and beside them were three outstanding-looking men.


Shi Xi’s mother was gentle and elegant. “Xiao Xi, even if our biological daughter returns home, you will still be the little princess of the Shi family. You deserve these shares.”

Shi Xi: ? ? ? !

Wasn’t she hit by a car? Why wasn’t she in the hospital? Furthermore, why did this scene look so similar to the content of a novel that she had read before?

The female lead, Ning Yu, was the real daughter that the Shi family had left behind. She was poor in her studies and often fought. She was unruly and was scolded every day.

After she was taken back by the Shi family, Ning Yu was targeted by the fake daughter, Shi Xi. Ning Yu was the top student in class, great in business, and also great in driving.

As for the fake daughter of the Shi family, Shi Xi, she was originally a second-rate flower in the entertainment industry. She had always walked the path of a pure and rich daughter. Ever since she provoked the female lead, her life soon collapsed.

In the end, Shi Xi was blacklisted by the entire Internet. The shares of the Shi family were taken away by Ning Yu. She even implicated her three brothers and ruined their reputation. On the other hand, she was abused by the female lead and turned into dregs. She was thrown into the river to be fed to the fish.

Thinking of the ending of the fake daughter, Shi Xi felt her heart ache.

She didn’t want to be fed to the fish!

“I won’t sign It!” Shi Xi put down her pen and said righteously, “This should be Ning Yu’s shares!”

Money was a good thing, but one had to be alive to spend it!

At this moment, Shi Xi’s parents only felt that Shi Xi was sensible and gentle.

Shi Xi’s mother gently advised, “Don’t worry, we will compensate her. You deserve this.”

Father Shi also said, “The Shi family is a big family with big business. Don’t tell me we can’t afford to raise a little girl like you? Quickly sign it!”

However, no matter how father and mother Shi tried to persuade her, Shi Xi refused to sign.

The doorbell rang, and Uncle Wang entered with a young girl.

The young girl’s skin was slightly cold and white. Her thin lips were tightly pursed, and her eyes were as cold as ice. Her gaze swept across the Shi Family’s living room. She did not see any joy from her relatives, as if she were just looking at a stranger who was unrelated to her.

The living room instantly fell silent.

“You… hello. M… my name is Shi Xi.” Under the pressure, Shi Xi was the first to break the silence.

Ning Yu looked at the nervous Shi Xi.

Mother Shi patted Shi Xi’s hand and said to Ning Yu unhappily, “In the future, when you are in the Shi Family, you must give way to your younger sister and not bully her. Do you understand?”

Shi Xi’s pupils trembled.

How do you know that I’m the younger sister if you’re brought home the wrong child?


Auntie, don’t draw hatred towards me!

I can’t afford to offend the female lead!!!

Ning Yu looked up, her ice-cold eyes filled with amusement. “You want me to give in to others on my first day back home?”

Shi Xi saw that her mother still wanted to say something, so she hurriedly stopped her. “Bring sister to her room to have a look first!”

Shi Xi’s mother said with relief, “Little Xi is still sensible.”

Shi Xi felt stifled. I’m not sensible, I’m afraid of death!

Shi Xi’s mother said to Ning Yu, “Learn from your sister.”

Shi Xi: Auntie, please stop talking!

I don’t want to be thrown into the river to feed the fish!

Shi Xi’s mother and Shi Xi brought Ning Yu upstairs and walked to the innermost spacious room.

“This is your room. The decorations and furniture are all new,” Shi Xi said.

Ning Yu took a look and asked, “Where is Shi Xi’s room?”

Shi Xi paused. “Why are you asking that?”

Ning Yu chuckled. “Nothing, I’m just curious.”

Shi Xi, who was standing at the side, instantly recalled that the Shi Family had originally wanted to give Ning Yu the big bedroom next to Shi Xi’s, but Shi Xi did not agree and insisted on changing the big bedroom into her own cloakroom.

It could be said that in the entire building, Shi Xi’s room was the largest.



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