Chapter 3 - Why Does Such A Bug Exist?

Chapter 3: Why Does Such A Bug Exist?

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During the weekends, Jiang Xun would always train at a mountain behind the village from dawn til dusk.

Luo Zhongren’s family of three didn’t dare to provoke Jiang Xun after that entire fiasco. They just treated her as if she didn’t exist and didn’t ask her what she was doing.

On Mondays, with her schoolbag in hand, Jiang Xun would run all the way to her campus before dawn. Her high school was situated in town, and she usually stayed on campus. This was fine with her, since she didn’t like staying with the Luo family, either.

The Host had been sent back home due to her head injury. It turned out that Luo Zhongren and his family didn’t bother taking the Host to the hospital and had simply left her in her room. This contributed to the original Host’s death and had allowed Jiang Xun to enter her body.

Wenping Village was more than 30 kilometers away from Wenping Town, so Jiang Xun ran there as a form of exercise.


After working on her test papers for the whole morning, she realized that she was very good at the sciences, like Math.

In the post-apocalyptic era, humans had paid more attention to the development of science and technology to fight against zombies. Jiang Xun’s knowledge of science was much more advanced than what she was learning in this current era.

However, she was not good at humanities subjects like liberal arts and history.

At noon, Jiang Xun was about to head to the cafeteria for a meal. On the way there, the system suddenly said, “Host, MP can also be added to intelligence, stamina, hearing, speed, and so on. When you add some MP to brain power, these problems will naturally be solved.”

Jiang Xun looked at the interface. “So why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

“These instructions can only appear after the first mission is unlocked.”

“… Alright, then I’ll settle for 20 MP for now.”

As they were speaking, two boys suddenly charged straight at Jiang Xun. However, even though she was chatting with the system, she easily avoided their attack.

“Jiang Xun, have your injuries healed already? Looks like you can still roll down a few more flights of stairs,” a girl said, her voice dripping with malice.

It was then that Jiang Xun realized she had been surrounded by three boys and two girls. All other students weren’t looking in their direction, pretending not to see what was happening.

Since Jiang Xun had the original Host’s memories, she knew that these three boys were the school bullies, while the two girls would tail them and pretend that they had any semblance of power. They were the ones who had pushed the original Host down the stairs.

One of the girls, Teng Qianqian, suddenly spat out her gum on the ground and held a hand up to her throat. “Oh no. Looks like I accidentally dropped my gum.”

The other girl, Mo Xiaoyu, smiled wickedly at Jiang Xun. “Well? Don’t let it go to waste, Jiang Xun. Pick it up and eat it.”

Jiang Xun looked at the five of them coldly. Yu Tailai, one of the bullies, glared at her and stepped forward. “What are you looking at? Hurry up and pick it up!”

However, Jiang Xun bent over expressionlessly.

The system remained silent. There was no way this big shot would obey those bullies.

The best it could hope for was that these five wouldn’t start crying.

Just as Jiang Xun’s fingertips were about to touch the gum, Teng Qianqian stomped on it.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I lost my balance for a bit there.” Teng Qianqian retracted her foot. “Don’t let me interrupt what you were going to do.”

The gum had already turned gray, and it was even imprinted with the pattern on the bottom of Teng Qianqian’s shoe.

The five of them looked at Jiang Xun proudly as she reached out to pick up the gum that had been crushed on the ground.

Just as they were waiting for her to eat it, Jiang Xun suddenly turned his hand and shoved the gum straight into Teng Qianqian’s mouth.

This unexpected turn of events shocked all five of them for a moment.

Teng Qianqian was momentarily unable to react, and she even heard Jiang Xun say, “Eat it yourself, then it won’t be wasted.”

“Ah!” She shrieked and quickly spat out the gum, spluttering out all the dirt in her mouth and feeling thoroughly filthy.

“Jiang Xun, your brain’s malfunctioned, hasn’t it?!” she yelled furiously, lunging at Jiang Xun’s face with her nails outstretched.

With Yu Tailai and the others around, Jiang Xun had never dared to fight back. But this time, before Teng Qianqian’s nails could touch Jiang Xun’s face, she saw the other girl’s eyes emit a cold light.

It was like Jiang Xun was looking at a monster, not a human.

The system thought to itself, ‘Jiang Xun’s eyes were like this when she killed the zombies. She’s looking at her like she’s a zombie, not at a living person.’.

Jiang Xun grabbed Teng Qianqian’s ponytail, causing the other girl to yelp in pain. She felt as if her scalp would be pulled off.

Suddenly she felt something pulling on her scalp, and then she found herself being flung up into the air and thrown across the hallway.


Teng Qianqian fell was slammed against a wall and crumpled to the ground.

Jiang Xun looked coldly at the remaining four people, silently daring them to make a move. These five were the ones who’d pushed the original Host down the stairs—they were the ones who’d murdered her

However, since she was now in this Host’s body, in the eyes of the world, the original owner was still alive, so they couldn’t bring the five people to justice.

“Jiang Xun, you’re looking for death, aren’t you?!” One of the bullies Zhao Dejia, attacked Jiang Xun. He’d never gone easy on her even though she was a girl.

In response, Jiang Xun launched a kick to his stomach, forcing him to keel over in pain, looking much like a shrimp, after which she promptly kicked him in the face.

With that, Zhao Dejia fell to the ground, out cold.

If Jiang Xun had attacked him with her full strength, he would’ve lost his life, much like the original Host.

However, Jiang Xun controlled his strength. It only hurt him and would not cause him to lose his life like the original owner.

The bystander students let out a gasp when they saw what had happened, but they had no time to process this turn of events when Jiang Xun immediately kicked out at the other two of the bullies and punched Mo Xiaoyu.

In the end, all five of the bullies lay on the ground in agony.

Jiang Xun grabbed Zhao Dejia by the back of his collar and stacked him on top of Tai Lai, then did the same with Fang Zhenghui, Teng Qianqian, and Mo Xiaoyu.

The five of them were like Stacked Arhats, one lying on top of the other.

Jiang Xun pulled Mo Xiaoyu up.

“What… What are you doing?” Mo Xiaoyu was scared out of her wits, terrified at how Jiang Xun had suddenly gotten so bold. Her face was covered in tears and snot.

“Apologize to me,” Jiang Xun said coldly. “You kept bullying me and pushed me down the stairs. I almost died from your little stunt, so apologize, right now!”

Mo Xiaoyu couldn’t help but think to herself, “She looks perfectly fine, though? She doesn’t look like she was on death’s door.”

But she didn’t want to be beaten up again, so she hurriedly said, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

[Merit Points + 3]

Jiang Xun was surprised at the notification.

So. If someone apologized multiple times, she would also earn multiple MP at once?

What a good feature.

“Continue.” Jiang Xun decided to sit here and farm MP from these guys.

The Merit System was rendered speechless. Why did such a bug exist?!

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Mo Xiaoyu said repeatedly, like she was chanting.

However, Jiang Xun didn’t receive any more MP. It seemed that she was so scared that he couldn’t stop apologizing, but her heart wasn’t in it anymore.

Jiang Xun then turned her attention to Teng Qianqian, who froze even as tears continued to flow down her face.

“I’m sorry, I won’t dare to do it again in the future,” Teng Qianqian said while crying.

[Merit Points + 1]

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Teng Qianqian gave Jiang Xun four MP in total, while the other three boys gave her a total of 10 MP.

Jiang Xun took a look at the system to see that she now had a total of 17 Merit Points.

“It’s quite easy to earn Merit Points, isn’t it?”

“…No, it’s just that you’re very efficient at farming them.”

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