Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Episode 3 – Surviving In a Different World

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Hmm? Something cold is touching my face…


I touch my cheek while opening my eyes.

「Ek, It’s pitch black…」

I pressed “Yes” just a short while ago.

Did I reincarnate into another world?

I mean, Where is this?

I’m confused and it’s pitch black.

Is this a cave?

While lying down I touch my body. [1]

What I touch seems to be the clothes which I was wearing until just a little while ago, And I don’t feel pain anywhere.

Incidentally, I’m wearing a nerdy T-shirt that has “Eat Shit!” printed on the chest. [2]

My body and clothes are alright.

I’m a little relieved.

For now, I should get up.

I put my hand on the ground and stand up.

The pitch darkness in my vision doesn’t change.

What happened is the white world became a world of darkness completely afterwards.

For now, Let’s make sure.

I stretch out my hand in the darkness, There seemed to be space earlier.

Cautiously, I also move my foot out.

I pushed my foot forward carefully, While I reach my hand out in the darkness as if trying to grasp at straw.

And then, While my hand was proceeding, Something touched my left hand while I was moving it sideways.

The feeling of a chilly rock came from my fingertip.

With my left palm, I feel the surface, As if trying to read Braille. [3]

It seems like a rock wall, Except, Is this a small cave here?

I walk forward while touching along the left wall.

It’s too dark and scary…

However the cold feeling from my left hand is a real rock wall.

Though it’s cold, I’m thankful.

I move forward in the darkness carefully.

While touching the wall with my left hand, I was slowly depending on it.


I unintentionally yell while my posture is broken.

The wall to the left disappeared, And my left hand soars while I fall down.

When it’s so dark how could I not fall down.

I put my hand on my knee and stand up slowly.

I’m afraid the support of the wall will disappear.

「Everything is okay, For now I have no choice but to move forward…」

I mutter hoping to deceive the world of darkness.

I pushed my foot forward to the front.

After several steps, While moving forward in the darkness my body suddenly sinks this time–


I fell and rolled down while my voice fell flat.

–Soft, Soil…

The place where I fell down seems to be like the ground with soft, Wet soil.

It seemed to be a steep slope or something.

「This is a cliff, What happened?」

However, My knee was only scraped a little this time.

I’ll be careful from now on.

I stood up from the soft ground a directed my attention to the darkness.


Looking up, There’s a strange light.

The faint light is floating in the darkness.

Small dots and something are shining overhead.

I hold my breath unintentionally.

「It’s light…」

Because the faint light was next to the wall, It’s illuminated.

A vague faint light.

This is… Moss? Is the wet moss and fungus on the damp rock glowing?

I try to touch it.

I use my fingertip to scratch at it and My fingertip was illuminated by the moss.

The moss is sticky and smells rotten.

This, Is it rotten cabbage?

It seems like some kind of slime mold type creature…

Is it a glowing moss fungus? I’ve seen that on National Geographic on TV

It’s a strange light.

Each piece of moss only has a small light, But the countless small lights gather together and produce a larger light source.

The ceiling of the cave had small points where the moss converged scattered about and it shone like the starry sky.

The starry sky is close, It seems out of place.

When my eyes got accustomed to the dimness, The entire cave became visible.

The steep unevenness of the irregular cave was displayed.

The light becomes dimmer and seems to be very faint at the inner part of the cave.

Though the brightness isn’t certain, I have no choice but to keep going to the inner part.

I walk in order to be led to the light.

The narrow cave was winding.

The rock cave is narrow to the extent that a person can just barely fit.

I moved through the narrow snake-like cave tightly while my hands touched the cold rock surface of the left and right walls.

Though there’s only a few small dim lights, It makes me relieved.

I’m relieved, However my finger still smells bad. [4]

After walking for a while the cave changed from a narrow cave into a wide cave.

The faint fluorescent glow remains on the ceiling and wall, I wasn’t hurt because it still continued to the inner part.

Then further ahead, At the end of a bend, A bright light comes into view, Appearing and disappearing

For a moment I was stunned.


Finally the surface, It’s the surface Daaaa!

I can get away from this dark cave-!

I start running in joy towards the bend in the path which showed the light.

But as I approach the light I notice the situation is strange.


I hear the sound of an intense fight.

Isn’t it the sound of a human with a thick accent’s battle cry?

The light illuminated a large shadow, And many shadows wavering on the wall. The silhouettes moved waveringly, Like a play of shadow pictures.

I look past the bend cautiously.

This is not the surface here…

It’s a spot where little green monsters were fighting against a red monster with a large body.

A dark red monster with a huge body.

There was a strong impact on the dark red monsters back.

The muscles on it’s back abnormally bulge and swell.

Seeing it feels like seeing a pregnant woman.

To give off such an impression the muscles have developed very much.

I get the feeling it’s like a red version of Superman…

A sharp pointed stone pyramid was grasped in both of the dark red monsters big hands. It fought against the little green monsters while skillfully handling

the stone pyramid.

The light of a torch which was randomly thrown on the ground projected the fight between the red and green monsters clearly.

「Guoo! Gububoo, Bugyu!」

「Run away, Dangerous」「Run away」「No way, Leave scene」[5]

I could make out the words the green monsters were speaking, But I don’t know what language the dark red monster was speaking.

The green monsters have different armor patched together on each part of their bodies, And in their hands they swing a long sword and a long spear

The dark red monster was visibly injured, But on the other hand the result was that it enraged the dark red monster…

The green monsters are certainly being killed one by one.

They were being pressured by the dark red monster.

In addition, It tore the arm off and ate one of them.

Far from being pressured, It was more like a situation of predator and prey.

The dark red monster gave a growl and swung it’s big arm around.

The sharp pointed stone grasped in it’s big hands approached the chest of a green monster. The tip of the sharp pointed stone — Was sucked into the chest

of the green monster.

The green monster screamed in pain.

But the dark red monster didn’t care. Furthermore it pierced deep into the chest, And it lodged the stone pillar into the green monsters chest while raising

it. The dark red monster moved it just as it was to it’s nose and smelled the head of the green monster.

Does it sort them by smell?

Then, The dark red monster complained about something.


Roaring, It pulled up the sharp pointed stone. “This fellow doesn’t accommodate” Throwing as though it’s a German.

It threw the body away up into the air.

The dark red monster kept searching for more prey, Moving it’s large white eyeball. The large eyeball immediately caught sight of a green monster that was


When the dark red monster found convenient prey it opened it’s mouth wide and gave another roar, Jumping instantly–

Again it pierced the sharp stone pyramid into the abdomen of the green monster. The stabbed green monster was still alive and hit the dark red monsters

large jowl, Screaming and struggling desperately.

However, The desperate resistance was futile…

The dark red monster bent it’s large muscular arm and raised the green monster over it’s head just like a little while ago.

The muscles in it’s large arm give off the feeling that it’s a lump of rough rocks crowded together.

It’s amazing in close combat.

The dark red monster moved the green head to it’s huge mouth while the blood dripped from the green monster and streamed down the muscular arm.

After smelling the head, Surprisingly– It bit into the green head.

While it’s devouring, The sound of bones breaking resounds to the place where I’m hiding.

This is dangerous…

Even if I run away, Can I make my way back through the dark path?

But– I want that torch.

Ahead the cave probably still continues, Though I’m afraid to approach the monster, But if I take flight and run…

If I take the torch and dash left, I feel like I could pass through.

The monster should take care of the other monsters.

But if it’s a dead-end, I’m done for

While in the middle of thinking about this, The dark red monster moved.

Ha, Again, The dark red monster is skewering a green monster…

It seems it will come to this place soon.

I pray that the path continues and decide to run.

*Goku* I swallow my saliva.

I send out a faint voice 「Alright」 It’s short and enthusiastic, While I rush up to the spot where the monsters are fighting–.

「What?」 「Is it?」 「Human」 「Bugoooo」

The first to notice me were several green monsters.

However, The dark red monster ignored me.

Or perhaps, It didn’t even notice me.

Yes, A chance.

The dark red monster kept attacking the green monsters.

The green monsters are being killed one by one without a chance to breathe.

I picked up the torch which fell by chance and escape into the depths.

Yesssss, Success!

I run to the path on the left, And dash.

Where the path continues, The ground is uneven and is hard to walk on.

However, The matter is, He who fights and runs away may live to fight another day, I will run away now!

Running desperately I escaped.

I don’t want to meet that sort of huge dark red figure.

Therefore I ran, And I also ran up a few slopes.

I kept running, Enough that the fire of the torch which was blazing almost went out.

Fortunately where I ran the cave continued ahead. When I passed through the steep uneven surface, It turned into a downward slanted slope.

I’m still worried about behind.

I go down the slope without breaking my pace.

I ran for about thirty minutes?

I notice that I’m not out of breath at all, Even though I was running.


While uttering a sound I stopped my foot while thinking of this question.

I look toward the back and confirm the monsters didn’t give chase.

I decided to confirm myself some other time.

The fire of the torch I have in my hand still burns waveringly.

The light of the torch projects my shadow to the wall of the cave.

A huge shadow was created.

Hii– In that instant I was scared by the shadow moving.


But, This stamina that doesn’t come from my heart…

Okay, I’m not a human being.

The new race “Lucivault” Is the name for my race.


Now, I remember.

Okay, The floating character I saw before reincarnating said to look in my pocket.

I check my pocket right away.

Several coins were on a piece of folded paper in my pocket.

I open the folded paper and take a look


The area where you stand now should be a zone called Ose Beria prairie, Griffon Hill, Or a Dragon Cliff.


–Hmm, Is it a grassy plain, A hill, A cliff?

I’m stunned at the sudden incorrect information, But I was patient and kept reading


There is 【Royal Capital Gromhim】 of 【Ose Beria Kingdom】To the south.

There is 【Labyrinth City Pernette】 To the east.

There is 【Llsack City】 To the west.

If this is different, It’s a singular transfer failure phenomenon.

As some amount of errors are unavoidable, Thank you for your understanding

This is the same as with the universe…

(TN: It’s saying that if he wasn’t in a prairie/cliff/hill it was a failure during his transfer, And some amount of errors are unavoidable, This holds true about the

universe as well)

There are several coins, Expect three silver coins and three large copper coins.

Generally, The currency in that area is divided into Grain Iron < Iron Coin < Small Copper < Large Copper < Silver Coin < Gold Coin < White Gold Coin <

Large White Gold Coin

Ten Small Coppers = One Large Copper.

Ten Large Coppers = One Silver Coin.

Ten Silver Coins = One Gold Coin.

Ten Gold Coins = One White Gold Coin.

And, One hundred White Gold Coins = One Large White Gold Coin.

The rough currency value should be such.

Incidentally, It’s possible the coin is not usable in distant remote areas, So please be careful.


This, Is this Large Copper thing 1,000 Yen?

Then, One Silver Coin is 10,000 Yen.

If so, The money I have on hand is 33,000 Yen.

That Large White Gold Coin is in a different figure…

Because it’s a hypothesis, It could be completely different too.

In addition I take a look at the sentence under the character.


Finally, There is a small privilege.

The ability to see the Status and Skill Status of oneself by speaking or silently speaking, To see status to some extent of an approximation is a privilege.

This gives an explanation of simple skills and the like, But because this isn’t a skill it only gives brief descriptions.

Because other people cannot see the screen of the simple status display, There’s no need to worry.

Because your brain is just showing it to you as a simple status display.

In which case, Have a good life

By the way, When the last character is read this paper automatically–


At that moment when I had finished reading, The paper burnt with a *boom* instantly.


Preparing cheap tricks like a spy movie…

This experience…

「Is the God who let me reincarnate looking? Then answer me!」

I raised my voice uncomfortably.

But there was no answer, And my voice echoes through the cave.

Is there no reaction to anything?

It prepared the white space, And why was it me?

Oh, There’s no helping it even if I think about it now.

It was me who chose yes for my own reincarnation.

“God is a great author, And human beings are only the Directors”

What a troublesome phrase.

I grasp one of the Copper Coins in my pocket in anger while grumbling that phrase, Forcefully manipulating my emotions.

I turn the Copper Coin with my thumb and flip it into the air.

I catch the coin, Is it heads or tails? I check the coin.


I bring it closer to the fire and observe it carefully while pinching it with my index finger.

It’s a rough make, But the outline has been made to look like a persons face.

A horse like shape is drawn on the back.

I move my gaze to my arm while checking the coin.

My gaze lands on a watch.


That reminds me, I completely forgot about the existence of my watch.

The second hand is moving properly.

When I push the small button; Dazzling light, Like a light I haven’t seen in a long time.


I didn’t need to take the torch so desperately…

Because this watch is shock-resistant, Waterproof and solar powered, It should work in this world, The watch says 8:00AM earth time.

Even if I understand earth time it’s worthless…

~Sigh, If the passage of time is similar, Then shouldn’t I be able to use it to measure time?

Besides, More than anything I’m glad about this light.

And, Let’s pray that this shiny coin is useful someday.

「But can I really make it to the area where humankind is…」

This is the underground world, Furthermore there are an enormous number of monsters.

The burned paper said there was a Labyrinth City to the east but….

That place is surely different than what it said.

This, Seems like a failure

It was written that there was a singular transfer failure phenomenon, However…

A singular point, Was it the phenomenon that happened in the black hole?

I don’t understand it in detail, Still…

The coordinates of the spot to appear from reincarnation were messed up?

I mean, Why let me reincarnate in the area after the location failure…

It’s too different from the different world life I imagined.

Oh, I should be happy I didn’t get transferred to a famous stick RPG like in stone and get annihilated.[6]

「I don’t know the way, And there’s no map either」

The anger I controlled earlier rises and boils with my doubts.

However, The dark cave exists as a reality, So I am patient.


First of all, I should look for something I can do.

Then I remember the characters “There is a privilege”.

I decided to check my status.


While speaking in my mind a translucent screen appeared in front of my eyes.

Name: Shuuya ・Kagari

Age: 20

Title: Drifter of Another World

Race: Lucivault

Fighting Profession: Chain Handler

Strength 3.0

Agility 4.0

Endurance 3.0

Charm 7.0

Dexterity 5.0

Spirit 7.0

Luck 3.0

Current Status: Calm

「Ohhhh, A strange screen is displayed…」

The translucent status screen is like a realistic game.

I wonder, Do other people really not see the glowing characters?

It was written on the burnt paper that it was easy to understand and projected by my brain.

During reincarnation was my brain tampered with?

I had a body reconstruction…

Oh well, Anyway, Now I am living and have a proper consciousness.

I then touch the character displayed on the status screen.

It’s displaying I have the title of Drifter of Another World.

I touch to see more details.

※Drifter of Another World※

The title is carved into the soul which crosses dimensions from another world, The space-time attribute can be obtained.

The space-time attribute… I don’t understand it.

First, I’ll give priority to what I understand.

「Skill Status」

Acquired Skills: None

Permanent Skills: <True Shinso Bloodline>:<Demonic Charm Eyes>:<Innate Demonic Aptitude>:<Torrent of Light Darkness>:<Blood

Sucking>:<Undying>:<Increased Physical Ability>:<Increased Magical Ability>:<Hyper Intestinal Absorption>

Extra Skills:<Language Comprehension>:<Crest of Light>:<Chain Factor>:<Cerebral Demon Spine Revolution>

It was displayed after all.

Physical Ability Increased and Magical Ability Increased.

Naturally I don’t understand the magic, Magic is on the back burner

In that respect, I may be able to understand Physical Ability easily.

Though I felt I was running at full strength a short while ago, I felt this abnormal stamina, And I’m not short of breath at all, Instead my body feels lighter.

There’s a possibility that the sun and gravity in this different world are different from Earth…

If it is not so, And I assume the gravity is almost the same as Earth, There is a possibility that I obtained the physical ability of the Vampire lineage.

I roll up my T-shirt and check my body.

My arm and pectoral muscles have become built and larger, And my abs are ripped too.

But it doesn’t give off the rough muscular feeling of a body builder.

My upper arm is certainly more muscular and flexible than before.

Sufficient lean muscles.

「I should test something」

I put the torch against a rock crag and look for an area that doesn’t have any stones.

There were fist sized stones, Fallen on the ground.

Picking it up, I throw it at the wall–.

–The stone hits the wall.

Though it was a casual throw And the dull *thwack* of a blunt object sounds.

The stone I threw broke and part of it had sank into the rock wall.

「Ha, Incredible!」

A stone becomes a powerful weapon.

It seems Increased Physical Ability isn’t ordinary

Because I don’t have a weapon now, I’ll just take this stone.

It’ll be usable in an emergency, Like the monster from a little while ago.

I pick up another stone and drop it into my left pocket.

I decide to confirm a skill once again, Whether other things can become weapons.





[1] Not that kinda novel guys ;)…. maybe

[2] Apparently it’s “クソ食らえ” which apparently means “Eat Shit”, I looked it up and it seems to be a well known T-shirt design in Japan, Google “Kuso Kurae” for more info.

[3] Written language for blind people, Letters are raised dots for blind people to touch.

[4] When he touched the fungus it made his finger smell bad

[5] Japanese is hard when you have animu level understanding… And Japanese intentionally made hard is even harder…

[6] I believe this is a reference, But I have no idea \_(0_0)_/

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