Chapter 4 - Virgin Dungeon

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Chapter 4 - Virgin Dungeon

Varian arrived on the outskirts of Pearl city, the location of the entrance to the low level Dungeon, "Virgin".

Based on the strength of magic beasts, Dungeons were classified as Low, Middle, and High.

Dungeons full title was Dungeon Dimensions. They were a separate world altogether.

First Dungeons appeared in 300 YAB. They were low level Dungeons. Humanity used them to propel into what was later coined as "Golden Age" which lasted until 400 YAB.

Every Dungeon had a gate which served as an entry point.

The Virgin Dungeon's gate was made of a crystal metal and had inscriptions of magic beasts of the Dungeon it was connected to. The entrance of the gate was covered by a soft light.

Guarding the gate was a battalion of planetary guards that employed advanced detection technologies. A Dungeon had many exits but one entrance. This ensured the flow in and out of all Dungeons to be monitored.

Adventure Teams as few as four-five and as many as ten-twenty paid the entrance fee and passed through the gate and entered the Dungeon.

Varian noted that most of the people were Awakeners. The few unawakened had come to awaken through real combat in Dungeon. But even the oldest of them wasn't 16 yet.

97% of Humans awaken naturally. The 2.9% awaken after Dungeon combat. There was no empirical evidence, but the consensus was that these 2.9% were trash talents.

The unlucky 0.1% never awaken. Thankfully, with enough skills, they could still fend for themselves, but their social standing was at the rock bottom.

Since most of the population awakened naturally, and with prejudice against the 2.9%, the Government and Adventurer's guild both turned a blind eye to these Adventurers ripping off unawakened by charging a huge sum to protect them in the Dungeon.

'I always wanted to enter the Dungeon to awaken. I thought I'd be excited and happy. I was only right about the first part.'

Varian got off his hover bike, and it went to park itself. Taking a deep breath, he put on the black gauntlets and observed the crowd.

"Mom, I will awaken today and join the Academy! Just you see, I'll be even stronger than Dad." A boy around the age of 14 smiled at his mother and bragged.

Unlike Varian, who only had a pair of gauntlets, the boy was armed to the teeth. A head guard, body armour, a matching sword and shield. Oh, and the shining boots too.

All of them were Low Star Treasures.

Star Treasures were equipment made from special metals through meticulous weaving of aura and using beast cores.

Fire Beast core would result in a fire attributed treasure and a Space beast core a space attributed treasure.

The Metal's conductivity of the aura would determine the defense and resilience of the treasure.

Varian's gauntlet pair was a low Treasure and had the beast core of a body type beast. It provided the gauntlets with more defense.

Varian watched the boy get into the Gate under heavy protection and sighed.

He did feel envious. Not for the treasures. But because he wouldn't have anyone to send him off like that.

Or so he thought …

"Varian!" a familiar annoying voice jolted Varian and he turned to see a couple waving to him. The young man and woman seemed to be around 18.

Behind them was a group of Five Adventurers. They arrived at him and the young man, Kyle, opened his arms for a hug with a big smile.

Varian folded his hands and the stern expression on his face didn't melt.

"Gareth told you?"

"Of course" the girl, Maya, nodded.

Gareth was, in fact, a family friend of Maya, Kyle's girlfriend. So it wasn't strange if they knew. But the annoying part was …

"Are you so happy that you can't talk seeing the great me arrive?" Kyle forgot about his awkward hug moment and smiled at Varian.

"You must have wanted someone to send you off into Dungeon since it's your first time. Maya wanted to do that. But who are we? Best friends! We always go over and beyond. I'll be joining you in your first dungeon adventure!" Kyle pushed his fist into the air and revealed his plan. His thin body felt like it would be blown by wind, but he stood strong.

Maya looked at Kyle's confident face in love. The adventures smiled. Varian facepalmed. He'd rather go in alone. This was so awkward.

Kyle was a Level 1 Space Apprentice. Maya was a Level 1 Mind Awakener.

It'd be fine for Level 1s to enter the Dungeon as long as they don't step into the Inner Zone. The problem was Kyle and Maya were both non-combatants.

'They will follow us even if I convince the adventure team to refuse them. Ugh, you guys…' He felt a bit helpless, but a part of him was happy that he had these friends.

Varian walked to the adventure's team captain, Arthur. He had checked their profiles yesterday.

"I hope you'll be fine with these two joining." Varian and Arthur shook hands

"It's alright. Mr. Gareth informed me already." Arthur flashed an easygoing smile. He was a burly man and was nearly two meters tall. But somehow, he managed not to look intimidating.

They lined up and after a security check from the guards, Varian passed through the Dungeon Gate.

The moment he stepped in, Varian staggered a little. His body had a momentary weakness but soon he was fine.

Varian knew why. Aura in the Dungeon was higher than on Earth, so his body had to adjust to this change. The discomfort was a direct consequence.

"You're better than I thought. Mr.Gareth wasn't lying when he said you were special." Arthur looked behind at him and gave a thumbs up.

Unless one was an awakener, a normal human would need at least a few minutes to adjust to a change in Aura concentration. But Varian was fine in a dozen seconds. Arthur was able to feel how Varian's body adjusted itself to the Aura better than everyone with his aura perception.

Aura was the foundation of everything. If Awakeners were the walkers on their Paths, then Aura is their fuel. So every Awakener was sensitive to changes in Aura.

Varian shrugged at Arthur's compliment and looked at the strange world he stepped into.


His final chance of Awakening!

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