Chapter 7 – Hurry up and hate me already!

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I returned to my seat in class 5 minutes after the bell rang. This was old man Zhang’s class. Although this old man may be muddled, he definitely wasn’t a pushover like Teacher Yu. If you were attending his class, don’t even think about sleeping.

Out of curiosity I sneaked a peek at my neighbor, Ren Xiao Qin, was she still crying?

This…this smile full of happiness, from whom did she learn the ability to change her expression so well?

Whilst hiding behind her language textbook and snickering, she discovered I was looking at her. She embarrassedly curled her bangs.

“What are you laughing at? Weren’t you just bullied by me?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Because… because after class, the class leader and the other female classmates helped console me.”

“That’s not anything to be happy about, is it?”

“But, I was treated like a girl by my classmates! I’m really happy!”

“You were already one!”

I felt that her sickness of being unable to distinguish between sexes was never going to be cured.

“They even invited me to go with them to the bathroom!”

“Why are you proud of that?”

“It was the female bathroom!”

No shit! You can’t go into the men’s bathroom even if you wanted to! Also, when you mentioned the female bathroom, cover up that vessel popping crazed expression. If people didn’t know any better they’d think you were a cross-dressing pervert!

“Pay attention! Don’t think just because old man Zhang is usually smiling, if you anger him no one can save you!”

“Yes—-” Xiao Qin honestly replied and returned to listening in class.

Not good, I talked to her again and went against my own battle tactics. Shouldn’t I continue to bully her so that she’ll hate me?

Eh? Her shoes look very new? It’s kind of cute, canvas shoes with pink stripes. If it’s this new, by practice shouldn’t it be stepped on?

When I planned to extend my right leg to step on her shoes, I discovered that my leg wasn’t long enough. It seems like too much work. (I hate you dad)

I could only shift my chair slightly to the right, now I can reach it. (Careful not to let old man Zhang notice you)

When Xiao Qin was listening to class, her feet were placed perfect and square underneath her desk. I extended my right foot and ruthlessly stepped on top of her shoes.

I actually didn’t use much strength, I just wanted to dirty her shoes to upset her. Don’t girls pay a lot of attention to how they’re dressed?

At the instance of contact, I felt her body shake and her writing speed also slowed down.

Haha, you’re sad, aren’t you! I’m going to step on you for the entire lesson! Be angry! Explode! Kick me in the knees, hit me on the head with your textbook, stab my eyes with your pen!

No no no, that last one is too scary, scratch that.

She unexpectedly kept enduring, even if I slowly add on my body weight, she hasn’t made a single sound.

Rather, she regained her original writing speed along with an appearance that was eager to learn.

“Hey, I’m stepping on your shoes! Your new shoes!” I couldn’t help but be the first one to speak.

“Un…Ye Lin classmate, I, am I comfortable?” her face was as bashful as a newlywed wife.

“Ah? What did you say?”

“I’m saying, you’re using your feet to step on me. It’s because it makes you very comfortable, right?”

Comfortable my ass! My leg isn’t long enough so I’m about to pull something trying to maintain this position!

“Are you sick? Ren Xiao Qin? I’m treating you like this yet you’re not angry?”

“I am sick! That’s why I want you to be my boyfriend…ah. I said it, so embarrassing!”

“Don’t say it then! Revert back to ‘Little Tyrant’ to unify the underworld, or get together with other people! Just don’t bother me!”

“But…although the other classmates say you’re a bad student, how you stab people, sell Ecstasy, and to never have relations with you. I know you’re not that kind of person!”

Ah!? Were those the rumors that they were spreading around behind my back! Class leader, did I buy my Ecstasy from you? Did you see me selling it to your brother? Why do you have to incriminate me so?

Ah, not good. My legs, so numb…

I scoffed once and removed my legs from the top of Xiao Qin’s shoes.

“Ye, Ye Lin classmate, why’d you leave? Am, am I not comfortable enough?”

Xiao Qin remained in her original posture, seemingly hoping that I would continue to step on her shoes.

The glasses bro on my right was looking this way, I didn’t want him to hear a fragmented conversation. Lest him going around after class loudly announcing: “Ye Lin deems Xiao Qin classmate as not comfortable enough and already dumped her!”

Last class played with a girl, next class dumped her, what kind of scum am I?

I’m ignoring you, I’m going to read because my language grades are shit, old man Zhang already wasn’t pleased with me.

Although my speaking abilities aren’t bad, and I can also make poems. However, the characters I write are terrible. Many characters look like ants with broken legs, don’t even talk about me getting points on my tests.

Moreover, if there were any words that I forgot how to write, I like to coin new words. Like the word that Wu ZeTian created “曌” (a name coined for herself), afterward, I don’t even recognize them anymore.

In terms of essays where there’s already an assigned topic, I really like to get creative.

Last time there was an essay topic on advocating patriotism, over time my essay turned to be about China’s expansion proposition. I wrote about “First we should attack India because they’re weak as hell, also the land is very fertile, afterward we can use that land to supplement China’s impoverished areas.”

Old man Zhang gave me a big fat zero. He even wrote, “You went off topic, you little fascist.”

I didn’t go off topic! My essay is clearly steeped in violent surges of patriotism! Also, what does little fascist mean! You’re worse than Shu Sha! In their eyes, I’m only on the level of a chicken, over here I’m already being compared to Hitler!

While I was worried about my language grades, Xiao Qin wanted to talk to me again.

“Ye Lin classmate, yesterday I read a letter you wrote to me…”

Letter? It was the challenge letter, right? That letter wasn’t for you, it was for “Little Tyrant”. Is it worth reading that kind of letter a second time?

“Sleep earlier! What’s the point of reading that scrap letter!”

“How could you say that? That’s the first love letter I received from you…”

“What love letter! It’s a challenge letter!” I almost crushed the pen within my hand.

“Anyways, I’ll treasure that letter for a lifetime, it will be passed down as a family heirloom…”

“Hurry up and burn it!”

If a letter written with such poor handwriting was passed down as an heirloom, it’ll be laughed at for generations!

“You’re not allowed to talk to me anymore! Otherwise, I’m going to ruthlessly bully you.” I revealed my canines and made a vicious expression.

“I’m not scared, if you’re bullying me, you must like me, right?”

While Xiao Qin was speaking she was also pouting cutely. Ah, not good, I was excited, the enemy fire is too ferocious! My fortress is falling! Hurry up and steel yourself! Become a devil without any humanity!

“What kind of crap are you spouting!”

“It’s true! Because, because when I bullied you before, it was because I liked you!”

“Don’t lump me together with you!”

“Er-hm, It seems like there’s a student moving around!” Old man Zhang suddenly raised his voice.

My body was frozen as if I was stared down by a tiger, this is bad if he calls on me right now to answer a question, I have no clue where we’re at!

“The female student that’s not wearing a uniform, please stand up and read aloud that part I just talked of earlier.”

I didn’t think that the person old man Zhang would ask would be Xiao Qin! It’s because she doesn’t have a uniform yet that’s why she stands out! She became my scapegoat!

Xiao Qin calmly picked up the book and began reading.

“A swallows arrival doesn’t indicate Spring, but when a flock of geese breaks through the warm fog of March, Spring has arrived…”

That reading was very on point! It was almost at the level of a broadcaster! The other classmates are already changing their views about you! Also, Xiao Qin’s voice sounds better the more you listen to it! What’s with this soft and gentle feminine voice!

No! My heart, I’m losing! I must make Xiao Qin hate me! I must do more excessive things!

As Xiao Qin finished reading and was asked to be seated, I suddenly pulled her chair out from underneath her!

As Xiao Qin was unprepared, she fell firmly onto her butt!

Sturdily, without any cushion, she’ll cry because of the pain, right?

I was suddenly nervous about how to handle the aftermath.

“It hurts…” Xiao Qin sat on the ground and bitterly looked at me. However, she didn’t burst into tears like I expected, neither did she explode into rage.

“Sorry teacher, I didn’t sit down properly…” Xiao Qin stuck out her tongue and picked up her chair. She also made a guilty apologetic face for disrupting the class. Maybe because old man Zhang was concentrated on her reading, he didn’t notice that I was the culprit that pulled out the chair.

The class leader Shu Sha seemed to be ferociously staring at me.

I’m out of luck after class, right?

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