Chapter 2 - Transmigration

Chapter 2: Transmigration

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“Spring has come. All things have been revived. It’s time for animal mating again…”

Yu Wan was woken up by the devilish ringtone again. She knew without thinking that it was her aunt that was urging her to get married who did it. Yu Wan’s parents passed away early. She was raised by her aunt. Her aunt was the zoo director. She was 1.8 meters tall and had a loud voice.

Yu Wan swiped the answer button and brought the phone a meter away.

“What’s going on?! What time is it?! The childcare provider has been waiting for you for two hours! Do you still want to get married? Do you want to?! Are you planning to stay by my side forever? Let me warn you, you’re already 18 years old. My obligation to raise you has been terminated! If you don’t get married this year, I’ll…”

Yu Wan’s eardrums were going numb. She could guess what she was going to say without even hearing it. It was an ultimatum that was given once a month. Her aunt had threatened her for three years, but she had not fulfilled it.


But… childcare provider? Professor of Biology who raises pandas? This was something worth seeing. Maybe she could steal a panda and be in prison for life.

Yu Wan washed up and went downstairs. However, the moment she opened the car door, a flower pot fell from the sky…

Yu Wan was awakened by a cold chill. When she woke up, she found herself lying on a dilapidated brick bed. Under her was a mattress that emitted a moldy smell, and on her body was a blanket that smelled even more moldy.

The biting cold wind squeezed through the cracks in the wall, making the already cold house even more cruel than before.

Her mind was in a mess. Strange images and sounds flashed past her mind, but they were all too blurry. She could not tell if they were real or if she had broken her brain and made up some imagination.

There was a flickering light in the house.

Yu Wan looked in the direction of the fire and saw a very thin little boy squatting on the ground in front of the wall facing the window sill. He was wearing tattered ancient clothes. In the brazier in front of him was a half-dried piece of wood. As the wood was not fully lit, the little boy was trying his best to add withered grass and leaves. Although the wood wasn’t lit fully, it was still burning.

Seeing this, the little boy got up and went to the table to take an old iron pot filled with water and placed it on the edge of the iron basin.

Yu Wan was confused.

“Hey,” Yu Wan called the little boy.

The little boy turned around and his eyes lit up. “Sis, you’re awake?” He put down the fire tongs and ran towards Yu Wan.

The little boy called her Sis. It seemed that the memory in her head was not her imagination. She had really become another person—

“Sis, are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Yu Wan shook her head against her will. “I don’t feel bad. Where’s Mom?”

“Mom fainted,” the little boy said.

“How did she faint?” Yu Wan asked. Although the memories in her mind told her that her mother’s body had never been strong, it was not so serious that she would faint.

The little boy lowered his head and said sadly, “When they said you were dead, Mom cried. She kept crying and then fainted.”

So it was because she was too sad…

Yu Wan looked at her brother and felt the deep worry and fear in his heart. It was really hard on him. One of the people closest to him had died and the other had fainted. She really did not know how he managed to survive.

Yu Wan reached out and stroked his dirty little head. “See, I’m not dead, am I?”

The little boy looked up, his eyes shining brightly. “Yes!”

Yu Wan glanced at the brazier and iron pot near the wall, which could hardly be called cooking utensils, and asked, “Can you pour me a cup of water? I saw you boil water.”

“Okay!” The little boy rushed over excitedly. He was very happy to be useful. Of course, he was still too young and did not know that water could only be drunk after boiling. When he saw that the water was steaming, he felt that it had been boiled.

He poured the half-frozen water into a chipped porcelain bowl and carefully brought it to Yu Wan.

The water had only boiled halfway. If it was in her previous life, her aunt as the director would probably have nagged her until her ears grew calluses. “Drink raw water? Aren’t you afraid of parasites? You young people just don’t care about your bodies!”

Yu Wan was not as particular as her aunt. She had drunk raw water before, but now that she thought about it, she could not tell if her actions back then were really not particular, or if she was too rebellious and deliberately to be not particular. Her aunt was a nice person, but sometimes, she was so fussy that she couldn’t stand it.

Yu Wan let out a bitter laugh. After transmigrating to such a place, she would not even have a chance to be scolded by her aunt.

Suddenly, she felt a chill beside her hand. The little boy thought that the water was too hot when he saw that she did not drink it after a long time, so he quickly blew at it with his little mouth.

Yu Wan finished the water in her bowl. After drinking it, she felt much more energetic. She said to the little boy, “By the way, how many days have I slept?”

“Three days.”

In that case, their mother might have been unconscious for three days? Yu Wan looked at the skinny little boy and probed, “Have you eaten anything these few days?”

“I ate it! I ate in Grandma’s house!” The little boy said.

“Are you full?” Yu Wan asked.

The little boy stopped talking. His lips were cracked and he looked weak and pale. He must have not eaten her fill.

Yu Wan lifted the blanket, put on a patched cotton jacket, and said to her starving brother, “Let’s go and see Mom first, then I’ll make you something to eat.”

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