Chapter 1 – Bear-san’s Equipment Getto Da Ze!

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Chapter 1 – Bear-san’s Equipment Getto Da Ze!

The long-awaited update has arrived.

World’s first VRMMO fantasy RPG.

Many races, various professions, many skills, a game with a wide variety of playstyles.

After being on the market for a year, a major update is coming today.

It has been three years since my social withdrawal, I’m 15 years old now.

I came across this game a year ago. It’s called World Fantasy Online.

A fantasy game with a sense of reality.

I started playing a year ago. It is a life of gaming without school.

Sleep? I sleep properly for 8 hours a day.

I also get sleepy.

First is sleep, second is delicious food, third is gaming.


Like I would go to such a foolish place.

I own stocks in alchemy in this world.

I just deposit money and it steadily increases.

Such a simple game.

If you sell information the money keeps increasing even more.

My parents said that school is a place to make friends.

Are friends delicious?

Parents were too noisy, but after handing them 100 million yen, they went silent.

They didn’t come home anymore.

I bet they are playing around with my money.

When they run out, they will probably come back for more.

So I decided to move to a luxury apartment in a secret.

It’s farewell to my parents.

I’m 15 years old, I got money, I can also cook. There’s no problem even if I live alone.

I can do my laundry in launderette so it’s OK.

Today I will start the game with this update for the first time.

The maintenance is complete.

The maintenance has been completed without a delay, I enter the game at once.

「Welcome back, Yuna-sama. Would you like me to tell you about the new update?」

When I enter the game a woman in maid outfit guides me.

When you begin the game for the first time, you are able to select either male or female as your guide.

I chose a cute maid without hesitation.

Butler is good, but I like maids more.

「It’s not necessary. Start as soon as possible please」

「Understood. Let’s start with the update’s campaign then」

「There’s such a thing?」

「There’s a present item for players with a year of gameplay」


If it’s a play time, I won’t lose to anyone.

I’m not a hikikomori for a show.

「Then, please choose your favorite item from this present box」

When the maid said so, a countless of treasure chests has appeared.

As far as I see, treasure chest, treasure chest, treasure chest. There are countless of chests.

「Choose from all of this?」

「Yes, please choose your favourite」

She said to choose, but this number of chests…

Endless room with a unlimited number of treasure chests.

Worrying won’t solve the problem, so I decided to simply choose the chest under the maid’s feet.

All the other treasure chests disappeared when I took the one chest in my hands.

It seems I’m not able to reselect anymore.

When I open the treasure chest…

「What the hell is thisーーーーーーーーー」

Item name: Bear set

Right hand Black bear glove (Non-transferable)

Left hand White bear glove (Non-transferable)

Right foot Black bear Shoe (Non-transferable)

Left foot White bear Shoe (Non-transferable)

Black and White bear dress (Reverse feature, a different color in the front and back. Non-transferable)

I wanted to wear it but stopped because of its ridiculous looks.

I can’t wear this even in the game.

Even though I’m a hikikomori without any friends, I can’t wear something so embarrassing.

Even transfer is impossible, I can only put it in the item box to rott.

Anyway, let’s confirm its effect just in case.

Black bear’s glove

A glove of Attack, attack improves as level increases.

White bear’s glove

A glove of Defense, defense improves as level increases.

Black bear’s shoe, White bear’s shoe

Increases speed depending on the level of the user.

The user won’t get tired of walking for long period of time.

Black bear’s Dress (Front)

Increases physical and magic resistance depending on the level of the user.

Heat resistance. Cold-proof.

White bear’s Dress (Back)

Automatic stamina and mana regeneration when worn.

Recovery amount depends on the level of user.

Heat resistance. Cold-proof.

What is this cheat power, I would be invincible if worn at my level.

But I don’t have the courage to equip this costume.

But its power is going to waste.


If I endure the embarrassment I will get strength, I’m troubled.

「Yuna-sama, is something wrong?」

「It’s nothing」

Well, I will not equip it at the moment, let’s think about it later.

「Please start the game」

「I’m sorry, there’s still a survey」

「What a hassle」

「I’m sorry, it’s a survey exclusively for customers who’ve played for a long time」

「Can’t be helped」

「Thank you very much. Is World Fantasy Online more fun than reality?」

「Of course it’s fun. Reality is boring」

「Do you have someone important in real world?」

「Hmph, I don’t have such a thing」

Parents are mad for money, I don’t go to school so I don’t have any friends.

「Do you have a best friend in real world?」

「No! These questions are really unpleasant」

「Do you have any important things in real world?」

It continues asking questions without minding words.

「Maybe money~」











The questions continue.

Just how many questions do you have?

「Do you believe in god?」

「Religion? Of course, I don’t believe in it. I believe only your own power」

「Last question, do you think the Bear outfit is cute?」

「I think it’s cute. However, I don’t think I will wear it」

「Understood. Thank you for answering the survey」

The room becomes dazzlingly bright.

「Please enjoy your stay in the new world」

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