Chapter 1 : The Truth

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Chapter 1 : The Truth

She lay there and look up to the couple that also been staring at her. The man is smiling at the woman and the woman is giggle while looking at her. Her thought is in the mess state. She really don't why she in this state.

" I really pitied you, you know. You really don't realize what has happened to you, don't you?" The woman begins to speak. " Really pity." She added.

Yuki really doesn't know what had happened to her. She remembers eating with them but after that is the blank memories. The man who her fiancee wants to have dinner with her and the woman beside him. It's been a long time they meet and have dinner with each other. So, she is excited to meet him.

" Don't need to talk much with her right now. Looking at her face, she really doesn't know about us. Since we about to finish her, she deserves to know, " said the man.

The woman nods to the man. ' Yuki dear, we are getting married."

The sentence from the woman makes Yuki's eyes go bigger. ' What's does she mean by that? Is she getting married? With who?' The man hugs the woman shoulder and smile. Now she knows. ' But why? He is her fiancee. She staring at the couple.

" What? Why? You..." She can't finish the sentence because the woman suddenly grabs her hair. She yells in pain.

" Because he love me, not you. You just, what's people call, yeah, a stepping stone to us. You are the heiress of Shirou's Group. Has a lot of money, so we can just use your money to help Brother Tang. Be happy, you are useful to us." The woman releases Yuki's hair.

The man pulls out the handkerchief and wipes the woman's hand that grabs Yuki's hair. He is very delicate when he doing that. Yuki never sees he can show this side of him. ' Why? He probably doesn't love me.' She answers that question herself.

" Don't think much because you will never survive after this." The woman is laughing.

" What?" They want to kill her? If he doesn't love her, it's okay. She can let go of him and let him marry his beloved. But why they want to kill her?

" Many people happy if you die. Your uncle, your aunt, your cousin, your stepmother, your sister, all of them want you dead. We also want you dead. You are an obstacle for us to get what we want. Ah, I forget to tell that your grandpa already been taken care. Sooner or later, he will be joining you." The woman keeps this arrogant look on her face.please visit f

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