Chapter 1 - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

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Chapter 1 - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

A young woman with long chocolate brown hair, wearing a white off-shoulder sundress, with a purple-colored cardigan on top, sat in front of an easel. The sound of gentle brush strokes. She was painting slowly today, and yet her palette seemed to run out of paint quickly.

It seemed she would have to drag him back home soon, Sumire thought as a cold gust of wind blew across the room.

The story of their love was quite a roller coaster. Sumire understood that well. From the very moment he reappeared in front of her, she knew her future would be in his hands.

The moment she initiated that kiss, and the moment she accepted his hand.

Perhaps it was more of an experiment because of the feelings that had been building up inside her heart. Yet despite it being an experiment - it was something she couldn't forget. Her gaze fell on the young girl looking at her paintings.

"Hey Lila-chan, do you want to listen to a story?"

"Mommy, you're just going to talk about father again."

Sumire chuckled, "This is a different story." Her gaze softened as she pulled her daughter onto her lap. "A pure romance story, like the one's you like reading about."

Lila looked up, "I'm listening."

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